November 25, 2020

Character Analysis for 12 Angry Men (1957)

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Guys. Its rk fourth in progress and today. We are continuing this week of of 12 angry men by talking about the characters and making character analysis.
So in angry men. There are 12 diverse trying to come up a verdict for this defendant. Who is accused of killing his father and they have to have a unanimous verdict.
And that turns out to be harder than they expected because well maybe there is room for reasonable doubt. But there are different kind of kinds of characters in the movie and well first of all the jurors. But then there are some other characters as well that i would like to talk about that you may not have noticed in the first class so starting with juror number one hes the he leads.
The meeting hes the one standing at the end of the table and giving out turns innocence. So that that he calls throat and he he restores order. When order needs to be restored in the room.
Where the jurors are trying to make up their minds. So hes kind of a leader inside its natural for him to take control. But he doesnt push his own motives and his own opinions and his own verdicts on to the others.
Hes kind of like not one of the others because his position in the group of men is different from the other jurors in the movie they take turns in the beginning to tell why they think the way they think initially about the verdicts and what it should be and the number two just says that he just thought he was guilty so he cannot pinpoint the exact thing. That makes him think that the defendant is guilty of killing his father. He just thinks this way and this sounds quite like malcolm gladwells blink.
Where you have this intuition that something is right even though you dont know why it is so and i think that was funny then moving on to number three juror number three this is the hothead. This is the guy who is always angry in the room and at the beginning where they all share their thoughts on why they think of the defendant. How they think he puts great empathy emphasis on the facts of the case.
There was two witnesses one who heard the defendant shouting. I will kill you and another who saw the defendant.

who is the protagonist in 12 angry men-0
who is the protagonist in 12 angry men-0

Killing his father and hes he lays great emphasis on the facts. And he wants to put forward the facts. The facts that later turn out to be not so facts at all at the very end because he is the last one to change his mind he kind of lets it show that he didnt think by the facts at all he only thought no reason.
But with emotion. Because he had a son who had somehow maybe abandoned him. And he had some sort of father son issues and because the defendant was young and he had killed his father.
He thought the case was maybe a little bit more personal than he was willing to let on and he wanted the boy. The defendant to suffer kind of as a surrogate for his own son. Which is quite weird.
Hes not that kind of a you okay. Thats his own emotions on his own personal life. I mean.
It feels right be mind alpha do you remember when this number four. I think number four is the one with the glasses. And hes very analytical hes very reasonable and he sees the facts in a very cold manner he almost like an accountant as opposed to how number three saw the facts.
And he wants to believe the facts unseal is pointed out to him that the eyewitness was like him had glasses and couldnt have seen the act. The killing take place because he knows that no one wears glasses to bear. So he has to accept the facts.
But for what they are instead of what theyve been presented us then theres number five. I think he was the he was the one who didnt know what to say at first. But then he provided a lot of background information about where the puerto ricans lived in the neighborhood and what kind of neighborhood.
There were because he his lived in the similar place as well and he knows how people behave and how people stab each other for it he thought that it was kind of as if he had been in the defendants place because they had similar practice backgrounds even though they had taken share race or age. But he could somehow relates to the defenses situation.

who is the protagonist in 12 angry men-1
who is the protagonist in 12 angry men-1

Because defendant defendant was also poor and this number 5 also lived in a poor area. I think and he also doesnt look very rich in the juror jury room so he had kind of like a personal reason to stand up to the defendant. Even though in the beginning.
He thought he was guilty then number 6 talked about motive and how the son had a motive to kill his father because the father had been hitting him number 7 talks about record. And how the defendant have a record of being a very maybe violent maybe a troubled kid in his youth and he had been in jail before and and all the things that spoke against the defendant. In this particular case and then we come to juror number.
8. And this is the main character played by henry fonda. He is from the beginning not sure if he did it or not he is not quite.
Convinced the defendant is actually youll see of killing his father and this is where it gets interesting. Because hes the first one to say it out loud and all the others were expecting that this is just like obviously. The defendant is guilty and then this one guy.
The only one who thinks he is not or that there is room for reasonable doubt comes out and sells. He cannot be sure so lets talk about it. And its its presented as the good guy.
Hes presented as the good guy of the movie. The one who sticks up for the innocent even though we dont know if the defendant is innocent or not. But hes he has reason and he has also compassion and he can step into the shoes of the defendant.
Because if he were understand and he was innocent of killing his father then he would like the jurors to have one member to stand up for him as well. But of course. We dont know if he is the good chiron or perhaps.
The defendant was guilty of killing his father and now hitch sweat goes and kills. All other fathers in the world and your number age.

who is the protagonist in 12 angry men-2
who is the protagonist in 12 angry men-2

Just let the devil loose innocence. He also talks a lot about the defense attorney of the defendant. And this is very interesting.
The defense attorney of the defendants isnt one of the main characters in the movie. Even though he never say him because he i dont know if he thought from the beginning that his client was guilty or he just resented being appointed this case. Because he doesnt make a lot of money his public defender.
So he doesnt win much by winning the case and this is just like his everyday mundane existence trying to defend the guilty ones. But hes such a bad lawyer he didnt realize any of the things that the jury. And its members of them realize in the jury recess room where theyre trying to come up with the variation.
He didnt realize that the eyewitness couldnt have seen he didnt realize that they here. We witnessed it couldnt have reached the door to see the defendant run down the stairs and he missed so many things like the train that was making a lot of noise right by the house with it murder. Was committed and all kinds of things so.
He was trying to just get home to spend free time or something or whatnot. He wasnt very invested in the case as to show how things how the facts really standing in it so then moving on to juror number nine. This is an older guy he sits right by the main character and hes old so he can relate to the situation of the witness.
The older guy who lived under neath the victim and he the witness claims to have heard the boy shout. I will kill you and then the body hit the floor and then he made in like 15 seconds. All the way to the door to see the defendant run down the stairs and recognize him so the old man.
The juror number nine can relate to this situation realized well this couldnt have happened because hes old and he has a bad leg. And he make it to the door in 15 seconds. And he realizes that this is someone who has been a nobody all his new life and now someone wants to quote him and if someone wants him to go to court.
Where people will listen to him so of course. He will say whatever they want him to say so now what he said in the trial has no bearing at all because he just wanted someone to listen to him.

who is the protagonist in 12 angry men-3
who is the protagonist in 12 angry men-3

He actually didnt see the kid see the defendant or perhaps. Even hear anything and i think number 10 is also angry all the time but turns out that number 10 is racist. He thinks that all puerto rican all mexican all all all central american young men are criminals and thats when all the other jurors think that this is just wrong.
And they stand up and turn away from the table. Until number 10 shut. The hell up about race and changes his mind and doesnt generalize.
All puerto rican kids as criminals number 12. The the advertising agent who didnt know what to think. And he just didnt want to be there he felt like hed been dragged from his pleasurable existence and his job and his his life whatever he left to the jurors room to do his civic duty.
And he i think he resents it and he tries to turn it into some sort of night out with the guys drooling on his paper and playing some potent games with the other jurors. Until its pointed out that they have a job to do there and they cant leave until theyve reached a unanimous decision or decided that its a hung jury and then he has kind of hard time once he tries to concentrate on the on the job at hand. He i think has some sort of difficulty to come up with the certain verdict.
But then eventually with what they talk about and how they analyze all the facts that he is willing to commit to that to the idea that there is reasonable doubt so i think he has hes a reasonable guy. He hes a smart guy he just doesnt want be there and until he realizes how grave the situation is there is someone who will die if they decide that he is guilty then only then when he realizes that will he commit suicide raishin. All right those were the characters in sidney lumet movie.
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I remand have an awesome day guys. .

who is the protagonist in 12 angry men-4
who is the protagonist in 12 angry men-4

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