December 3, 2020

CÎROC Apple – Cocktail Ideas! Mixed Drink! Review With Ginger! CÎROC Vodka!

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Youtubers today. Im actually going to be reviewing the ciroc apple. I personally have havent really tried too many socks.
I think ive had the regular ciroc then maybe a coconut ciroc and not too much of a fan of the coconut. But im really interested in the apple. Because apple usually makes you think of appletinis and sex in the city and kind of gives you that just a nice tart feeling that you may want with your drink and i love citrus drinks.
So lets start by looking at the bottle and how it measures up its cute. I didnt get the full size bottle. I got the 375 milliliter.
So as you see here. Its got the green emblem. Letting you know that you bought the apple ciroc and i like the presentation is clear it says apple and im expecting it to be just as distilled as the regular.
But because that they offer the spin that im going to go ahead and do today on the drink is something that is completely my own. So ive decided to mix pellegrino chilled of course with lemons. You get lemons anywhere organic whatever is your flavor get your lemons.
And you want to make sure that theyre fresh squeezed. So. What im going to go ahead.
And do is actually leave a little bit of pulp in the drink. So it kind of emulsifies and creates this very iced chilled great for summer bbqs hamptons. I mean i think the lemon will go really well with the apple.
I debated on getting limes for the straw. Just going with the green and green. But i thought that might be too tart.

whats good to mix with apple ciroc-0
whats good to mix with apple ciroc-0

So im going to go ahead and stick with the lemon and so infuse all this and see how it tastes as a spritzer. What i will do for you guys is i will just have a shot of the ciroc plain. So then i can just tell you flatly how it tastes if youre a shot person.
And you just want to take it as a shot and not as a mixed drink. Well see how that tastes okay guys so were going to bust this bad boy open and im going to try a shot for you got my trusty little yellow knight. Which actually i dont really think you even need you can just use your finger.
Now and peel. The sucker open. Its not that serious thats so its open its got a cute little twist top with the emblem on it there lets do the smell test.
And it smells just like green apple like totally in a bottle. Okay. Lets see how it tastes cheers going down.
Thats smooth. I could have a shot of that theres not a lot of afterburn. It doesnt leave you feeling like youre you know puckering grasping for air.
You could definitely do shots of these if you are at the club and youre in that scene. I can totally see this being an easy shot to take. However i will say that its a sweet drink and we all know that you got to be kind of careful with shots and how sweet because it can sometimes turn your stomach.
Sour. So that would be my only drawback with that but taking it just four shots so next. Im going to go ahead.
And do my little concoction with the pellegrino and the fresh lemon with the emulsified bits in it and then well see how that tastes obviously on fresh ice and now were going to go ahead and getting it were going to go ahead and get into mixing the drink that i discussed earlier in the video. So what im going to go ahead. And do is to show you what i have here laid on the table.

whats good to mix with apple ciroc-1
whats good to mix with apple ciroc-1

So you can get adjust of what ingredients are going in this drink. I have my shot glass here. I use this just like bartenders do as an easy way to regulate how much drink youre pouring in so you either go overboard or go overboard.
Its up to you so for this drink. Im going to go ahead. And do two shots of the apple sarat pour.
It in just like that and then i have my fresh. Squeezed lemon juice. As youll notice with still some lemons teeth in there try not to get those in your drink.
So im going to go ahead and add that and that is and that is really about a cup or half a cup. Its really to your liking. I like things really sour.
So that was my choice and then for the pelligrino just add two just add two i i would say i would say probably about a half a cup and then youve got a really nice spritzer going on and so now what im going to do is what i do with all drinks is i taste them to make sure that i like it for me. Thats perfect you know what it almost tastes like it almost tastes like a spiked lemonade. But more organic because youve squeezed your fresh lemons.
And then you have that twinge of apple. So its completely refreshing. I would serve this at a barbecue.
Even to afternoon tea. If someone wanted to substitute this for their wine spritzer. This would go perfect.
Im actually quite impressed if were going to go ahead and have to coin this the ginger jepsen drink. What do you guys think alright guys. Thats it for me enjoy your sipping of what .

whats good to mix with apple ciroc-2
whats good to mix with apple ciroc-2

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