April 19, 2021

2012 Ford Focus S.E Transmission Fluid Changed and Filled. Part 2

how to check transmission fluid on 2012 ford focus This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you 2012 Ford Focus S.E Transmission Fluid Changed and Filled. Part 2. Following along are instructions in the video below:
My youtube friends. This is not mechanical part 2 on how to fill the the the transmission fluid on a transmission on a 2012 ford focus as i said before is for illustration. Purpose.
And youre showing you what im doing to my car. And hopefully save you some money if you didnt watch my other video on how to drain. It please watch it this one right here is going to show you how to fill it how to fill the transmission fluid with transmission now the first thing that i did was i is in the driver side had to take the tire out if you watch my last video.
Its the same prologue that it was in the in the draining one and this one is to philly. I dont know if you can see. But its all the way over a thats the dream thats the drain plug right there.
What im gonna do is gonna put the sucker right. There see that so you have to turn your tire. What i did was i turn my tire in order to get it out it was hard to get up.
But you know once you turn the tire. And you put some on this ill use some penetrating oil youre not soaked. It for five minutes.
Believe me was hard. It was very hard to get out.

how to check transmission fluid on 2012 ford focus-0
how to check transmission fluid on 2012 ford focus-0

And i also had to use this long extension here. Its also the same 5 16. That i use for the drain.
So now you have to find it you dont know what youre looking for youre not gonna be able to find it because its like its like engraved in their life. It blends right in so now once you put it in there you get it out i already did this. But i already filled it and everything.
But i said you know what let me just let me just on record it for somebody out there that doesnt know so you see right there. And im going to attorney. What im doing internally the little i died i thought i do so im gonna do it just take it out by hand and just take this sorry for another shaking.
But i wish i had somebody to help me so what i did was once i loosen it up. I used the law in one and then what i just utter is how to see how it came out the same thing you see thats big hole. So now we just get it cuz.
He fell oh. Its dripping please okay for you guys you should see me down him like a. Im not go squirrel down here.
But im not gonna help somebody out so its the same this is the same plug as the drink guys the drain plug its the same thing now you just make sure that you clean it up good you clean it make sure isnt good make sure. Though.

how to check transmission fluid on 2012 ford focus-1
how to check transmission fluid on 2012 ford focus-1

That its pretty good in there sorry about that you clean it up expectantly shut. Its good and then you just look in there you see the dream you see so dont know the way that you know that its still first you gotta keep the car level like you keep the car level and then what i did was i bought this in amazon. I bought one of these in amazon.
I bought this in amazon. We just do it from fall or you can see its like a bigger. Its like a big needle.
So now if you use dog you have to use the pension in there then you put it in there you put it inside there. And you pull just like a needle and then what you do is im going to try to do it one hand you just take it and you just put it right in asia. Okay.
And you just push the needle push the needle right in there. And you just fill it and you just keep pumping and pumping them too until you see a drip. Once you see a dripping that means his fill what i did was i filled it up yesterday.
I said you know what our record today is a beautiful day today for you guys. What i did was i ran under little bit so im just going to just put a little bit to fill it up a little more once its dripping. I know that its fair so you just you know youre gonna it takes a little work just make sure you need some type of some type of tool with something in order to pull it to pull the arm and the transmission now this thing is expensive to motor craft ooh this thing.
This is what it uses and one thing that i discovered this thing is if you notice the color is not reddish like the other ones. That is real reddish.

how to check transmission fluid on 2012 ford focus-2
how to check transmission fluid on 2012 ford focus-2

This is real like oh oh you tight like all your type transmission fluid. But it was running good yesterday. Nothing was wrong with the car you decided to change the transmission through it because its arm got 150000 miles on it i got a good price on it on the call like i said.
But thats how you fill it you got to look for the hole. You dont you know you got to find that plug and this is how it looks look. This is what youre looking for all right right there.
Its the same thing with the drain plug in the bottom. It is the same one. I think i already told you but ill tell you again you need a 5 16.
Has has nothing the coldest thing. I call that a star last time. I dont know just trying to help.
Somebody out and thats it fill it up it takes. 18. 19.
Make sure you look at you look at your own this magnet to see how much it takes and you fit it up and believe me your car runs beautiful because like i said not a mechanic and i noticed the difference when i ran it yesterday and lets see thats all you need let me just show you the pot that it is its color extraction infilling pump motto 70 73. I got in an amazon think i got it for like 33.

how to check transmission fluid on 2012 ford focus-3
how to check transmission fluid on 2012 ford focus-3

But ill tell you this much i saved myself almost they were trying to charge me 275. But i were all the things that i bought ive spent like maybe 60. 65 bucks on everything this cost 20 in 99.
But i got it so ill save myself. Most 220 dollars on everything i just hope that you know i had this in the stash. This is what im using the hizb.
Its a cassette and thats what i was using in our hope that this video will help somebody out just remember where is that driver sigh. You dont even got to take this you turn turn the wheel. And then just put a long thanks like this and then and if i was you dont even try doing it without first soaking it in something like this penetrating.
All your whatever you use w to 40. Whatever it is just to loosen. Its not youre gonna break your wrench because it was hard to get out but once you get it out man youre gonna feel good because i felt good and i dont have to i dont have to pay two hundred and seventy found out.
I just hope that i hope somebody out man 2012 for focus s. Ii. Thank.
You thank you for watching. And i hope it helps you out and listen. If you cant do it just you know just call a professional.
A mechanic and you know let them do it this is just fun for me all right later .

how to check transmission fluid on 2012 ford focus-4
how to check transmission fluid on 2012 ford focus-4

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