September 23, 2020

Botswana 2020 Behind-the-scenes (Part 1 of 2) – Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

what african country is the central kalahari game reserve located in? This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Botswana 2020 Behind-the-scenes (Part 1 of 2) – Central Kalahari Game Reserve.. Following along are instructions in the video below:
And welcome to my first behind the scenes video. We are currently driving through deception deception valley in the central kalahari game reserve in botswana in this video. Im to try and show you a bit of what happens behind the scenes on a filming expedition such as this one please follow along and if you like this sort of thing let me know in the comments down below.
And ill try to make more of these in the future botswana 2020. Behind the scenes. But lets start from the beginning after weeks of planning.
My mother and i finally set off from hermanus near the southernmost tip of africa with everything we needed for a few weeks in the bush. Cameras chargers batteries food water a small coffee table and a dog named apologise our journey took us through the beautiful karoo. Then across the border into botswana.
We offloaded. The dog and coffee table in gaborone and continued north the main roads in botswana are generally good. But we nonetheless reduced out speed to around 100km h.
To avoid livestock in the road. After 3 long days of driving. We finally turned off the tar road aired down.
He tyres locked the hubs and headed down the dirt track that leads to the central kalahari game reserve at matswere gate. I installed my car mount and set up my camera. But we didnt see much on the way in other than a group of bat eared foxes as we crossed the valley.
We arrived at our campsite after dark quickly set up our tents ate a pre cooked meal and went to bed the next few days were spent exploring deception valley every morning. We would wake up before dawn and head out at first light this area of the park was quite dry with no standing water and daytime temperatures were pushing 40 degrees. Centigrade.
The animals here are remarkably adapted to these conditions. And we saw numerous gemsbok and springbok as well as a variety of birds and the bat eared fox family. We had spotted on the way in on the second day.
We came across a coalition of 3 male lions. They were lying right next to the road not doing much at all so we continued down to deception loop.

what african country is the central kalahari game reserve located in?-0
what african country is the central kalahari game reserve located in?-0

Where we had been told a cheetah with two cubs had been seen. We were lucky enough to find the cheetahs near the road and watch the cubs playing for a short while before their mother led them off into the bush. We returned to the lions who were of course still resting so we moved off a bit to shoot a time lapse.
While keeping an eye on the lions with the binoculars at sunset. They finally started to move we followed them for as long as we could but eventually the light was gone and we had to head back to camp after 3 nights camping in deception valley. We packed up camp and headed west toward tau pan.
We took the faster cutline route. Which was uneventful but easy driving the central kalahari game reserve covers 52000 square kilometres. Almost 10 percent of botswanas total land area at tau pan.
We checked into kwando safaris tau pan camp for a couple of nights of luxury tau pan camp is perched on a dune overlooking the pan and each room has a private balcony and outdoor shower with a view plus. There was electricity to charge up my batteries and they kindly filled the water tank on the vehicle as well this area had had more rain and there were large herds of springbok gemsbok and wildebeest on the pan every afternoon spectacular rainclouds would form and the area would be bathed in golden light. Other than the large herds on the pan.
There were also numerous jackal and bat eared foxes about we also saw a lone giraffe drinking a beautiful male lion at sunrise and a cheetah resting under a tree after 2 days of comfort at tau pan camp. It was time to move on this time we took the northern passarge valley road heading east. My mother did most of the driving.
Thanks mom so i could be ready to mount the camera. If we came across anything interesting. But we were driving during the hottest time of the day when the animals tend to rest in the shade so there was not much to see the leopard pan campsite is quite remote and there was nobody staying at sunday pan a few kilometres away so i think we were probably about 20 kilometres from the nearest human beings.
The campsites in the central kalahari game reserve are very basic just a fireplace. A long drop toilet and an enclosure with a bucket shower for which you need to bring your own water. We set up camp and quickly headed out to shoot a sunset time lapse on the pan from leopard pan.
We could drive east to sunday. Pan. Where there is a man made waterhole or south to deception valley on the second day.
We went south and visited the small copse of trees where mark and delia owens camped for 7 years in the 1970s. They were studying brown hyenas and other desert wildlife and they later wrote the bookcry of the kalahari about this experience on most days.

what african country is the central kalahari game reserve located in?-1
what african country is the central kalahari game reserve located in?-1

We would return to camp to eat lunch and wait out the heat of the day i used this time to back up my footage and charge. My batteries at around 3 oclock in the afternoon. Id boil some water on the gas stove and make a strong cup of coffee.
Then we would head out again for an afternoon drive returning only when it was too dark to film. I usually eat frozen pre cooked meals when filming so i can get to bed as early as possible. But its still nice to make a fire each evening.
The campsites here are unfenced so a fire is good for both ambiance and safety on our second day at leopard pan. We headed across to sunday waterhole to find a big male lion lying next to the road. He was covered in blood from a recent kill and was totally unfazed by our vehicle.
So i quickly mounted my camera and started filming. We followed him to the waterhole where he had a drink then walked around scent marking trees before collapsing in the shade that evening on a sunset drive around leopard pan. We found a pride of lions with three cubs right in the road.
The light was fading fast. But i managed to grab a few shots. The young male was very curious coming right up to the car to see what we were up to after the light was gone.
We hung around with them as long as we could before heading back to camp. After 3 nights. A leopard pan.
It was time to leave the central kalahari game reserve. We headed down to deception valley. Then east out of matswere gate and back onto the tarmac in part 2 of this series.
We visit makgadikgadi and nxai pan national parks in the hope of filming. The zebra migration filmed and edited by robert hofmeyr produced by pro art inc. Special thanks to kwando safaris.
Bush. Ways.

what african country is the central kalahari game reserve located in?-2
what african country is the central kalahari game reserve located in?-2

Safaris carma. Quip. Special.
Thanks to my mom carol and my wife renzske. in and this integral protein is a single transmembrane helix. Which means that its a single helix here and the helix is hydrophobic and the outer parts are hydrophilic.
We also have glycoproteins and glycolipids. Which are carbohydrates attached to proteins and lipids so thats all were going to talk about on the fluid mosaic model. And we look at each of these structures.
More closely later on um throughout this series. But for now lets look the structures within the inner leaflet of the cell membrane so in the cytoplasm. The inner left leaflet of the membrane and we are looking at a specific cell called an erythrocyte.
Which is a red blood cell and the erythrocytes contain ion channels. Which control the movement of ions in and out of the cell for example heres an ion channel. So this cell lets just say we are bending.
It and were looking at the inner leaflet of the membrane to the inside. And im trying to depicted here so the inner leaflet of the membrane. Contains structures such as actin to the protein and helps in maintaining the cell shape also the inner leaflet and the cytoplasm contains.
Things called cytoskeletons. Which restrict motion and a particular cytoskeleton in erythrocytes are called spectrums. Which help in membrane flexibility in this membrane flexibility.
And that concludes part 1 of the cell membrane video series our next video will look at what evidence. There is to support the fluid mosaic model. As well as other features of the cell membrane so please watch part 2.
Thank you for watching please like comment and subscribe. .

what african country is the central kalahari game reserve located in?-3
what african country is the central kalahari game reserve located in?-3

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