November 30, 2020

10 Things Never To Feed To Your Rabbit

can bunnies eat peanut butter This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you 10 Things Never To Feed To Your Rabbit. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Guys. This is abbi and today. Im doing a video on 10 things you you should never feed your rabbit.
So the first thing is corn this is the corn. I have to show its actually purple popcorn. But corn is not a good thing for rabbits if its not organic.
It is full of gmos and is listed as one of the things you should not feed your rabbit. So anything with corn do not give your bunny number two is sugars that arent natural when i mean natural sugars. I mean something like an apple.
Its full of natural sugars sugars. You shouldnt feed your rabbit are ones that you get into grocery stores. And that are in a lot of food products.
And also fake sugars like corn syrup dextrose stuff. Like that that you should never feed your bunny. Number three is dairy dairy is not a good thing for rabbit dairy is known to give your rabbit stomach problems and is not a good thing to give them so please do not give your rabbits dairy pick something healthier number four is lawn clippings lawn clippings go through your mower which can get gas and and plus they pick up a lot of dirt.
And its not a good thing to feed your rabbit. You can feed your rabbit grass as long as you cut.

can bunnies eat peanut butter-0
can bunnies eat peanut butter-0

It yourself and clover is a very good for your bunny. So if you want to feed it to them just go and pick it yourself number five is nuts. I only have walnuts to show here that you shouldnt be driving any nut walnuts peanuts cashews almonds.
Any type of nut do not feed to your bunny. Number six is seeds do not give your abbott sesame seeds sunflower seeds any type of seeds are not good for your bunny here. I have some sesame seeds which are healthy for us.
But not for our bunnies. So please do not feed those number seven is house plants. Almost all house plants are toxic to bunnies and will kill them so do not let your rabbit get anywhere near your house plants or do not feed them to them make sure.
When your bunny proving to have all your plants. Where your bunny cant get them number eight is chocolate chocolate is dairy and cocoa and you grab it as we already covered not have dairy and plus anything tropical usually isnt good for bunnies number nine is yogurt drops. Which is a type of treat if you have probably all seen them i dont have any yogurt job.
I do have some yogurt here just as a show. But do not feed your abbott yo. The yogurt drops.
There just mainly all dairy and we already covered there those yogurt drops are usually almost all of them have coloring coloring is very bad for bunnies. Its pretty much other facial coloring is pretty much bad for everybody.

can bunnies eat peanut butter-1
can bunnies eat peanut butter-1

But please do not be coloring for your bunny make sure you check the ingredients and make sure you dont see any weight blue for or yellow. 6. Or any of that because thats just completely artificial.
Miss. Which you should not feed and number 10 is probably the most that ive seen people feed. Which is cereal and in particular cheerios.
Ive seen so many people just dish out cheerios and handfuls to their bunnies. Which is very bad for your bunnies for one they have corn even though its demo free corn and cheerios. Its still corn and corn isnt good plus.
It has added sugar and salt. So please do not feed cheerios to your bunnies. So there you have it ten things never to feed your bunny.
I hope you have enjoyed this video make sure you like it if you did also if you have any video requests please leave them down below and thanks for watching. And ill be seeing you in my next video bye. So the second session of that day was an hour long.
And this was a really boring session. Because there was no bites the entire hour. But they werent doing anything either so it was basically just like a nothing session.
He did groom himself once .

can bunnies eat peanut butter-2
can bunnies eat peanut butter-2

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