December 1, 2020

DIY Staining Your Wood Fence | Valspar Canyon Brown Exterior Stain | R HOUSE

how to stain a fence with a pump sprayer This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you DIY Staining Your Wood Fence | Valspar Canyon Brown Exterior Stain | R HOUSE. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Music music okay. So i shouldve showed yall. What it looks before.
But but we can show the outside of the fence on the color wise. We got stained about close to how many five years or four years going on for years since weve gotten it stained you can kind of see where its like mainly white from the sprinklers hitting it so we were going to do this on our own mainly marketers then pressure washing to get all the excess dirt and the rest of the stain off so you can see the stain on this one wall get closer to you guys can see what it looks like what stain color. We previously have there pretty much him pressure washing.
It is painting all the birds taking off the remaining stain that was on there which we didnt think i was gonna pick up the sink is the spinner for so long. But pretty good pretty ugly. I want to show them that this is what it looked like before see color.
We dont know what kind of stain. They used yeah. But weve purchased a good one this time.
So you did quality one so hopefully itll last. All weather protection will show you whats wrong we did pick.

how to stain a fence with a pump sprayer-0
how to stain a fence with a pump sprayer-0

But previously could have been a cheap one its been a pretty penny on whoever stained it for us boss time and totally bought a cheap stain because it didnt last is gonna be a fun exciting job. So marcus. I am gonna help him stain that im gonna do my best but this is april 4.
Im gonna show you with the stain looks like so we got this 5 gallon one bow spur valspar or wherever. Its canyon brown. So its a little darker than what we initially had but this one is a pretty good rain ready in 4 hours ii.
So hopefully uh. I dont have that big of a yard not much of a fence. But hopefully itll itll do it so thats about right for your protection.
I mean. Its been about 4 years since we had to be the last one no. But it needed to be done last year.
This was about 155 or something yeah okay so i bought this decks and more sprayer technology different types of nozzles. This was only 20 bucks at lowes this was also at lowes.

how to stain a fence with a pump sprayer-1
how to stain a fence with a pump sprayer-1

Im sure you can find it at home depot. If you need to we went to we looked online at home depot. And they were out of stock.
So thats why we went to lowes so markets already put it together this is a two gallon. Its just a pump sprayer so its locked into place once you pour it in there you turn it that way and you know just pump it off until you can no longer pump to get the most pressure out of it so when you spray it or get a nice even spray all right. Were gonna go ahead and get this ready get this stain in there you dont need to add water to this stain pretty much pour and ready to go all right guys.
Were gonna go ahead and get started on this side took us a while to figure this thing out what we got we figured it out so you see the difference so easy guys so it does run a little bit. But its okay because it soaks into the wood and it doesnt leave any streaks charlie. Theyre crying for you looks good its a pretty color.
But its soaked in a little bit yeah so what is pretty clean because im power wash it helps it just preserves the wood and it helps your fence lasting long were getting close guys kind of sorta getting close yeah. Marcus has already done the outside of the fence in the alley. So we are getting it done sun is going down slowly.
But were gonna get it done within the hour. Now that we have a system and figure things out definitely recommend trying it out on your own first and if it is a fail then call a professional we are not professionals.

how to stain a fence with a pump sprayer-2
how to stain a fence with a pump sprayer-2

It was definitely worth spending like a hundred and seventy rather than 400 or 300 paying somebody to do it really mila. What do you think babe would you recommend it yeah. Yeah yeah take a couple days.
Were gonna go back. And do any missing spots. But it is coming together looking good better than what it looks like over here you all right guys.
This is a remaining area that we have left and got about a gallon. It should be enough so he can see some spots. But its really like the fence like you know these little circles.
You know yeah just the wood and but it looks really really good we like it a lot its a hi mase. Its a pretty color. Were just going to finish it off its really good especially in the sun.
See that area over here it looks really pretty what do you think so far babe a lot better than this yeah see what youtube does but youre getting doing stuff to your home getting stuff done. And you did it for sure.

how to stain a fence with a pump sprayer-3
how to stain a fence with a pump sprayer-3

It looks really pretty in the planner decide to sell this house next person will appreciate true alright guys. This is part of the alley. It is fully dried looks really nice really clean compared to looking like this like that looks really good this is one coat definitely better than paying an extra two hundred dollars to pay some money to do it yourself.
Its a pretty long day project artist is exhausted we are tired and we are beat. But we love the color and how it looks yeah. Its not to brag.
I mean. Its not to lightens not too dark. Yeah cant really pretty so.
Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Sure you give it a thumbs up make sure you like comment and share. Thats so strong.
Well see in the next in our house. Bye alright guys. It has dried for a couple of days.
Now it looks great the color looks amazing we have gotten some rain and it literally just rolls off the wood and thats it the color is really pretty im really loving it .

how to stain a fence with a pump sprayer-4
how to stain a fence with a pump sprayer-4

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