November 25, 2020

4.1.8 Misconception 4: Everyone is equal (Mis/understanding self-management)

which of the following is most likely to be true about the people who exhibit high self-management? This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you 4.1.8 Misconception 4: Everyone is equal (Mis/understanding self-management). Following along are instructions in the video below:
Often hear people say that in self managing organisations. Everyone is equal right or people people talk about flat horizontal organizations and personally i dont like the words you flat or horizontal. Too much.
And i have a sense that theres often some muddled thinking around equality in self managing organizations and i think. Its important that we are precise with these things heres the best way. Ive come to think about this and that is that in self managing organizations.
Theres an absolute fundamental equality in value and there are very big differences in roles and contributions so equality in value difference in roles and contributions let me unpack that a little bit for you equality in value means that you know simply we are these incredibly precious human beings that are of fundamental equal value you know whoever we are in the organization whatever our roles and contributions. We are of fundamental equal human value and dignity and that means for instance that we should all play by the exact same rules right. Its no longer acceptable that theres a sort of caste system.
Where some people play by certain rules and other people by different kind of rules right so for instance. It means that everybody can make change happen. Say based on the advice process.
So everybody is powerful to make something happen. Which is of course you know amazing it means that everybody can really shine. All the light that theyre capable of shining for themselves and for others.
So thats equality in value and differences in roles and contribution is simply the recognition of the fact that you know on any one question. There will be some people who have more expertise more energy. More enthusiasm more knowledge to bring to that particular question than other people right you know i havent done any marketing in my life like yeah i have some ideas.
But like if theres a big marketing question dont ask me right im not certainly not a very technical guy you know if theres you know you need to maintain or repair a machine you know id be the last guy that you need to ask right and and so what were trying to acknowledge is that in that sense were not equal at all and the goal is really to use everybody based on their energy and contribution and skills right and so if i take the example of buurtzorg right within a team of nurses. Some nurses sort of are naturally good at conflict resolution mediation. People return to them to do that so by any means let them do that right others might be really good at planning.
You know somebody needs to do the weekend planning or the holiday planning well you know by any means let somebody do that who is really good at planning and so you know in any organization for any question. Some people will naturally step up and by any means let them do that right. And i think this points to this very important difference between dominator hierarchy and natural hierarchies.
Were to the mistake that we often make is because we dont like hierarchy. We get rid of hierarchy. Not understanding that theres really these two different kinds of hierarchies right so what were gonna get rid of is dominator hierarchies right i have power over you because i have this job title that says that im your boss on the other hand what we very much want to keep and actually to encourage is natural hierarchies right.
Theres natural hierarchy. In that theyre somethings that im great at and i should take a leadership on this and other things that im not good at at all and please dont make me take any leadership on this and what you notice in organizations where you dismantle the dominator hierarchy. So the power over hierarchy is that you suddenly see all of these natural hierarchies bring up you know people who were sort of constrained who couldnt bring in so.
Much of their talent and their energy and their passion suddenly can and so you see people like suddenly start. Doing amazing things that didnt happen before and so the goal is not to make everyone equal yes equal in value. But not equal in their roles and in their contributions right the goal is still everybody give the best that they can so.
What we dont want to do is to cut down sort of the most powerful people by saying you know you shouldnt you know be making these decisions. And we shouldnt force other people beyond what they want to do right. So.
Say that im a machine operator now in this you know with this new self managing system. I can now report that any machine needs replacement. I can buy a new machine.
I can do all the research and go out there and visit suppliers in japan and germany and thats amazing right that was impossible before and you see that happening in a lot of self managing organizations. But you know no one should be forced to do that like if thats not my energy. My skill my thing let somebody else do that you know whether theyre another worker.
Theyre an engineer or you know whoever right so lets not try to force everybody to be equally powerful lets try to make sure that everybody is fully powerful right thats for me such an important distinction. The goal is not for everybody to be equally powerful. The goal is for everybody to be as powerful as they can be right and self management allows that to happen and i think that as always metaphors from nature are so instructive right and if you take an ecosystem like a forest.
You know you have you know all these different forms and shapes right and a mushroom or a fern will never grow as tall as some of these trees and thats totally ok. And it would be stupid to try to ask that furn or mushroom to grow as tall as the tree actually the mushroom will grow much wider than the tree and the fern you know the question is simply is this the most beautiful fern it can. Be and everybody is needed in that ecosystem right if some of these things are missing.
The whole ecosystem dies. Right so just looking at hight as one dimension is kind of silly and so the question really is you know is everybody growing in their fullest version of themselves you know that is for me the really interesting question so thats why i dont like flat or horizontal. I want this to be as alive as you can you know growing in it in every kind of direction upside wathever side you know and so i think its really important to understand that difference you know fundamental equality in value and you know large big natural differences in roles and contributions perhaps youve noticed.
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which of the following is most likely to be true about the people who exhibit high self-management?-0
which of the following is most likely to be true about the people who exhibit high self-management?-0

My time energy and insights and you get to choose what feels right to give back please take a moment to reflect on what would feel good to give in return to help me continue doing this work thank you missions being applied are the write permission notice what happens if i go back to notepad and attempt to save the file notepad prompts for a filename to save the file. If i attempt to browse to the folder. Where the file is stored notice that i get an error message indicating that i cannot access the folder.
If i cancel this message and attempt to enter in the full name and path. The operation will fail with an error message indicating the user does not have enough access. If i cancel out of here and back to the permissions.
I will add the read permission apply it and then go back to windows explorer notice that a file called test was created. However when i open it there is no data in the file. So the file started to save.
But was not successful in writing any data to it notice also that if i attempt to delete the file. I will also get a permission denied error this should start to show how important it is to test permissions with the applications that you are using for example. Microsoft word will write data to a temporary file rather than the actual file.
When the file is saved this causes files to be deleted. And then recreated this means read and write will not be enough. If you are using microsoft word to create and update documents.
However. If you are using software like notepad read. And write is enough to create and update documents.
The next permission that i will look at is the modify permission. This is the permission that administrators will generally give end users this gives the user enough access to read execute and delete. If i go back to windows explorer.
I will have a look at the modified permission if i go into the permissions. I will first unpick all the permissions that are currently set once these have all been cleared. I will tick.
The permission modify notice that when i take the modify permission all the permissions below are also ticked so essentially windows is telling you that modifying permissions grants. All other permissions if i apply the permissions and then go back to windows explorer notice that i can run bad app. And i can also open the document in wordpad if i make a change to the document.
I can save the document and reopen it and the change will have been recorded notice the two documents that i created earlier. I can now delete it would seem like you have all the access you could ever need. However.
There is still one more access permission to cover the last permission is full control. This permission includes all the other access and some additional permissions. These.
Additional permissions are the ability to change permissions and take ownership change permissions as the name suggests change the permissions assigned to a file or folder. Some of you may be thinking that ive been doing that for the whole video without that permission so how is this possible if you are the owner of a file you are able to change the permission of a file or folder. Without having this permission being assigned to you for example.
It allows. The owner of a file the ability to make it read only. But then gives themselves the ability to add write access later on without this the owner would have to always leave the permission set to full control otherwise they would never be able to change the permissions without locking themselves out of the file or folder.
Full control also allows the owner of the file or folder to be changed. For example. Some files were copied from one user to another user this would be a good example of when you want to change.
The owner of a file or folder. I will now go back to windows explorer. And have a closer look at how full control works if i go into the permissions for the folder.
I will first clear all the permissions that have currently been set if i now go back to the top and select full control notice that all permissions below. It are ticked essentially full control gives you access to everything. Plus.
The ability to change permissions and take ownership of the object currently the user logged in is the owner of the folder for this reason. I have been able to change the permissions of the folder. So far without having full control to demonstrate a bit better how this works.
I will remove all the access from the file essentially meaning. No permissions have been assigned to the file notice that when i press apply i get a message indicating that if i do this no one will be able to access the folder and only the owner will be able to change the permissions.

which of the following is most likely to be true about the people who exhibit high self-management?-1
which of the following is most likely to be true about the people who exhibit high self-management?-1

I will press the s to continue effectively removing all permissions from the file. If i now exit out of here and go back to the properties for the folder next press. The advanced button.
The advanced setting allows me to view the current owner of the folder. You can see at the top that the owner of the folder is administrators. This is how i have been able to change the permissions of the folder.
Even though. I did not have the full control permission to show this better. I will press the change button and then change.
The owner of the folder to the system user once i press ok i have effectively locked the administrator out of the folder. Preventing them from accessing it or changing permissions. If i now exit out of here and go back to the folder properties and press the edit button notice that i get.
An error message saying that i do not have access to view the permissions. But i can make changes. However when i press ok an attempt to add everyone to the permissions.
I am able to add everyone to the list of permissions. However when i press ok to commit the change. Notice that i get an error message.
Telling me that access was denied so it seems like i am stuck and will not be able to get access to the folder anymore. But there is a way around this if i now go back to the properties of the file and press. The advanced button notice at the top of the screen since i have no access at all that the owner of the file cannot be displayed when this occurs.
There is a backdoor in order to get access again in a user that is an administrator has an additional right assigned to them this right allows them to change. The owner of a file or folder. Even without having any access since i am logged in as an administrator.
If i now press change. I will be able to change the owner of the folder for the owner. I will enter in administrators.
Which is a built in group. That contains all the local and domain. Administrators.
Once i press ok and then press. Ok again. I will be taken back to the properties of the folder and can see that the owner of the folder has been changed to the local administrators group if i now press edit.
And then press add. I can now enter in everyone. And like before it will be added to the permissions list.
But notice this time when i press apply the permissions will be changed even though i do not have access to the folder since the administrators group is the owner of the folder. I can change permissions on the floor. That covers it for the basic permissions for the folder level in later videos.
I will be going into more detail about how ntfs permissions work. There was a lot covered in this video. So i will perform a quick summary of the major points.
One of the most commonly used permissions for users is modify this gives the user the ability to read write and delete files your average user should not require any more access than this the fault control permissions gives all the standard permissions plus. The ability to change permissions and the owner. The owner of the file by default has the right to change permissions regardless of what are already assigned if all else fails and access is lost an administrator can change the owner.
This is regardless of the permissions that are configured for example. If there are no permissions configured at all once the administrator is the owner they are free to change permissions as they see fit this creates a backdoor so to speak. If permissions are changed to prevent access.
Well. I hope youve enjoyed this video from iit free training and found it informative for more free videos from us. Please see our youtube channel or website.
Till next time thanks for watching. .

which of the following is most likely to be true about the people who exhibit high self-management?-2
which of the following is most likely to be true about the people who exhibit high self-management?-2

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