November 29, 2020

Annabeth’s tries to be a mother

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Oh. Im so glad youre come on come. Here.
Yeah. What is the the emergence. Im needed before.
Oh oh just a joke. Silly goose come onre gonna have some bonding activity. Okay im so like you yeah.
Im not a fan of you but were gonna make this work okay so come on percy put this idea in my head. That he wants like 50 kids. Im not alone you know you are you dont have a choice youre already here.
I have chucky so how to help you with that i dont want youre gonna be my kid for the day. I am your new mommy no yes. See you smiling.
Why do you party picture on the wall. Why not anyway mmm no no come on look at these amazing activity things i found that are gonna totally help us bond as mother and child no i cant breathe such a pretty little thing look at you okay so lets try okay so googles gonna help me out here. Okay.
Blah blah blah blah. Okay so activity one says read together right okay so come on what book would you like to read. Okay.
See you know youre kind of a dummy downer. Lets go series of unfortunate events. Do i half.
The first one thats unfortunate is mine. Okay. We are going to read give me.
A book. Y night. Oh.
God oh. No you are not legal. Okay twilight.
It is thank you no no i was kidding stop no collectors edition. I dont know why i have these paper let me know so im going to read to you and i will you are going to accept. It okay youre going to read with me and your im gonna.
Its gonna be great okay come on okay. Ive never given much thought to how i would die over die.

who is annabeths mom in the lightning thief-0
who is annabeths mom in the lightning thief-0

Now thats right up your alley. You like death look youre late. I have no money okay.
This is great like im loving this book. This is so you though i have in the heterosexual romance. How is it so mean okay fine um.
Alternate day um. And then we continued blissfully into the small. But perfect peace of our forever and jacob and everett had a very intimate kissing scene.
Oh and thats just like the greatest hours of your life. Reading all four twilight books at the same time jacob and edward like come on i made it gingrey you didnt you love it like i think that was a day well spent. I didnt waste it you are now informed about a vampire and a werewolf here.
Keep the book. Ill be sure to sacrifice it no you wont because youre gonna read in your free. Time now.
Its your favorite you went to school right. No percy didnt tell me youre stupid um. No youre not youre.
Oh. My god okay scary. Thats up stop stop that or youre grounded.
Im gonna count to three if were gonna stop that young man one two three okay thats it you are grounded wait. No okay you dont fine whatever i grounded my first kid. Its an accomplished day i trashed me finally after your rebellious stage of trying to run away from mommy dearest.
We have to have a talk you know what talk. It is dont you come on say it okay okay so come on look. Im gonna try to drag room.
Okay. So basic oh nothing nothing just my own fruits and views things okay. So see this that is the boy okay.
Now that is the boy and that open your eyes and look at the girl. Im not im not into group. I dont care you need to know not its okay fine stop.
It oh look at my beautiful arts of two men. Okay. You see now when this part goes.
Here. Theres this little thing.

who is annabeths mom in the lightning thief-1
who is annabeths mom in the lightning thief-1

That is usually used before this part is inserted here and it makes it go so much smoother. But you always have to put this lovely thing over this so that you dont get aids and die. This is very important miko and as your mother.
It is my duty takes plane is now your arm. I am. Oh you know what stop fighting it i am your money now okay cool loser control your lord stop.
No no okay okay so what else to need to know okay. So there are seven zones that youre going to need to know what you and will get mmm intimate. Okay.
So the first one is called come on you can read right mm hmm. You can read okay fine. Ill draw dragon hmm.
Hell be on his knees. Ideally bent over help and then okay so which i label is you and which one should i label as will you know i think will is going to be the one that is standing up here. So i thought stops up there children heres everything you need to know keep it asked will to read it to you you know what just keep this whole book and study.
The diagrams that is the birth of these talk look at me im gonna complement ready dont you love me you will obey mommy dearest. Okay hey now that youre not trying to run away. Im so happy ive made progress with you okay so bonding with your bff activity.
Number 35. Oh come on parents and kids can be friends not kid. But what you are thats the whole purpose.
Im not the son of annabeth and percy. Im the son of hades. You are adopted you are part of my family until.
Im done with you okay so by the end of howhow long takes youre going to love me. And were not giving up until then because im your mommy. Okay bonding with your bff activity.
Number 35 talk about your love life. Okay. This is gonna be exciting ready okay tell me all the juicy details about you and will okay.
Its so like as he kissed you yet oh my gosh. She said. You kissed you oh this is so cute okay um.
Oh are you blushing. Oh. So used to seeing color in your skin.
Oh. That is so adorable.

who is annabeths mom in the lightning thief-2
who is annabeths mom in the lightning thief-2

Okay. Okay. Um.
Has he held your hand. Oh. Yeah.
Your ever looks totally will hole double. Oh. My gosh has he hugged.
You yet. Oh. This is so exciting.
Hes held your hand. Hes helped you and hes kissed you look at my son growing up and falling in love this is a happy day for mommy dearest. Oh.
This is adorable okay okay have you guys used the l. Word. With each.
Other yet. Oh oh. Who said it first okay well with me and percy.
He totally said it first well i mean kind of he did i was totally cute right so now your turn who said it first with you two. Oh. My god i thought it was you wasnt it oh it totally was stop talking about them no no activity.
Number 35. Says we have to okay. Its a bonding experience.
A little. Bored. With you oh lets make friendship bracelets.
Oh. Yes okay um. Im thinking for you i will make yellow.
Like will in black. Like you youll have yellow and black friendship bracelets. Oh.
And then for me you can make blue like percy and gray like athena. So you can make mine blue and gray and ill make yours black and yellow.

who is annabeths mom in the lightning thief-3
who is annabeths mom in the lightning thief-3

And this will be totally great come on friendship bracelets. Unless you want to keep talking about a love life. Its one or the two you got to choose okay love life.
It is okay um. What was your first date like me and percy. It was on his birthday and the entire camp threw us into the lake and he totally kissed me and it was so super great and out of those technically a date.
But it made me super happy so im going to count as one what was your first date did you take him to italy. It always fun romantic and its where you come from sean part of your heritage come on come on show your face. I want to see youre pretty boys.
Oh. Look at all. I saw you oh my gosh.
Okay okay um. What else can i ask you about will what is your favorite thing about him. When did you first know you got a crush on him oh.
We can expect grandkids. Oh. My god no why not no grandkids well i mean like not genetically obviously you guys are gonna adopt.
But well you you are because i need a grandkid because im not my mom yes. I am. You need to stop saying that i am actually offended weve spent the last several hours together and you still dont believe i am your mom.
My mom your mom is dead im your new mom well youre mine now so deal with it kiddo and tell me about your love life thats all im asking just one detail. Oh you see look at you opening up to me were becoming bffs are anymore you knew that but you told me out of your your mouth instead of me having to watch and walk in on it not that that has ever happened and dont ask well about that cuz. I ha ha.
How would i not know about it youre kind of oblivious one goes around no you definitely are no im very fully with everything thats happening we know through mmm so last thursday. When youre sitting next to him at the campfire. What was the rest of the camp doing thanks stupid.
Okay. Well thats like an in general thing you have to be more specific okay. What was clarisse doing with christopher.
She was literally sitting right behind. You you didnt even notice. She was there im sorry to ignore something so disgusting okay.
Ill give you that but still like you are very oblivious in willas around and you told. Me youre dating someone did you just hit me okay. Wakey wakey eggs and bakey mommys here give your i took you silly you werent having fun the your calvin.
I left because i wasnt having fun here. Oh yeah like your cabin youre like my cabin. So i got to you back cuz youre my son and youre mine no more hades coming for you you didnt happen.
Now isnt it great never bunkies. Oh jason just my son no dont leave me you i need you now you have to prove a point to percy. .

who is annabeths mom in the lightning thief-4
who is annabeths mom in the lightning thief-4

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