April 19, 2021

Back To School Organization and Binder Setup 2019

best binders for middle school This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you Back To School Organization and Binder Setup 2019. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Hey guys and welcome or welcome back to my channel today. Im going to to be sharing my back to school organization system at for senior year this video split into two sections first being the system that i will be adapting for the upcoming school year and in the second part i will go over different types of systems and the kind of classes theyre good for before we get started dont forget to give this video a thumbs up if you end up enjoying. It and subscribe.
So you wont miss out more my back to school videos. Now lets get started first. Im going to share with you guys the system that im planning to use for the upcoming school year.
Now based on what ive tried in the past. I did a little bit of tweaking and now i think i found what will probably work the best for me. It is basically a mishmash of three different systems.
Using a binder folder and kikuyu smart. Rain binder. Im going to be adapting the system that i just talked about for for my classes including geography biology chemistry and math meanwhile im just going to stick to a small binder for english since i do most of my notes online and now.
Im going to walk you through as to how i use all three of these systems to stay organized throughout the year now as i mentioned before i do use a three ring binder. A plastic sleeve slash folder as well as a smart ring binder slash notebook as for the kikuyu smart ring binder. It is basically a very light notebook but in binders styles since youre able to open and close the ring to rearrange the order of your sheets.
I am using this binder only to store my study guides and notes which i will be using to revise for my ib exams. In may if youre interested in seeing. How i take note.
It will have my most recent note. Taking video linked in the description box below. So all the notes you will find in this notebook.
I will make sure they are neat concise.

best binders for middle school-0
best binders for middle school-0

But also includes all the points since i will be eventually revising from this therefore. These notes will be a combination of both textbook and in class notes now for the folder. It is something new i am adapting this year.
I found through a previous years that my backpack becomes extremely heavy just having to carry three binders around this by having to carry five this year. I decided to go for a folder along with the binder essentially. I will be using these folders to keep everything for the unit that were currently learning this way i would only have to bring two very slim notebooks slash folders to school for each of my classes greatly reducing the weight of my backpack overall.
I personally purchased these plastic sleeves. When i placed my kikuyu order any folder would honestly work for this music music lastly. I have my binder which i will use to keep all the units.
Weve covered so far so at the end of each unit. I will take everything out of the white folder that i showed earlier and place it in the binder for storage until. I will need it again and now i will be showing you guys how im going to organize my paper within the binder so on the cover.
I have my class labeled in a quite aesthetic sticky note. Alongside the date of my exam. Music so on the left hand side on the inside.
I have printed out a checklist based off my syllabus. I took inspiration from a handout that her math teacher gave us last year. And did some modifications to fit my needs for my other classes essentially and included a category of study notes.
Flashcards and practice questions and for math. The flashcard column is replaced with homework. I have also included a category of understandings where at the end of each unit.
I will label it as being fully understood somewhat almost there and needing to review as soon as possible music music now moving on to what i actually keep within the binder other than the notes that i will be organizing so in the beginning.

best binders for middle school-1
best binders for middle school-1

I have printed out an overview as well as the detailed syllabus. Which is available to me online. Following that i have migrated some of my important papers from last year.
Such as any tests. Weve written my summary notes as well as i a descriptions and information music additionally. I have added sticky notes to differentiate between the different units.
And as the school year progresses that will continue to fill up the binder. With different homeworks and notes as well as more sticky. Note.
Dividers. And that is pretty much it for my system on the note of mentioning flashcards earlier. I thought i would show you a couple examples.
I have from biology and chemistry i learn best when i write things down so most of the time. I dont use the flashcards to necessarily test my knowledge. But rather learn and study through the process of making them now.
Im not going into details to talk about my flashcards since i have a video planned for next week. Something unique about me and flashcards is that i only use one side of it anyways. Ill keep the rest for the upcoming video.
But while im at it i do really want to mention that flashcards are very effective for classes like biology history. Where theres a ton of memorization definitely invest in trying it out if you have not already apart from organizing your papers. Theres a couple other aspects that i think is very important such as your pencil case only bring the necessities to school and dont bring an excess amount of pens the same idea goes for your backpack keeping your backpack clean is essential and key to everything else and last.
But not least clean your laptop and phone delete.

best binders for middle school-2
best binders for middle school-2

All the files or apps. That you no longer need to allow space for new documents and also organize files into folders. So that pretty much wraps up for the first portion of the video.
Im going to be discussing some common ones and the types of classes that they are suitable for so. The first system you can look into is simply using binders you can always go for one for all or one for one now. What that means is you can use one bigger binder for the entirety of your courses or you can use one subject.
Per. Binder. Now if you are a middle school or is just going into freshman year using the one for all system is more than enough.
However if youre going to sophomore year or any of the above or if youre taking an ap ib or intensive courses. Then i would definitely recommend going for one subject per binder. Now dedicating one notebook per class could also be useful if your classes are mostly note taking based and require taking notes from the textbook almost every day last.
But not least we have du attains. I feel like these have such a bad reputation and it seems like were going all the way back to elementary school. Because thats the last time i used them.
But honestly if youre in middle school or you have a class that doesnt give a lot of handouts like any electives. This is such a great way to reduce the weight of your backpack apart from what ive said so far. I also wanted to add on what subjects are suitable for what kind of organization system.
Because i thought you guys would find this helpful. But essentially for any math or any course. Where calculation is your main thing.
I would definitely go with a binder.

best binders for middle school-3
best binders for middle school-3

If youre unsure since theyre really easy to flip through and look for specific examples and sets of notes now for a chemistry. Its slightly different than just math and physics. Because it requires both calculations and conceptual understanding.
So for me. I i think the best way to go about this is having a notebook for your notes. And the conceptual.
Things and then having a binder for any class handouts in any calculations that you do and lastly. The only other subjects that im really personally familiar with our english geography. History and biology.
These are more of the context. Heavy classes. Where memorization is key and to be honest these ones you can go with whatever system you prefer or whatever is convenient for you since it doesnt really require too much organization.
However heres my suggestions anyways if you are more or less. A more organized person then i would go with a binder. Where you can do your notes on loose leaf and place it.
In this gives you more freedom of reorganizing your notes at the end of the year and mixing it between handouts. But if youre more likely to lose your paper. Then go with a notebook and take your notes in one place.
So that concludes for all of my tips and my organization system before i finish up this video. I just want to pop in and say that i am doing a giveaway on my instagram with a couple of my friends. So i will link that below if you want to check it out.
And maybe when a backpack and thats it for this video. Thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed it dont forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe. So you wont miss out more on my back to school videos.
And i will see you guys next time bye guys music .

best binders for middle school-4
best binders for middle school-4

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