April 19, 2021

Before you call someone toxic, watch this.

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m sure youve heard. The advice that in order to grow and be a a happier person you have got to cut the toxic people out of your life. Know it seems like everyone online is saying it right now the people that you spend time with are going to make or break your dreams.
Everybody dont deserve to be around you you gotta defend your life with your life and generally. I agree with that advice. I i think i even told you that you need to do a friend cleanse when people get negative.
I got no time for negativity especially from people online. But theres a major difference between a toxic person online and a toxic friend or family member in real life. Look.
If the toxic person is online or its an acquaintance from a long time ago thats easy just hit delete.

what do you call someone who is full of themselves-0
what do you call someone who is full of themselves-0

Because theres absolutely no reason why you should tolerate anything. But positive hilarious and inspiring content in your social media feeds in fact. I personally unfollow people all week long and ive even noticed that as my goals and my priorities change.
The accounts that i follow change too. But lets talk about the harder issue. How do you unfriend someone in real life.
First of all if its a friend or family member thats starting to rub you the wrong way dont be an ass dont ghost people dont ignore them that behavior is not only cowardly. It is also toxic on your part too when you have somebody in your life. That is toxic.
Its an opportunity for you to grow because this person didnt start off toxic they probably turned toxic when somebody turns toxic it almost always is a sign that theres something either wrong with them or theres something going on with you so before you unfriend someone in real life.

what do you call someone who is full of themselves-1
what do you call someone who is full of themselves-1

I want you to stop and make sure youve done your part of being a friend now. Theres a simple two part test that you should give yourself before you unfriend somebody heres what you do step. One ask yourself what emotion comes up for me worry and concern or is it resentment and annoyance.
If its worry and concern that comes up for you when you think about this person. Very simple answer on your hands here pick up the phone and just reach out. But if whats coming up for you when you think about this person is resentment and annoyance.
Its time for you to go a little deeper to step two the second thing. I want you to do is i want you to ask yourself why are you annoyed. Why do you resent this person and look if youre annoyed because theyre a shallow backstabbing and their behavior is violating your values and boundaries easy unfriend however even the in your life can teach you something if you look a little deeper when you ask yourself the question.
Why am.

what do you call someone who is full of themselves-2
what do you call someone who is full of themselves-2

I so annoyed by this person. Theres almost always something going on with you because theres a lot of jerks in the world that youre going to bump into that dont trigger you at all. But theres something about this person.
Thats striking something deeper that you need to deal with youre triggered and a trigger is always an opportunity for you to heal something unfriending. Somebody is the easy way out. But when you do it you miss out on a powerful moment of self reflection and growth.
The fact is the negativity that youre feeling the resentment the annoyance the judgment. Its toxic inside of you and so giving yourself a moment before you unfriend that is powerful. Because the negativity you feel the resentment the toxicity it disappears when you stop yourself from throwing in the towel and you choose to throw yourself.
And your friend a lifeline instead and heres the reason why its so important for you to stop and reflect for real friendships are a give and take and you are a part of the give and take and if you give this friend the cold shoulder.

what do you call someone who is full of themselves-3
what do you call someone who is full of themselves-3

Youre going to take this pattern of ghosting people and unfriending people and deciding that people are toxic into every future friendship that you create and i promise you whatever it is thats triggering you right now in this friend that youre pissed off about its gonna show up in friends in the future music. This is a pattern in your life and with all patterns. They repeat.
Unless you break them apart and replace them so once youve checked in with yourself check in with your friend. Its as easy as picking up the phone and saying hello. And what do you say how do you do this you just lead with kindness you can apologize for how youve contributed to the distance between the two of you can say ive missed you their response will tell you everything you need to know about the friendship and honestly what happens to the friendship is beside the point by choosing to check in before you unfriend.
It tells me everything that i need to know about you by hitting pause by self reflecting thats the work that you do to become a better friend to yourself hey. Its mel. Thank you so much for watching this video.
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what do you call someone who is full of themselves-4
what do you call someone who is full of themselves-4

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