December 3, 2020


trader joes raw almond butter This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you $7 VS. $24 ALMOND BUTTER: A DUEL. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Just know when i first all this element butter in the store. I was like like for 24. Damn it better be blessed by the gods of almond butter hey now and then welcome back to another video welcome to my channel if youre new to my channel.
You should please hit that right button and give this video like if you enjoy it and leave me a comment down below. I want to talk to you and get to know you im that creep in the bar. Then trying to see what youre about so today im going to be tasting almond butter.
Were gonna be tasting expensive almond butter and even more expensive almond butter almond butter is just expensive so today im gonna be looking at trader joes raw almond butter were also going to be looking at living tree community foods organic alive almond butter its alive this trader joes almond. Butter which is so expensive already i found this at whole foods for 2399. Lets see why its so expensive.
So. According to the description on the back it says we make our almond butter slowly over several days we slice. We do not grind in the club and furthermore.
We make it frequently in small batches so its fresh and alive so trader joes raw almond butter says chick joes almond butter is creamy and rich great at the spread for toast muffins bagels and other breakfast goodies every stick. I feel like the trader joes one is like chill. Like hey you know check me out this.
Ones like do you know what already im getting bougie vibes from this so im going to be looking at taste appearance bread ability and then im going to determine a winner at the end lets look at the packaging. So right off the bat this is all plastic. And this one is it like a nice glass jar.
Now personally. I liked by my peanut butters of my nut butters in a glass jar. Because i feel like it really just maintains the integrity of the product.
A lot better and you know its like higher quality and boozy. And you can reduce this afterwards.

trader joes raw almond butter-0
trader joes raw almond butter-0

When you open up the trader joes almond butter right away you see the freshness the living tree organic almond butter it just has plastic on it and yeah you just take that out im gonna have to take off the freshness seal on it this is why i dont like freshness seal. Both of these are super oily and pretty much when you buy raw or natural nut butter. Its theres gonna be toil separation.
Let me give you a pro tip from a pro vegan. Thats been vegan for almost three years. Now the way that i like to stir my another my first cup is with a butter knife.
Now you want to use a butter knife. Because it can get all the way to the bottom heres my arm workout for today im gonna stir this until i cant feel my arms anymore okay. That is fairly ready this is so pretty it looks so pretty like right off the bat.
I can see that its super running. Which almond butter is pretty runny on like peanut butter. But and this is gritty.
Im gonna be chewing on this wow. This is super easy to stir oh. Its so smooth whoa oh no oh my god this was smells.
Like really sweet and fragrant. Like almond butter should smell like a lotion this just smells like when i first took a whiff of it it almost smelled like like it was going bad you one of them you won this round. So so far.
This one has won the round of like packaging. And the description. And this one has won the smell and like mixing ground now that its thoroughly inspected everything we are ready to teach.
These almond butter. And then what better way to taste these almond butters then with toes.

trader joes raw almond butter-1
trader joes raw almond butter-1

So bread is the devil. But silverheels bakery. Which i am not sponsored by but hey down silver hills is my favorite bread ever.
Its sprouted grain and this is the temptation like that play on words. This is the habitation bread it tastes so good and savory. So what if i make the toast with this and we will do the basic bitch thing and taste this on some toast.
I have now made the toast and we are ready to spread. Im gonna start with the trader joes okay. Its pretty easy to spread very very smooth and now were gonna spread the really bellucci expensive almond butter.
Its because its so gritty its hard to tell when the almond butter ends and the bread starts. Very gritty piece of toast the moment weve all been waiting for its very very naturally sweet. Now we just talked about how its a two bites of this turn is already halfway gone.
Michael eating caviar. Mindful eating music doesnt really taste like anything oh hold on whoa. It kind of tastes like the way that almond essential oil smells.
If that makes sense. I dont know it doesnt taste like anything. And then the after case is really an burrito.
I gotta actually taste this like i have to actually taste this right now. Ah hey. Everything that drips out of here is like fox scent.
Wasted. The aftertaste.

trader joes raw almond butter-2
trader joes raw almond butter-2

Its like a jergens like almond lotion or almond extension. Oil. But it really doesnt taste like anything right out the back.
And now that everythings been said and done. I think the results are in and i must say. This is sweet and creamy and just so much easier to spread in general and its only i mean this still seven dollars.
But in comparison to twenty four dollars. This is a much much better deal you dont always get what you pay for you know in theory. This would have been a great great almond butter.
You know it was ground up by maidens. I love trader joes trader joes ii will always feed my lover. Anyway.
Thats all for todays video. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoy and learn something new or just enjoy seeing me eat really vented foods.
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I would love to get to know you and interact with you i am that guy that cant take no for an answer thanks so much for watching guys and ill see you in the next video. Bye pal music that face you make when the is so sticky. nice stretch to it too with that one percenter lasting check the tab details on the side.
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trader joes raw almond butter-3
trader joes raw almond butter-3

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Im giving american eagles. Some pretty high praise and i recommend you to go and check them out whenever you get thats all i got for this video. I hope you enjoy it i got another one for you right here so go and check that out and if youre new here.
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trader joes raw almond butter-4
trader joes raw almond butter-4

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