December 3, 2020

Dog Friendly Sofa Fabrics – Pet Friendly Sofas – Best Pet Friendly Sofas – Roger and Chris

best couch covers for pets This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Dog Friendly Sofa Fabrics – Pet Friendly Sofas – Best Pet Friendly Sofas – Roger and Chris. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Puppies doggos puppers woofers. Slobber. Pusses.
Fur monsters. Do you have one of these. Ok.
Ok. Great. Whats the best sofa fabric for a dog well its gonna depend on the dog of course as all things do i mean there are big dogs and small dogs and shedders and non shedders and you know your dog better than i do but give up some of that information well help you steer kinda in the right direction.
I think things to look for for fabrics are going to be fabrics that are cleanable and cleanable kind of comes on a few different factors.

best couch covers for pets-0
best couch covers for pets-0

I think theres vacuumability. If thats a word. It is now cleanability scrubbability.
Because dogs are going to shed dogs are going to drool and jump up on the sofa with muddy paws now were of course talking about misbehaving dogs good dogs that never do these things well they only do them when youre not home. So. Ultimately you have to think about this a little bit.
I think even with a perfectly well behaved dog its still wise to think about ok. My dogs gonna be at worst lying down at my feet. Theres gonna be a little bit of pet hair.
How do i clean it out is it gonna be an issue some fabrics are grabbier than others some velvets really really grab onto fur.

best couch covers for pets-1
best couch covers for pets-1

But on the flip side because its a cut pile because theres no way for the fur to kind of get woven into the fabric. You could vacuum it out and youre done right other fabrics depending on the breed like short hair dogs their shedding can get woven into some fabrics and get matted in there. Its a little bit trickier so i think probably coarser weave is maybe something to avoid you probably want a tighter weave for that cleanability.
We deal a lot with performance fabrics. Its a very popular option for our customers for a wide range of reasons. Usually people have a dog or a kid or some combination or a husband that cant keep the ice cream in the bowl.
Whatever it might be a lot of good reasons to have a fabric thats easily scrubbable that you can use a wide range of cleaning products on to get that grime back off. So there are some fabrics out there that are washable launderable thats nice to have too. We do occasionally look at slip covers for folks.
And we can also always do additional secondary set covers for your seat cushions and back pillows.

best couch covers for pets-2
best couch covers for pets-2

So you can swap them out makes. It a little bit easier extends the lifespan a bit so generally speaking. Whats gonna be good for durability for kids is also gonna be good for durability for dogs durability for high traffic environments again good for dogs.
One note. We have some fabrics that are pretty great because they are coarser weave. But they do not snag.
A company that we do a lot of work with a textile company called nassimi has a few really lovely performance fabrics that are super durable. Theyre super cleanable. But they also dont snag.
Even though they have a coarser weave that would be nice.

best couch covers for pets-3
best couch covers for pets-3

If you are going for that look. But want a little bit of extra protection. So hit us up talk to us about that well be happy to steer you in the right direction.
Hey. Thanks so much for watching our video. Weve got a whole lot of other videos on similar topics related to furniture and design.
So i hope you do check those out maybe subscribe to our channel hop over to our website. And if you have any questions give us a ring. Well be happy to answer any questions you can throw at us.

best couch covers for pets-4
best couch covers for pets-4

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