April 13, 2021

100% gluten free fried chicken

best gluten free flour for frying This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you 100% gluten free fried chicken. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Ive mentioned in some of my videos before that i have celiac disease. Which which basically means. I cant have anything that has gluten in it i have food intolerances and allergies and things like that so the only person that can really cook for me is me.
But theres one thing that really really sucks about having gluten intolerance. Having celiac and that is fried foods. You know you cant have them.
But im going to show you today how to make fried chicken gluten free and i guarantee you this is going to be just as good if not better than anything that you can get from any of the commercial fried chicken places okay so stay tuned this is gonna be a lot easier than you think okay so the first thing. Were gonna do is we need to get a couple of eggs which these are eggs. We need something to make our batter in this is going to be perfect lets go ahead and stick a couple of eggs inside.
Here. We dont want to use eggs by themself so im gonna stick some milk inside here if you want to you can use buttermilk okay. But that lets just use the rest of that you can put a little vinegar in your milk.
Here. And itll give it that tang enos that were looking for okay. And im just gonna use apple cider vinegar you can use whichever one you want im going to be putting two capfuls.
You dont have to put that in there but i like that teh meanest. This is dried parsley flakes thats good this is about a half of a teaspoon of salt were gonna throw that in there it already smells kind of like buttermilk this is about a teaspoon or so of dried thyme. This right.
Here is rosemary okay. Now i took this right off of my rosemary plant outside okay um. But im gonna put some of this in here.
Youre gonna say well you didnt even break it up. But you know but dont worry because im gonna end up using an immersion blender on this because i want this to kind of get mixed up really really well and i want that to be you know rosemary is a very important part of a chicken flavor. This is paprika okay.
And i want to put about that much inside. There paprika is nothing more than just. Dried.
Bell pepper. No as far as i go. This is about as far as i can go with this.
But if you do not have a lot of the food intolerances analogies that i have you put your black pepper inside this maybe a quarter of a teaspoon depending on your your likes you can put a little bit of cayenne pepper which im going to do just to give it a little bit of spice and we dont need too much something like that you can put onion powder. You could put garlic powder and i have a recipe for elviss fried chicken and if you go check that out youre gonna see all of the herbs and spices that i put in that and that chicken will knock your socks off so you can follow everything that im doing here the only difference is were not going to be using flour.

best gluten free flour for frying-0
best gluten free flour for frying-0

Now if you want to you can cut up the rosemary. And then you can just mix this with a fork. If you want i am not going to do that im going to be using an immersion blender to mix this up really really well okay.
So for the most part that should have cut everything up really well and incorporate a little bit of air in it. But thats okay and now what were gonna do is work actually gonna be adding. Whats gonna create the crispness on the outside.
Which is actually way better than flour. If you do this right okay. And this is potato starch.
I have a little bit here gonna have another container. Ill generally get the potato starch at a asian market. But i know that there you can get it at some also like places like whole foods or sprouts and things like that anywhere that sells health conscious type grains and foods and stuff like that.
And what were gonna do is were going to make this until its about like a thick pancake batter do you see how that this is not really cleaning to the fork. That tells us we need to add a little bit more starts. But were really close to how much starts.
We need inside here and that vinegar to that milk it smells like buttermilk and actually smells almost like ranch dressing. If you were to put the black pepper. See its sticking to this now.
If you were to put the black pepper in there at the onion powder. The garlic powder you would end up having some amazing smelling stuff here you can also put like a mustard mustard powder. In here.
If you want okay so that is that and what were gonna do is we are going to take some of our chicken legs and were gonna throw them inside here anytime. I do this theres always somebody part of the peanut gallery. That always says.
Oh my god you didnt even wash off your chicken. I have a video that im going to post up here somewhere and that video goes over all about a cross contamination. The truth about food borne illnesses and how to handle meat.
And it also ends up talking about how chicken is actually processed at the factory and how you do not repeat you do not want to wash you meat there was only one time you should ever wash your chicken theres only one time and i talked about that ok. But do not do that if you wash it all youre doing is youre spreading stuff okay. But check out that video and be smarter.
So that way the next time somebody tells you you you can set and say aha. If you think i need to its because youre a fool.

best gluten free flour for frying-1
best gluten free flour for frying-1

We also need something to fry this in so im just going to take a pot like this and yesterday. I was making some chicken wings. So im just gonna use the oil from that so thats why it looks the way that it does.
But theres nothing wrong with it ok and im gonna add a little bit more oil to this im gonna put it on the stove and im gonna get this up to about 375 or so people always say that but they dont have a means of measuring the temperature just put it on medium heat. And dont get it too hot because thats very dangerous. But dont get it too too low either because then it doesnt do the job.
It needs to do just put it on medium heat after about 8 minutes 10 minutes. Its gonna be hot enough while we are waiting for that oil to heat up turn the oven on to 350 degrees get out a baking sheet and cooling rack. Because thats what were gonna end up stacking.
The chicken on let me give you an example of what im talking about here. So get your sheet. Pan put a cooling rack on there because were gonna be setting our chicken on here after were done frying it and were gonna bake it because the frying process is not going to cook it all the way through and we want to make sure that this is cooked.
All the way through this is cooked. All the way through and then this is delicious. This is chicken wings okay so our oil should be hot enough and what renders.
Were gonna take are our chicken and were gonna let some of the extra kind of come off of here because we dont want to have too many little floaties like that even though those are really good and and also a little bit goes a long way of this batter so during those two. Were gonna go ahead and let those submersion. The cooking for three to four minutes.
Something like that we just want the outside to be a little crispy and firm. If we have to turn it will turn it but afterwards. Were gonna take this and were gonna put it on that rack.
But were gonna fry them again were a double prime okay so each one of these is gonna get about three minutes of being submerged in the oil. So its only been a couple of minutes. And were already getting ready to take these out and be careful to not disturb.
The the breading because the breading can come off real easy on this so were just gonna kind of put this on the cooling rack. And that is the initial fry. But were gonna double fry.
These and when we double fry youre going to see that the the breading and everything becomes very dark okay. So same thing. Were gonna take this set it in here so im going to keep doing this process.
Until all of the chicken has been fried once and then as soon as it has been fried once im going to show you what were gonna do that extent okay. So now that the all of the chicken has been cooked the first time around.

best gluten free flour for frying-2
best gluten free flour for frying-2

What we want to do is if theres any little floaties inside here from the starch potato starts to batter. Im going to take them out just so that way they dont kind of get in the way next time around. If you need to add more oil go ahead and add more oil.
But what were gonna do is were gonna have this get back up to temperature. And if you want to you can even increase the temperature. A little bit so there was a little piece missing off the top of it so i put a little bit of batter.
I just dipped it but this is one that has been setting this one of the very first ones. Its been said and this is called double frying and this is going to end up making the outside of that more crisp and its also getting that making it more brown. The next time that we take this out and this only takes a couple of minutes by the way to do the double frame.
Dont we take this out again. Its gonna stay on the cooling rack. Then were not going to move it until its so as this sets.
Its going to end up becoming thicker and its not a big deal because im only gonna do two more. But what im gonna do as an added bonus to this one is i added up adding my cajun seasoning that i have my recipe up here thats somewhere like that and i just added that to the mix already and im gonna do two of these with a occasion spicy flavor. Okay so lets go ahead and fry these up put everything on the cooling rack.
That is on top of the baking sheet. And then were going to throw this in the oven. So all the frying has been done and even though these look done they are not okay.
Because theyre deep in the bone. And everything area to rock this cooling racks can allow the extra fat and everything to drain off. So it wont be sitting in its own fat.
But this is the occasion two pieces of occasion chicken that i made and then this is the regular and now were gonna end up putting this inside the oven. And its gonna be in there for a good 30 maybe 45 minutes because of the size of the chicken okay. So the chicken is done and looking at it you would not be able to tell that that is actually potato that its on the outside you would think that its got a normal breading.
But anyway. Lets go ahead and take this stuff off of there plate it up and were good to go. And there you go guys.
Thats how you make gluten free fried chicken. If you listen you should have been able to hear the crunch. Because that is crunchy and thats good anyway guys.
That is that if you like this recipe make sure you hit like make sure you hit subscribe all the other good stuff check out my other videos got tons of stuff. And until next time ill talk to you later .

best gluten free flour for frying-3
best gluten free flour for frying-3

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