April 19, 2021

DBZ Xenoverse – How To Get Super Vegeta

how to get super vegeta in xenoverse This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you DBZ Xenoverse – How To Get Super Vegeta. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Want to go shiny. Here and today. I would have shown you guys how to to get super producer just wanna let you guys know the food youre gonna now it doesnt show me getting super deuter because i just want you guys know the loot super super super vegeta luke.
I cant pronounce on what because its such a tongue tough stuff. It is a hundred percent random. So you might get it you might not get it you just got to keep going i dont get it thats all i can say.
But yeah. This first time i actually did it and it didnt come for me obviously. But after a while he did come for me so i finally got him happy days.
But this the fridge. I recorded this the first time actually got to the point where i would have to fight super saiyan perdita. But yeah so lets go straight to the first step okay you guys so once youre in the pq.
16 quest. What you want to do is defeat. All the freezes grunts.
They should come around you or like hid around the area. But once youve killed them all the freezes spaceship should open obviously new enemy freezers now come in leaf reason alone go straight to the spaceship and go get crillon okay guys so were about to go into the spaceship now once youre in there. Like i said go straight for killin get maan your team person.
Hes very vital for this so whats an especially hes gonna be in this first room going there toxic wilin. You dont have to talk to going on if they want to but i always do to get the my health up even though i didnt exactly need it then.

how to get super vegeta in xenoverse-0
how to get super vegeta in xenoverse-0

But every little helps anyway so whatd you talk to them get straight back out there and then yeah fight freezer. Okay. Why you guys are flying freezer.
You have to let free to kill krill and krillen must die his head. Like literally freezer could probably kill him in like five hits in hes three week. So once hes dies.
Hes thinking a call for goku croak is then gonna come in and try and help you guys. And then just let free to hit him about once or three times and then he should go super saiyan. It as youll see in a minute.
As you as you could run into the fight as usual there we go computer. There we go runs the fight gets hit once or twice and then you go super saiyan gets mad and then from then on guys you just need to beat the living shit out of freezer. I recommend you get into his third stage with me whenever i get fruits to his third stage.
But thats when vegeta always come to me i dont know what if this is having other people. But it happens to me all the time so i recommend getting freezer to his third stage and also letting the hit goku a bit yeah so lets get him to third state. Okay guys fruit is now at his final form oh third form full power where you want to call it educational produce.
It has now come in you went out the final stages on try and get yourself super vegeta. Now. What youre going to have to do is let free.
Sir take g. Just help down.

how to get super vegeta in xenoverse-1
how to get super vegeta in xenoverse-1

Ill say i wont say half health. But just over half help are say so take just a fair amount of health opportunities away and then you have pretty much cool breeze. If i recommend that you take half of freezers helper weight.
And then you back away a bit. And then let the g loosing. Health and then you just come in for the kill so im going to show you how about goes down okay guys.
Ive got freezes half health like i said. I was gonna add and im backing away and im looking at virginias health go down as you can see now it is just over halfway were just perfect if he loses anymore. Its okay let just do not get it like close to death pretty much if so that health to me looks perfectly fine.
Obviously that is i am now pretty much going for the kill okay guys so like i said just above health. Which is helpful is perfect and then yeah just finish your freezer right now and then once youre finished. If more fingers crossed vegeta will turn on you guys so ill just get that up to you guys right now okay guys.
Im about to go three times excel for treat yourself did go a bit. But it doesnt matter and you can see right now vegeta has turned out ill turn the hospital mike words. Getting mumbled and he goes super sane now that is what you guys need to get super fujita and from here on guys you just have to be him thats all youre doing out beat him and they want you beating them fingers crossed.
Youll get the loop. If you dont then you got a guy again. But if it is really frustrating.
Im not gonna express how much time actually put into actually getting super cheetah which i highly regret now because hes not all that. But if you guys are into getting.

how to get super vegeta in xenoverse-2
how to get super vegeta in xenoverse-2

All the all the characters and all the super saiyans in a go for it i mean im that type of person and i had to pay the hardware by spending so much time trying to get him because its freaking. Annoying. I thought supers against super saiyan was annoying super vegeta is way more and on it.
But yeah. Like i said guys yeah. Just let frieza deal some damage if gi get his health down.
It if it goes below half health. It doesnt matter as long as long. He loses a fair amount of health then he should get pissed off with you sometime.
He doesnt get pissed off some tommy and im sorry sometimes doesnt turn on you sometimes it does its fairly random. But for me. Its always worked by loan gets helped down getting freezer.
I mean getting freezes to his spinal footwear third stage form and in virginia comes. In thats always happened whenever ill get his health. Okay oh.
Just over half or below half. He always turns. It always works for me i dont know if youre an m1 up.
But if you guys want to try go ahead with a little people have been asking i mean a lot of people have their different ways of getting him super saiyan has worked for them. But this this is my way of doing it hopefully will work for you guys if it doesnt i truly apologize you asked you to focus something out because yeah. This is annoying sorry.
This helped a lot thank you very much leave like youve enjoyed yeah subscribe he knew i would cut you guys next video. .

how to get super vegeta in xenoverse-3
how to get super vegeta in xenoverse-3

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