October 14, 2020

CDI unit testing. how to test bike cdi on multi meter. motorcycle cdi unit testing on multi meter

how to test a cdi ignition coil This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you CDI unit testing. how to test bike cdi on multi meter. motorcycle cdi unit testing on multi meter. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Here in this video. I will describe about the city a unit. How we are are testing cdi and how we will see other this is working or not you watch this video complete if you will skip then you will not understand everything is okay in this video.
It will give you a lot of knowledge. So you must watch this video till end and also subscribe my channel and like this video. If you liked it also you must comment if there is any doubt anything it is not clear.
I will make it clear for you so i will bring a lot of videos in front of you so then they will be helpful for you here. I have these two series. You can see this cydia is are very common and small bikes.
This type of syria is your unit is used for cd70 bikes. And this is six pin. This one is another unit.
Which is used in chinese replacement unit. Which is used in chinese bikes. And this is the chinese replacement exact replacement for both i mean in japanese yen g bikes.
You can install either of them other of them so this one is a chinese replacement and chinese replacements are as you know they are of poor quality and normally they are going bad. So these japanese are good now. We are going to test this there are a lot of requests.
I received how to test this unit on multimeter so if you have your doing bike repair work. So you should have to have good known replacement unit. So then if you will replace the cdi unit.
If you are in doubt and then if the bike is started and it is running so it means that the cdi unit is bad. Most of the cases. This cydia unit is going bad and then in such a case that you have a replacement unit.
Then you will bring it to life in the bike and very easily you can diagnose that the cdi was bad and it is but if you dont have this cd a replacement unit. Then you should have to have this multimeter and on the multimeter you can diagnose. There are two types of tests you can perform either a live test voltage test thats a little bit difficult.
But theres a functional test. And thats giving a good health. But you can make a cold test on better continuity range.
So then you can distinguish between a good and a bad cdi. I will show you in this video. Im drawing a little diagram so then you will understand what the cdi is and how it is functioning in a cdi.
You know there is a wire.

how to test a cdi ignition coil-0
how to test a cdi ignition coil-0

And then there is a diode forward biased and then here as you can see there is a silicon controlled rectifier or ser ser is connected here. And then there is a capacitor. Which has a value 1 micro farad.
Normally so this terminal is going out this is going to the ignition coil. So i am writing as ic coil and this terminal is feeding the cdi. So this is connected to the alternator at the bike alternator and it is fed up from 0.
Volt to 400 volt. This alternator is providing to this cdi unit. So this is a feed point and here on this diode.
It is going dc. And then it is charging this capacitor through the coil. The coil is what is sort of transformer and one side is grounded the cscr side is also grounded and there is another wire.
Which is ground is also grounded. These grounds are physically connected to each other. So this is coming from the alternator.
These 400 volts are provided from here. What is happening is while 400. Volts are coming.
This. Dc 400 volts are come are coming to the capacitor and the capacitor is charged this one micro farad capacitor 400 up to 400 500 volt. Capacitor is charged through this ignition coil.
And when then the pulse is provided the pulse is coming from the pulsar coil. While the cylinder is on the top thread sent to the piston. So then the scr is shorted and it is shorting the capacitor and the cup current is passing some way like this so this way.
The current is passing through because this scr becomes short and then the positive and negative from the positive this fly is going to the ground and then through the coil through the capacitor back. So this is what is the function as i explained if you have any doubt then you can comment. Me you know one person said me one person told me that there is no 400 volts something like that so.
He said that you have to check on multimeter i test it on multimeter. I have this flow meter this very good meter. So then this cdi is not nothing for me.
I mean i am. The expert of this because some in some way 2010 2002. I converted many bikes from point kettering point to the cdi those days this knowledge was not very common very few people were having this knowledge.
And very.

how to test a cdi ignition coil-1
how to test a cdi ignition coil-1

Few bikes were there having cda units here in our area. So i was creating my own cda units. And i was connecting to the bikes and they were running and theyre still running so here.
How we are testing you know using multimeter if we will see from the alternator to the ground. If we will check there should be no short circuited short circuit. If this scr and diodes becomes short.
Then we will get a short over here then another thing is we have to test from alternator to the coil. If the capacitor and the diode is shorted then we will get a short short. Circuiting are a continue to over here.
So this way. We can identify how the cdi is good or bad. These three components are very very much problematic things in a cda unit.
I mean to say they are facing too much trouble because they are on the very much high stress. So thats why this becomes short circuited normally so if these units. I mean to see these components are going open circuited then you will not get a good result.
But thats very rare case normally they are going to short circuit rates so on this meter. You can get a good result. So here we are going to make it on continuity and when we connect this meter on the continuity.
Then we have two probes. If we connect it so you can listen this beep continuity is there as you can listen if you listen this continuity. It means that the continuity is there so let us see this good unit.
Im going to test it this terminal. So i am going to draw on a piece of paper. So then you will understand this is the pulse.
The first one the second one is the ground a third one sometimes. Its ground and sometimes. It is nc the fourth one upper one that is alternated power and sometimes.
It is capacitor also this is coil and this one is the key a kill switch so these are the terminals. Because we can identify on the multimeter now we will test on the multimeter. I will show you on the ground you have to put one terminal and if im putting here.
There is no continuity on the alternator terminal on the key terminal. Also i am not getting any continuity. You can see no continuity means good so this ground.
Im going to check.

how to test a cdi ignition coil-2
how to test a cdi ignition coil-2

There is some reading. But there is no continuity in this terminal. This poor terminal is also having no continuity.
So its good okay so it is showing some way out of limits. This means that the cda unit is good all terminals are not showing any result. I mean to say no continuity.
They are showing the upper terminals are showing no continuity to the ground so means that the cda unit is probably good if we are not getting any continuity. So sure the cda would work in our bike. So this upper pins should not give any continuity now this unit.
Im going to test it so let us see the first one terminal. I am going to check as you can see the first terminal is giving the continuity. It means that there is some components shorted inside as you can see it is showing zero resistance and beeping also the second terminal.
I am testing. There is no continuity. It is okay first one is also kala pulsar.
But the problem is this terminal is grounded so if it is grounded that means that some component. This coil and ground terminal is grounded so it means that the capacitor and whatever this scr is shorted inside so these components become short circuited you can see over here. This scr is inside.
Here. And here is the capacitor. This one is the 1 micro farad high voltage capacitors.
So this could go defective. Either one or both are short circuited. So thats why it is giving continuity.
So these are normal problems. This is silicon rubber. They have put it in what we can do is in some other video.
I will remove this insulation from this silicon and then i will go inside this cd a unit and then i will look for the short circuit. Using my multimeter and i will replace that component with a good one and then by this way. We will be able to repair this cdi.
So in some other video. I will clear it for you i will remove everything if you watch this video. So hopefully you learned a lot if you did not so you must watch it again and comment.
It like this video. And you must subscribe my channel press on the bell icon press on also then you will get my notifications thank you for watching. .

how to test a cdi ignition coil-3
how to test a cdi ignition coil-3

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