November 30, 2020

A denim addict’s LEVIS JEANS COLLECTION + try on

levi high waisted boyfriend jeans This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you A denim addicts LEVIS JEANS COLLECTION + try on. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Guys whats up its ruby and welcome back to my channel. So in in todays video as you can tell i have a really big levis right here and im going to go through everything. Im gonna try everything on and show you guys and go through all the styles and sizes.
Which ive got so im super excited if you know me or if you follow me on instagram or anything that you know that i love denim. I have a huge denim collection. My damn records.
Ive just over there and its pretty crazy i was going to do a full jeans collection today. But i was like that will take that would be like an hour and a half video so were just gonna do levis and my levis collection is pretty crazy already so im gonna have to kind of like a rush through everything. So lets go ahead and get started.
If you just subscribe to my channel to see more videos and lets get into it alright. So lets start with the very first perfectly blends that i ever bought when i started to get into you like you know when i started my youtube channel rest on me to drive and stuff. I was really into fashion.
So that was when i kind of stopped collecting levis and bitches levis by the way these are all vintage apart from two pairs. Which i got from shock bop bop bop bop shop anyways yeah. Theyre all vintage and i get them from a store in melbourne.
Central led blue. Its amazing it has so many believers and theyre pretty good price. So yes so the very first heather they got were the fiver ones and i was what just started my whole obsession.
Because if the fit was just insanely good and i just loved it i love the way that they clean up the way they look. And i love the wash of these so its just like a nice. Its got some you know fading on the knees as well so okay.
Heres what happened heres a story of this one um. They were quite long they were to like the legs were too long for me actually you know what they they wouldnt have been i dont know i just i just messed this up real bad. Because okay so it says here on the label 501 with 24 and 30.
So its 30. I can usually fit with anyway sometimes i can fit three two legs. So i dont know why i went ahead and cut.
These i had them way too short. Theyre just like this really awkward like half. You know a half way between the knee and the ankle kind of length.
Its like lets just call it cropped. Well call it cropped okay. But theyre this awkward length.

levi high waisted boyfriend jeans-0
levi high waisted boyfriend jeans-0

And i kind of have to wear them with a white height of congresss height of the vans or like doc. Martens. Threes.
Or whatever to make it look. Like okay. I was its just like a lot of skin.
There it just looks a bit weird. But anyway. I still love the fit of them yeah.
I just kind of destroyed i destroyed them by cutting them. But you know thats the first one maybe on sir. I didnt do the second that i got i think i got these at the same time so these are the five five oh wait 25 like 25.
So they are a crop length. But they look a bit on me look a bit more normal. With but.
Yeah the 50. Theyre a bit more lower slow. So these are the relaxed fit.
So yeah. They sit a bit lower on the waist and then i super wasted. They dont like oh.
I dont know if it looks. Long maybe they are they are like a little bit below electric belly button. So probably yes theyre probably all those like.
But anyways um. Yeah. So thats that one there next.
Lets maybe just some different colors otherwise just going to be like blue blue blue blue. Its gonna look all the same so moving on to these gray ones. And this is one of my favorite pairs.
The fit is just so so good there again at the five five oh blin way narrow size 24. So these are the orange tab once i dont know the differences. I know there are either difference.

levi high waisted boyfriend jeans-1
levi high waisted boyfriend jeans-1

But i dont know what it is yeah. These ones are weighted to the ones. Ive showed you suck bought their old vintage.
Its totally got the wrong. I would yesterday okay funny story. I went yesterday because i thought that didnt have enough levis for this levis collection video.
So i was like let me go buy two more pairs. And it was it was stupid. I should have done that but anyway.
I got talking to the guy. There who works there and i was like asking him where did all these come from because theyre amazing. Theyve just got a whole rack of like vintage.
Janes vintage levis jackets skirts shorts everything you didnt tell me that curing melbourne. But um. He said that his boss kind of like travels all over the place i travel to la in travels to oakland america ones okay whatever and finally.
But its like fine thing to show you guys. And yes. So these are one that i bought from shop.
But theyre not vintage. Theyre like new they are this i think i believe this 7 21. Pyrites.
The in a size 24 and theyve got distress knees. Which i really liked i really like the written ease it quite like heavy on the rip. This.
Theres just like a nice like classy classy rittany changing x. Im moving on to another pair of vintage ones. So these are the seven.
Oh. One oh. One one seventh dont know what that means.
But actually actually i know that the seven know ones are like the fibre ones that high waist just answer my question so theyve got the button fly which i think i like the bun fight over this imply a figure better if theyre butterfly yes. So they these are nice like the lighter wash blue. I really like like much blue.

levi high waisted boyfriend jeans-2
levi high waisted boyfriend jeans-2

Its one of my favorite things to wear with like a white t shirt and converses that buck on dresses or white converses. Its just like a classic look so next up. Weve got these black pair.
So this is ones that i got yesterday so theyre a new pair of five everyones size twenty four thirty. And yeah. I didnt have a pair buckling guys so and i really wanted a pair sorry yes i 501 switch.
Its just amazing when you find 500 ones in your size. I still love it though these ones are generally if theyre kind of like a meat. They sit kind of in between a highway centimeter waist.
And the length is i feel like its like slightly too long to me. But i kind of like it like like that i kind of like its like a little bit too i kind of like it im not sure. I wasnt a carded.
But i understand i made it now and it really bugs me then ill cut off the tiniest. The goal of my lesson with cutting off stuff and cutting it too short so im just gonna cut off you know less than what i think i should so i think it should be fine all right so next up. Ive got ray dunns so technically these they believe us you know say all the guys.
But yet the ray gun brand and i got these i dont know maybe was like a year ago. I bought them buddy okay you know what it was it was because i was like i had to buy these on sale because theyre just too expensive. Otherwise.
So it would have been around like black friday or something like that last year. So i bought the size 24 and theyve got the butterfly. I think old them do it for the redone and theyve got a lot of like distressed in the knees.
And theyve got a little rips and stuff. And yeah. I think my favorite thing about these ones is the color like the wash.
Its like im really nice to like wash. I dont really have many of this exact color in my collection so yeah and they were really really soft because you find that most of the vintage away by uh they dont stretch. But these are more softer be more comfortable to wear theyre super super high waist.
So yeah. I actually should have gotten a 23 in this because the waist. Did not feel me i had to get them taken in and i wonder if the 23 would have fit me perfectly you guys for mother knows.
But those are my readings okay second last pair. Ive got uh ease. Im not sure what stowaways are it doesnt say it on the back.

levi high waisted boyfriend jeans-3
levi high waisted boyfriend jeans-3

What is 109 six. Too much i dont like this start. But it says we speak straightly.
Oh yeah. So theres another other orange tabs and again. I thought.
Thats like i dont need these theyve basically looking like for the famous four or five the ones. Ive already showed you but these are is a quiet house that immobilizes this was so its in the minority. I guess if its really well from the back the length of the lake is really good on me as well.
And yeah. This youre just another pair of blue levis last. One that i have this is another one that i got yesterday and i was contemplating whether or not to get these i actually wanted white.
But they didnt have white levis in my style. So i got these instead. I was like this pretty cool theyre like an acid wash gray.
Kind of thing and they its really really like rubbed off. I dont know im gonna im gonna guess five 300. I dont know if those thats something okanagan synthesize.
I dont know i would guess. Its a 24. There was one reason that i was that almost not gonna buy them and that was because it stains.
I dont know if you can really see it i can say it so im sorry canseco. Yeah. It doesnt really matter.
I cant really tell its fine alright guys. That is it for my video wow. Its always so hot when i just liked it so much yeah.
Its like tonight. Its like theyve got very spec. Thats fine.
I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you enjoyed my levis collection. Its a bit crazy of a nine pairs bed and my sort of look like the same.
But i had a reason for buying every single one of them at the time so yeah dont forget to subscribe and like this video. If you enjoyed it and ill see you all in my next one thanks music. .

levi high waisted boyfriend jeans-4
levi high waisted boyfriend jeans-4

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