December 1, 2020


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Hi guys steve here and on this video. I want to show you where over over surface entrances are and how to get to the obelisks. Youll find the tunnel entrance next to cordens 27 by 61.
Ill start here so i can show you around the area first so you know where it is theres a river down there big central column. Some yellow glowing rocks up there the entrance is a big hole here there are five surface entrances in total three obelisks. But four terminals work your way around the path.
Because its day time you get a bright shine in this area. Now. Ive got this slowly cuz yall gon surface and get burnt as you can see to my left.
Ive built a surface building here. If youve already seen my previous videos on a surface building tests youre no way you can build. But if not go check it out the quadrants of way come out at is at 24 by 65.
This area by the cliff edge is safe in a day time and you wont catch fire you have to wait till nighttime to go to the surface or youll get burnt alive. Now you can see the obelisk in front first so lets go to it its easier on the rock track. You can state of a cliffs and avoid all four reaper kings on the ground.
Even though this looks like a purple. Obelisk its actually called the green one in accordance for terminus at. 225 by 777.
Ill take you back to eternal entry. So you know where to go look for a big metal structure overhang in the entrance go back down here it gets really dark down here at nights. Never gets bring a torch.
There we go back to eternal entrance accordance. 27. By sixty three point three right look at my position on the map.

ark aberration how to get to the surface-0
ark aberration how to get to the surface-0

Because the top right surface area has two entrances and im going to show you every one now this ones just off from a blue tree area. The place where im starting is at forty seventy eight theres a ramp or turtle entrance watch out for nameless. I just quickly show you around see where to go not sure why thats not moving and the exact tunnel.
Gps. Is at thirty seven point two by eighty point three put the torch on again. So i can see so snake your way around here.
Its fairly white to know and as flames of air. So its daytime jump on a wall rubbish controls and let me walk sideways. And up right again i should get control saw it and im gonna hang here it was i might catch on fire okay we just wait tonight time number guard on the surface the gps various entrances at thirty four point two by eighty one point nine.
I wont get to be obelisk this time because its the same one as before i just take your part way. Vera is in front of us. Ill go back.
So you can see the entrance of eternal from this side. Its got charge stationed there this one against got a metal structure over the cave. Entrance the gps free entrance again is at 375.
By 80. This is the entrance to the blue obelisk. I start at coordinates 19.
By 27 and have a look around so you can see how to find it theres a grass pathway against a wall. There and it follows on that side. And theres a crossroads here now im going to move over here this big metal structure over there if i carry on that takes me to valet so if you find a lake.
I bring up a map so you can see it if you get here. Then you know where to go so ill just head back to the cave entrance it sounds like again her as she passed through there. But you know its just about coding follow the path ran light universe.

ark aberration how to get to the surface-1
ark aberration how to get to the surface-1

Theres cliff platforms. Wont be there unless somebodys built them. The surface entrance is at sixteen point.
Seven by twenty three point. Seven by leads have a small surface area in a top left of a map. This is a safe zone.
But you can wait in a daytime and at night you can go out and collect drops or go to the obelisk. Again this table still looks more purple than. Blue the gps of a.
Console coordinates is 189. By sixteen for watch out for over reaper kings. Ill take you back to the entrance again so you can find it.
But its pretty simple as its just one path. Theres only one entrance to this surface same as its small and again the cave locations at. 193 by 273.
Now gonna cover the bottom left surface zone. And again. This one has two entrances.
The quickest want to be obelisk is here at coordinates 77 by 31. Ill show you the area around me. So you can find it quicker.
Its in the radioactive zone. So youre going to need a hazard suit. Does a waterfall on its right.

ark aberration how to get to the surface-2
ark aberration how to get to the surface-2

Give us two red crystals from the entrance. Theres a poison river below. It the entrance is past what looks like zigzagging steps.
Theres lots of beasties on the way up so make sure you prepared anatole entrance starts at seventy nine point two by twenty seven point seven work your way around again find yourself in an opening and then start going up a wall. Its best to take a drakes it can take ages climbing with pigs. These platforms.
What ive built from a surface based test. Ill link that at the end for you if you want to watch. It if youre not already that brings us up to the surface the coordinates of where its entrances is at seventy nine point four by twenty four point five.
And its a quick hop away from a radar burlesque. We shall take you to now. The terminal coordinates is at eighty point.
8. By 20 point three as soon as you come out a cave. So its dead easy to find the obelisk actually looks a color.
Its meant to be unlike. The other said look fearful it might be a short way to the obelisk. Theres a hell of a long way to climb up to it.
If you havent got a drake this entrance coordinates again is at seventy nine point two by twenty seven point nine. Now we come to the last entrance. It goes to the same surface zone on the bottom left of a map.
I start here at coordinates 51. By 22 look around the area again. So you can find it easily landmark wise.

ark aberration how to get to the surface-3
ark aberration how to get to the surface-3

Its not many around you it looks like its just in a corner. A good thing about this entrance is it can gain access to it from a green zone. The bad thing about it is its miles away from the obelisk.
Again just follow the path around jumper and you come to this metal archway. The coordinates for it is at fifty five point three by twenty three point six. They can see the obvious fare in a distance and its gone.
Its a cage to get to some not gonna bother. But what im gonna do is go around the entrance here and show you what youre looking for to find it if you coming back. So theres a drop there and its kind of hidden away up on this cliff area.
If you dont know what youre looking for you might miss it just look for the big metal doorway. Ill tell you back to the entrance again in. Case you need to write down a coordinates and its here at.
521 by 227. Right those are over surface entrances and ive shown you how to get to the obelisks. However is one console left i need to show you if you make your way to the spine.
A big metal skeletal column thing there coordinance 54 by 51 dive down right to the bottom of a map look for the big skeleton and fly off towards its tail into the blue shard looking cave. Watch axes loaded rakes nameless in here head up a blue ramp find the light circle. And youll find a fourth terminal in the center of it this coordinance is 42 by 36 from this terminal.
You can enter a rockwell bossfight push transfer to of a service. Like you can with the rest of the obelisks speaking of transferring to other servers. Dont forget you can use a surface loot drops to transfer out and also for normal loot chests.
You find a random map these are by far the fastest and easiest way to transfer when you starting off an aberration. But you smear for pain to fine. So it might be a good idea to build next to them thanks for watching if its helpful click the like button and if you know please click subscribe you can also click add icon and get notified as soon as i upload next dont forget to check out me.
Other helpful videos good bye and hope see you again .

ark aberration how to get to the surface-4
ark aberration how to get to the surface-4

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