April 19, 2021

Bushcraft or Bullshit: Waterproofing Your Backpack

how to waterproof a backpack This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you Bushcraft or Bullshit: Waterproofing Your Backpack. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Guys. Its being from trs and trs survival. We have got yet another video video tip about using a heavy duty trash bag for survival.
What weve got is some survival gear a backpack that is water resistant. But not waterproof and a heavy duty three mil construction trash bag. So this is a pretty simple technique and anytime youre traveling where you might run into heavy rains or you might have to wade through a river or a stream.
This is a great way to make sure that certain gear inside your bag. Never gets wet all you do is open up your backpack and almost pretend like your backpack is a trash bag and this is the liner that youre going to put in it this bag is pretty big much bigger than necessary for this size backpack. More is always better than not enough so just put this back bag down into the bottom of the backpack and zip.
The sides up a little bit and then pretending like this is the trashcan. Im just going to fold this over so it cv that stuff things in there. And now basically.
Ive created a cavity that is completely waterproof. Keeping your clothes dry is super important and can save you from hypothermia.

how to waterproof a backpack-0
how to waterproof a backpack-0

If you do get wet. And it gets cold getting out of those wet clothes and into some dry clothes can literally save your life. So cut that is a critical item that i would keep inside of the bag.
So that they are always dry. And you always have dry clothes to get into just got some other random survival items this piece kind of is sharp. So im actually going to put it inside my cup stuff.
Some gloves in there so theres nothing sharp inside it thats going to perforate the bag. So now. Ive got the gear in there.
And it could hold a lot more than that im going to take these to the top fold. Them in a little bit. And then if youve ever seen a dry bag.
The way that they sort of fold down. Thats essentially what were going to be doing so were going to take this and start making fold.

how to waterproof a backpack-1
how to waterproof a backpack-1

So that the chance of any water getting in and up and through all of those folds is extremely low once ive got it to a spot that im happy with also ive got to do is tape it down you dont have to tape it this honestly is going to stay pretty dry if it getting completely submerged as a concern then throwing a little bit of tape on there. Its just added. Security tape is cheap and unless.
Its part of your survival roll. And youre packing this at home. Dont skimp out on the tape.
So thats sealed up pretty well you cant even tell once the backpack is closed just looks like a normal backpack and yet. We took this water resistant backpack and made the gear inside that completely waterproof. So now were going to take this were going to hose it down get it really soaked and then were going to pull the bag out and just see how it worked music all right lets see how were doing i want to make sure were getting some water in here well its barely wet on the inside.
Im going to be honest. This material is very high quality. So actually if you can see in here.
Its actually mostly dry. So im actually just going to having this standing upright.

how to waterproof a backpack-2
how to waterproof a backpack-2

Just curves this thing down so. Weve hosed this down pretty good. We know because we just rolled this that water going in this direction is not going to get in there.
So what im going to do is lay it sideways. And well just hose down that seam and this will kind of prove. The fact that when you roll the plastic.
It prevents the water from getting in so well put it right on those little areas where the water could get in all right. Id say weve closed this thing down sufficiently. So well go ahead and turn this off and unwrap it so no big surprise.
I dont think anybodys going to be shocked to see that in fact we kept it dry clothes are still totally dry you can see that here socks are dry youre still good to go if you were facing hypothermia and you needed a fresh change of clothes this just saved your life. So i hope you enjoyed the tip one more use for a heavy duty trash bag in a survival situations. Theyre light.
Theyre cheap. Theres no reason not to have a few of them hey thanks for watching subscribe to our channel to get new videos every week. And leave us a comment with any survival hacks youd like us to test you .

how to waterproof a backpack-3
how to waterproof a backpack-3

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