November 30, 2020

BoxMac 7: Goldfish Nacho Mac vs. Spongebob Shapes

kraft mac and cheese shapes This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you BoxMac 7: Goldfish Nacho Mac vs. Spongebob Shapes. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Welcome back to the kitchen look what weve got today aj. Weve got got two nautical themed macaroni and cheeses. Though one of the nautical themes is a tenuous goldfish macaroni and cheese.
Weve got spongebob macaroni and cheese. What you need pastas is gonna be the most delicious. I dont know are you a fan of fun shapes.
Now one of the big problems with fun shapes is they come in really small boxes these 55 ounce boxes of macaroni and cheese that only gets you two servings as opposed to the normal box of mac. Which has three recommended serving. Ive tried each of these a long time ago.
But not recently the sponge of our mac has actually been around for a long time. Usually. They do just themed macs that are kind of short term right now they have ninja turtles mac.
This goldfish mac is a relatively new product. I love this pasta. I think the shape is great as we see as we get into it it has a very interesting lattice of pasta that really holds the cheese really well so im really excited to compare these and see.
Which is best. Im sure these are both great for kids too growing up. I had friends that just wanted to eat the character shape.
Oh yeah. They wouldnt even eat yeah. The regular kind because they loved the shape.
So much they loved their characters they had sponge bob mac wood spongebob was all the rage now its just part of the rage instead of it being your normal yellow mac. They would make it blue. It was it was it was very looper blue.
The 90s craze where ketchup was purple yeah and green and mac were blue. All it was was just a ton of food dye. Now tell me are you a fan of sponge bob did you watch it.
But i did i liked the show its very its fun. Its a great kids show. I watched the first couple when i was actually in high school.
I guess i was maybe a little too old for her but it was funny even in high school. Now goldfish is a snack. I have a lot i like to keep a gala lunch lunch bag a sandwich bags it was a real big deal when i was a kid.
But nowadays. I dont really ever have them ill be interested to see how the goldfish compares to the cracker.

kraft mac and cheese shapes-0
kraft mac and cheese shapes-0

Yeah since ive had it so much especially the cheddar cheese ones have you ever had the nacho cheese goldfish no but i do like nachos all right so maybe the baby will have a great time here the box to make it makes it seem like theyre like crackers almost. But these are actually theyre theyre more inline with a sponge. I get a really close shot of this pasta.
See those see the latticework in there has a latin word. Its a really complicated pasta to manufacture and thats part of the reason. Why its kind of expensive howie.
I mean you bought this box for us each. I was over a dog. I forget oh theres a little comic in the back its i wonder if first theres probably an app app game i mean its if its a mac and cheese its an also nab whats in the bowl thats nacho mac and cheese.
Oh hey i should do different voices thats not you making cheese. I didnt say it was mine i just asked what it was its nacho mac and cheese. Oh okay okay i get its not my mac and cheese.
Oh. Brother. I like it.
It has a kid sensibility to it. Now these usually require a lot longer to cook um. This craftsman recommends 11 minutes and 30 seconds.
Lets see this one says 10 to 12 thats nearly double the amount of time wed normally spend boiling macaroni and cheese. So the complex shape it needs more time yeah. But you had to be really careful with complicated shaped mac.
Because if you overcook it itll fall apart rapidly i present you with your formal spoon. Thank you you will you will be the keeper of the mac gotta stir gently cuz these shapes will fall apart. Theres already quite a few cracked ones.
I can see in this spongebob. Mac. House.
The house. The goldfish look. They seem like theyre holding their shape.
A lot better. Yeah. Yeah.
The problem is theres theres only this only maybe a couple. Hundred noodles in each of these boxes.

kraft mac and cheese shapes-1
kraft mac and cheese shapes-1

Because the noodles are so big. Yeah. Im gonna be eating a fair portion of the noodles.
Just sampling them we got 8 minutes and 48 seconds left. So uh youre playing a video games by minecraft lately my graphic. Yeah.
I can never get into minecraft. My neck nieces and nephews speaking of childrens max. They even love minecraft.
I think its it replaces legos for that it does i dont have to have a big bucket of legos messing up my house. I could just have a data file thats messing up my computer. Im surprised they dont have a minecraft man well so far minecraft hasnt really been commercialized that much but now that microsoft are you kidding me have you been to like any soul besides combat.
They have like i went to newberry comics. They have the pickaxe you the monster things i think i saw minecraft legos. Which seems redundant.
It does but i have seen those too now this mac here has a suggested prep and a classic prep. This also has a classic prep. A tablespoon of butter that seems like nine months ago 85 calories worth of butter if i was a parent and i saw the half i even being very conscious about my childrens health.
That seems like a little bit. I still want my children to have have some joy in their life. Yeah.
I want their macaroni and cheese to just be this butter las pile of cheese. There theyre playing around their tumbling. We need a little bit of wheres the jordan.
They need a little bit of uh. You know a little bit of fat so that they can fall off a tree right sure all right im gonna go two tablespoons. I dont care what any parents say its less its less than the classic.
Three. So ill be good two ohms just there so then im gonna take a sniff of this cheese here this is the nacho cheese packet nacho cheese packet now how does it smell it smells a little spicy it does its kind of like the way you you know the nachos you get it like a inner skate or something like that iowa or bowling alley. This one looks like its falling apart.
Ej had that one looks done the spongebob which weve just now done. Its done that is so three minutes to spare. Im gonna give this one a sniff like this is a thing new smells like nothing these barely look like anything yeah you go stir.
Very gently. Yeah you gotta or they will they will come to bits.

kraft mac and cheese shapes-2
kraft mac and cheese shapes-2

Oh who knows it a pineapple under the sea thats as much as we can legally sit. Yeah. So those those are definitely keeping their shape.
Yeah. In fact they kind of look like little pineapples that you might find out of the safe. The spongebob is its caca top cake a look like bits.
And thats been my experience with a lot of a lot of character maps is they just kind of called fallen to bits. I think my mom told me she got spongebob mac and cheese and then handed me this id probably just cry. Its just a lot of garbage goldfish mac looks and the if stage super intact it looks just like the box cheese filling every nook and cranny this theyve all fallen apart.
And thats to be expected. Unless you really leave them over a undercooked. I dont know if you ever had the nacho go fish.
But now get the scent off this it smells exactly like nacho goldfish. Wow. That is actually uncanny lets start with the spongebob lets start with a spongebob mmm.
Thats good lets go. Its a good quality mac good craft taste lets try out the show theres goldfish mac. I think its pretty good its interesting its definitely got the nacho cheese flavor in it is that oh yeah actually as an honor of its coming in i really think the pasta is way better structurally.
Its its fun it look like a little family held together well and you know youre right. It does taste like it looks like youre eating a bowl of goldfish. Yes.
That one looks like youre eating a bowl of crushed pasta taste wise. I think theyre pretty comparable it depends on what youre in the mood really im really leaning towards the goldfish. I am.
I think its a more exciting taste than the craft. But theyre both good max um. But if i was gonna pick one today which i i have to do its gonna be the goldfish.
I also picked the goldfish ah so we got coming up something very exciting ej. Im really looking forward to it whats that the rapid mac cooker man. We have been totally teasing this forever excited about it every episode.
I mean until. We do it next time on box mac last time nina dropped by to try. Vegan max and watch ej review.
An anamorphic lens with a short film starring frankie. Its not just entertainment. Its a red cow entertainment.

kraft mac and cheese shapes-3
kraft mac and cheese shapes-3

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