January 24, 2021

Case-Mate Stand Folio for iPhone 6 Plus Review

folio cases for iphone 6 plus This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you Case-Mate Stand Folio for iPhone 6 Plus Review. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Back to another video of you i in the tech coach. And i have another another case review for my iphone 6 plus. Now ive had this now for few weeks.
And i have nothing but absolutely great things to say about it so this is no roof that it is for a new case. I have for it its the case mate stand folio. Which is an actual foley.
Okay so it has a built in screen cover. I guess um nice kind of suede felt liner that goes against the screen you can actually put license credit card. Whatever stuff in here.
As well has the cut out for for hearing. See if you if you added up to your face. You can actually keep it closed.
So its not its not funky feeling per se. Kind of like this where i kind of join it out. But the case thats built into it as i straight here is really thin.
So the phone itself heres how thin the phone is its not when you put the phone in ill put it in here in a minute. It is very very thin ah. The build quality of it i have nothing but great things to say about it so far.
Its held up very very well over my week and a half and ive had it about in every location. My pocket and such like that the quality of the buttons. So on the side here you can see theres a put down the power button and then on the flip side.
They have the cut out for the rocker switch for sound. And then volume up down. Is a stick out chrome plastic a button as well and so putting the phone in pretty easy.
So im a flat here. The rocker as well as the volume put that in first and then. But now there is a button on this side.
So you still want to kind of be careful. But you just kind of snap in and ever so slowly it does push the button in i have a kickstarter update. And thats it so nice and thin.

folio cases for iphone 6 plus-0
folio cases for iphone 6 plus-0

It does not have magnets built into the kitka. The cover here. But then again the iphones wont have that magnet on off capability.
So even if it did it wouldnt do anything benefit about that is that hopefully in the future video. Ill have a magnetic dash mount that im hopefully going to get to show that if you have magnetic dash. Might you cant use a form that has that feature so thats one things that i am kind of im on the fence of whether or not its a big thing that so but thats what she looks like in the case.
Nice and thin. Then if i fold. It around like this and another nice thing is that you can actually have that stand feature.
So if you wanted to watch a movie or you or just you know keep it up or if youre if youre reading something online. Ive also already used it for a tripod so for when i was actually camping just this past weekend. Needed i want i didnt bring it i dont have a tripod.
Im out for a form yet so thats a future video as well hopefully. But wanted to take a video or a photo. A group photo of everybody and wanted to put it on timer.
So i just stood it instead up as straight as i possibly could put the timer on and theyll now the camera is pointing out wherever youre going to put it i just set it on a picnic table and it worked perfectly so um. The one reason. I really really love this case is i mean.
This is definitely one of them the ability to stand up your phone. The second reason. It is very thin third reason it does protect the cover or the screen wallace in my pocket or wherever.
Now that thinking also puts me into the mind that if i was to put in my pocket and get some sand or something in between the case. The screen now youre just going to rub it into loveliness thats what i havent had that happen yet so. But i do like that things that i dont so much like about it for one.
The camera cutout is very massive and now with that camera sticking out a little bit. If you can see here. The camera cut out around the edge.
Here this section. Here is actually lower than the rest this year. Because as it rounds over thats where they cut.

folio cases for iphone 6 plus-1
folio cases for iphone 6 plus-1

It i really wish that wouldve bumped up a little more maybe been a little tighter cut to it. But not a big deal. Obviously.
I have not had any problems with that yet its just that if i was going to say one thing. I wish that was a little tighter as a lot of other cases are the other thing to mention is that it is a very thin thin case. So it doesnt really have a whole lot of drop protection to it with that said.
I dont know if ive been really want a bulkier case. I have a couple of them. And there are benefits to it because of the fact that it has more drop protection.
But in usability. This is much better feeling in the hand last thing and this is depending on who you are and how you use your phone in your vehicle. Im definitely a big person of putting i about a dash mount that ive had since my iphone 5 and that i pop it into its a magnet or a clip mount spring loaded clip mode and yes it fits my phone yes it fits my other cases that dont have a screen guy on it and yes it fits this case.
However in order to use that obviously everybodys the screen. So you got to flip it in and out now this extra material behind it so behind. Here.
If i flip around you see that little hinge spot right there slow. I mean if you get it the grip. It just slowly eventually pops out and then well it basically falls out of the vehicle mode.
So its in this case. Like this its not really usable in my vehicle mode. By da kalma.
Like i said there are others out there that would work fine like i said the magnetic mounts is which is another reason. Why i want to get it for this case for sure. But yeah all in all very useful case it obviously has features beyond being just a protective case for your phone protecting your screen.
That other cases dont you know whenever you go to that folio case that covers on screen. I think thats a really nice feature its my first folio case since i i had a case for my old samsung omnia if you remember that far at all. But i have never flip case sense and like i said.
There are reasons that i dont like the flip case specifically in the vehicle aside from that i love the flip case because it has so many useful features and having that kind of centralized position here. I actually find myself i can grab onto it better i can actually gonna stick my fingers like this and i can grab out of the phone. So i have more holdings phasing me up for the phone.

folio cases for iphone 6 plus-2
folio cases for iphone 6 plus-2

Which can be handy also if i have an inside out kind of like you know when im facing it just normally so if i have it here. I can actually kind of pinch. Not only this case.
But i also grab on to the phone. So if im try to do it one handed. If i the phone slips off my hand.
Its still i still have the case. Its going to mean and so it gives me a little more wiggle room. So i can use this big phone.
One handed so flip the flip case. The folio case is really are nice for that. So that is my review of the case.
Mate folio. The the stand folio is what they call it um. But yeah pretty sweet case actually again i the last case.
Ima little case i havent actually used since i got this case. And i doubt im going to use it much ive dragged at this case. And i have another case on the review shortly that is also pretty sweet as well.
But this one is one of my favorite cases. I have for it so and of course. There are more and more cases coming out every day for the six bus.
But uh. This is definitely one of those that you should keep in mind because if you like the folio cases. This is a great case and its well built its well built so hope you liked the video kind of below subscribe.
Love. You have any questions comments. Let me know message me directly checks out at the tech kuch kaam.
I will be work on that website. Because i havent worked on it for a very very long time i havent done much with it at all recently so hopefully. Ill get that squared away.
Were here with the next couple weeks. So thanks for watching and well see you next time .

folio cases for iphone 6 plus-3
folio cases for iphone 6 plus-3

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