January 24, 2021

Dead in 5 Sec- DUI Video

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Music music applause music applause music applause music music laughter music i seen all the the drunk driving videos. My son was 19. I could never happen to me it a friday night.
Ive seen have been out that night. Theres another young man whos having a bad day six 40 ounce. Mickeys four lines of meth two joints and a couple of light beers blue seven red lights five and a half seconds later 1001 rear ended jeremy the car exploded jeremy was killed instantly thats a praise music music.
It was like it was okay to go out drinking. What i thought was having fun. What i thought was having fun.
What was done before the coroner was already telling my wife my other two children they couldnt identify the person in the car. All i had left was a license plate that said someone at this address was registered to this car me and my friends always went out drinking and he it was always they always wanted me to drive because i drove the best nothing whatever happened. And ive seen all the trunk driving videos and in the ads and the commercials and i thought oh i could never happen to me.
But it did and it didnt just happen to me to happen to hold us. Everyone. Especially.
Jeremy music. Why i cannot realize everything that i realized now because i heard it all i heard it all i didnt pay attention to it it was like id see the drunk driving ads and then and all that you know its like that couldnt be a part of my life. I look back now and it makes me think i cant even believe that i do those and ive been here now for three years and until i think about it constantly always i always think about it its not just the drinking.
The driving is about all the choices in your life. Theres things that led up to that my lifestyle. The people i was around the things i was doing i know they probably go out and do the kind of things just out having fun do you think youre having fun.
But they dont they need to take the time and stop the team about the choices. Theyre gonna make the things theyre gonna do because its not just their life. They can affect its everyone channel.
3s lisa breckinridge joins us today with more on the accident. And how friends and family are remembering the teenager. Lisa miss.
Terry jerry turner was about to become the man that everyone hoped he would be instead.

the video dead in 5 seconds is dedicated to who-0
the video dead in 5 seconds is dedicated to who-0

He became the victim of a hit and run accident. Officers say the driver. The other car had been speeding and evading officers.
When he plowed into the back of jeremys car then the driver fled the scene leaving jeremy in the burning car its a horrible picture for anyone to live with and thats why his family is focusing on the positive life. He led i have peace where hes at i dont thank god that hes dead. But i thank god that i have some peace a week from now i me and as we learn more about who and what i may feel differently.
The who and what is still under investigation. But so far officers say the driver of this car 23 year old steve leslie rear ended jeremys car causing it to explode early saturday morning leslie was booked for murder felony drunk driving felony hit and run and felony evading officers music we have a 1055 deceased on scene one patient in the front of the vehicle. Thats entrapped.
Hes to be educated. We have a driver that has relatively minor injuries at this time music today. I realized ill never hear your car race down the driveway or watch amazed as you consume an entire pizza.
Ill never again hear you complain about having to listen to james taylor. These are things i took for granted and right now. I would have them back in a heartbeat.
If possible youre like every other kid in so many ways you sometimes amazed us and sometimes we wanted to choke the living daylights out of you always i hoped you knew. And i think you did that you were utterly loved at least at the very least. Im eternally grateful to god.
He allowed you to spend even 18 years as myself. There are so many things i realize now that i want you to know i have no regrets for having canceled meetings or rearranged appointments or taken less speaking engagements in order to work in your classrooms coach basketball teams attend games or even go to open houses. I only regret that i did not cancel more of them i loved our late night talks before bed.
I just wish i had been more engaged. I didnt understand how priceless those times would be music to watch you music that was compartments. Then you know that you tell yourself to play the guitar.
I learned persistence from you ill bet that surprises you i also learned how important i contact is from you something im gonna try to remember in the future music. This is so strange for me. Because ive always been the one standing with others at the hospital bed or the funeral parlor or at the gravesite.
I would tell others the death especially the death of a young person was the ultimate obscenity.

the video dead in 5 seconds is dedicated to who-1
the video dead in 5 seconds is dedicated to who-1

It was always someone elses grandmother uncle daughter or sunroom. But this time you were mine. I will miss the recent bond that we had discovered and shared in a common living faith in jesus christ.
This was the cake for me brooks. The rest was just frosting. I have no regrets that i was able to tell you how much i loved you i only wish i had said it more and finally i hope you know that i was crazy about you well that means.
Theres no hope for his brain to recover. It is the rest of this body over the course music deteriorate his heart and as long as theyre working at the moment organ donation. I talked to you about that we want to give you a little bit exciting first music right music.
I could sit here and try to describe the black hole that your death leaves in my life. I could be mon your absence or rail at the injustice somehow right now it would seem inconsequential instead. What i need to do right now is to write you to retrace the mark that your life left on me to etch your presence more permanently into my heart.
Youll never know what a felt like to hear the doctors say its a ploy. Every father who hears those words dreams about the kind of son that you would like and i was no different and believe it or not you were a gift to me brooke. So will never be another son like you were to me thank you for loving me back as gaping a hole as your death leaves in our lives.
The only thing that makes it bearable is knowing that it is not forever. I wish people would realize that as good as this life is its only first grade compared to the level of life. That you are experiencing.
Now you didnt get shortchanged by death you got swallowed up by life. I am trusting that god can fill the emptiness that i feel right now. Though i dont expect it to be completely filled this side of eternity.
But this is one thing. I cant wait to see you again love death this is the worst place. Ive ever been in my life in other news.
A night of reckless driving last december killed. An innocent teenager today the 23 year old sacramento man convicted of killing him learned his fate jennifer his lisa breckinridge was in court. Today and joins.
Us live from the newsroom.

the video dead in 5 seconds is dedicated to who-2
the video dead in 5 seconds is dedicated to who-2

Sarah today. 23. Year old stephen leslie apologized to his family.
And to the family of his victim for all the pain. That he has caused a jury found him guilty of second degree murder. In the killing of a popular all around good kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and today.
It was a very emotional sentencing. Hearing for all involved today his loved ones waited to hear the fate of 23 year old stephen leslie. We had the opportunity at the sentencing to communicate.
And that same offer of hope forgiveness was offered to stephen leslie. I forgave him the day it happened dont ask me how its by gods grace. Im a human being i mourn the loss.
But i dont hate that person. The judge sentenced leslie to the recommended term as 17 years to life in state prison. The consequence is still real stephen spending.
17 to life hard time. 17 to life hard. Time.
He has a wife and a two year old son. When he went to prison. That boy is five now.
I dont get to see my son grow up me and my wife screamed about understood and now i dont watch him grow. I miss the little things that he does misses birthdays. I missed his first fishing trip.
Stephen wrote us a letter in october three years later there mister. Mrs. Turner.
I dont know if i should be writing her or not i dont want to cause you more pain artery then i already have im writing now because my mom told.

the video dead in 5 seconds is dedicated to who-3
the video dead in 5 seconds is dedicated to who-3

Me. She has met you and youre good people and youll understand if i tell you im sorry i always think about you and your family. I know you still hurt and i want you to know i pray for you and your family.
I pray for both of our families. I didnt know your son before what i heard from the video and from the videos. I seen in court.
He seemed like such a good person and it hurts inside to know his death was my fault if i could just go back. But i cant i have to deal with it and i always live with the guilt. Ive asked for forgiveness.
But forgiveness cant make me forget what happened. What you feel is beyond what i can imagine so i dont know what to write your loss was too terrible true sorry music gives me no joy that hes spending 17 to life. But it is a consequence hell be 40 years old when hes out of prison.
If he can survive hard time music music as far as paying the price. I dont think itll ever be paid up it even if i get out of here. Jeremy sent a christmas card to his friend inside in his hand.
Hed written as children the king it heartens. Me to know that we will have an eternity long friendship it brought back another place in my life. It went.
At five years old. I remember his room. I remember the place.
I remember when my son accepted an insurance policy called eternity because he accepted the free gift of gods love. The sacrifice of his son to forgive jeremys sins past present and future and thats the only reason. I can stand here and not be a bitter angry man of hate.
Its because i have hope for where my son is i wish. There was just one way i could be it out there you know get it. The message and just reach at least maybe one just save one it you know from going through what i went through thats not just them its their family.
Its just a lot to live away. Its a lot forgiveness cant make me forget what happened music music music laughter music. .

the video dead in 5 seconds is dedicated to who-4
the video dead in 5 seconds is dedicated to who-4

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