November 25, 2020

Does It Really Work: Coca-Cola Hot Dog Toaster

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s burning down the station memorial day weekend is almost here and many refer to to it as the unofficial start of summer hamburgers and hotdogs well theyre often over the holiday weekend. So were gonna try to make some right here yeah. We hope it works yeah.
Theres a little bit smoked involved with charlies working with it. But were not saying. Were just saying hey.
This is the hot dog toaster coca colas hot dog toaster. We had some requests memorial weekend coming up give it a try here it is this is the coca cola hot dog toaster the maker claims this hot dog toaster delivers a flawless juicy hot dog with a golden toasted bun every time it can cook to regular size or to jumbo dogs at once. The toaster includes.
Adjustable heat. Controls. Removable dog baskets and a drip tray for easy cleaning.

coca cola hot dog toaster-0
coca cola hot dog toaster-0

It also comes with mini tongs for removing your hot dogs and easy to wrap cord for. Storage all this for only 1999. At boz cuffs.
But does it really work to find out weve come to garettys in scranton. The staff here is providing us with several flavors of hot dogs hot dog buns and condiments for customers to use we start our test by reading the direction and asking for volunteers. My husband likes things burnt.
Hes getting used to it. But im after we were here in 50 years. So i mean hes brew for you but thank you but he does this wont affect the taste at all and it is a handy thing if thats what youd like to do you boil em in water mary.
Ann was saying and the buns those are not usually not no better. With or without better toasted. Yes.

coca cola hot dog toaster-1
coca cola hot dog toaster-1

Yes hmm and the flavor of the hot dog. Very good very good early in our tests all positive reviews. It doesnt take too long and we have groups of people trying out the hot dog toaster customers and staff members are giving it a try i might have to get one of these experiment with that what do you think all right.
Whats the jalapeno has the has the spicy man. Its not its pretty good. Its not too overwhelming you know just a little bite.
But very tasty delicious. I loved it you loved it why its delicious you its a hot dog cooked. All the way through perfect perfect.
I couldnt ask for anything better we couldnt find anyone that didnt like it everyone said two minutes two dogs ready to eat thats a thumbs up for us. We agree wow. Now that story is exactly two minutes.

coca cola hot dog toaster-2
coca cola hot dog toaster-2

That we just watched the story. I want to thank chico and the staff at garettys on meadow ad. For helping us out with this weeks test.
And charla and scott are now trying the hot dog toaster. It takes two minutes for two dogs and including the bun. I know charla you cant have the bun.
Ill put this ill set it in here dont but i just tried the i had the jalapeno cheddar. Onion. The jalapeno cheddar onion mm hmm garetty hooked us up with a couple fillers and scott you got the applewood.
What do you think about that do you think delicious. Smoky applewood and cheddar. Absolutely.

coca cola hot dog toaster-3
coca cola hot dog toaster-3

You didnt put any comments on it yet. I know theyre its so flavorful. Its delicious youre not hot all the way through okay so yours a little cold.
So then maybe turn it up to either five. Because your heat settings are on the one side. One setting or you could just let it go for a little bit longer kind of like your toaster.
You got a you got a you know work with it. Massage it.ll yeah.
Massage a little bit for that for a very 1999. Two minutes. Two dogs and i did not learn conversation loved it and well i want to thank guaranies.
Because they gave us an up forty dog and everybody else to try these hotdogs all right were gonna chow do it for us and seven thanks for being along for the ride. Well see you later on at 10 00. 11 00 music.

coca cola hot dog toaster-4
coca cola hot dog toaster-4

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