November 25, 2020

Cogsworth Clock REVIEW – Beauty and the Beast collectibles

beauty and the beast collectibles This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Cogsworth Clock REVIEW – Beauty and the Beast collectibles. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Everyone april here welcome back to my channel in todays video. Im going going to show you my newest addition to my beauty and the beast collection which the cogsworth clock now he started off i believe as a disney parks exclusive. But i was able to actually purchase them online from the disney store and a lot of people were saying that he was going to be a disney park exclusive.
And he was spotted first ad in the parks and but yeah then he surfaced online. So as of today as im recording this video. He is still available for purchase on the disney store so if youre interested in getting him.
I highly recommend him. And hes a bit expensive. Hes 75 and and hes more expensive than my lumiere was my lumiere light up figurine.
Which was only fifty dollars. So he did more expensive. But hes totally worth it if youre are obsessed with beauty and the beast like i am.
He is a must in your collection. I love him im obsessed with him and also hes an actual clock. He actually works so ill turn the camera around so i can give you a bit of a closer look at him and show you some of the details.
So here is how cogsworth compares to my lumia light up figurine and by the way. I do have a review over mia so if you would like to see an in depth review of him.

beauty and the beast collectibles-0
beauty and the beast collectibles-0

Ill post a link in the info box down below and make a clickable card somewhere on the screen. So. Well yeah.
This is how the two of you greens compare to one another and i really do like the fact that they are so accurate in terms of the sizes in relation to one another so in the movie for example cogsworth is slightly shorter. They want two mirrors. So i really do like that theyve kept that sort of size balance between the two figurines.
I also really like how the two figurines really complement one another they both have the same shade of gold paint. So they just seem to be working very nicely together the only thing. Were missing now is to get a messy spot.
They have released the chip cup. Which hopefully. I will be able to get hold of one soon.
So now all im missing is a mr spots to go with them im really hoping that maybe next day the reason mrs spot anyway sorry back to cogsworth. So he has a very very nice place it is very show accurate. And it is very well executed.
I very much so like lumiere so as you can see its got very very cute face adorable little sort of smile. I love the way hes now its painted cause his face is the face of a clock now if you open his tummy.

beauty and the beast collectibles-1
beauty and the beast collectibles-1

His abdomen. And you can find the pendulum inside or actually mentioned that the actual front of his tummy is made out of glass. And so dont drop him and actually i almost dropped him earlier.
Im not telling him that why i almost dropped him yeah. And this is how he looks after i put the pendulum. Its got a little hook.
That he can attach it on the inside and just can i give you a couple of close ups of his face. So you can see him better. And he is sculpted and painted in such a way that he resembles woodgrain.
Hes not actually made out of wood. Hes made out of resin and hes actually very heavy and but yeah the way he sculpted its got so much detail looks amazing exactly like wood so on thats why the other reasons. Why i really really like him.
I think. Its wonderful and then i also like the fact that his arms are positioned slightly uneven. You can see that his right arm is sort of pointing upwards to kind of denote.
A little bit of movement in him. And this is how he looks from the back and the back of his head is kind of like a little panel that you can remove and behind.

beauty and the beast collectibles-2
beauty and the beast collectibles-2

That is where the battery is now this is actually the problem because the the back of this head is only held in place with two little metal studs and if youre not careful. If you try to pick him up by the head. And you dont grab him properly you could actually end up just grabbing that plate and you would slide off from the magnets.
Because the magnets are actually strong enough to hold the whole weight of the clock is actually quite heavy so when you pick him up make sure to either picking from the bottom or the middle or just go all the way from the top. So he doesnt drop cause. I almost dropped him earlier and it gave me a hell of a fright.
But then yeah. Thats honestly that is the only complaint that i have that his back may come off on the other hand. Though i really like the fact that hes only held in place with little magnet.
So there are no screws or studs anywhere on him that are visible. So it is really keeping in in tune with a whole sort of magical look and make them seem animated kind of thing and as i mentioned before he is a fully functioning clock so both him and amir functioning. Let.
Me actually candle. He just simply lights up and cogsworth actually works so yeah. I absolutely adore them i love into birds.
I highly recommend them if your beauty and the beast fan and now. Lets just call some fingers that were going to get them see spots. And then i can be happy anyway.
Please dont forget to subscribe if you havent already for more dolls and toys gpus crafts makeovers and giveaways thanks for watching and ill see you next time bye. .

beauty and the beast collectibles-3
beauty and the beast collectibles-3

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