April 19, 2021

DQ – Dairy Queen: Cotton Candy Dipped Cone \u0026 Butterscotch Dipped Cone Review

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Guys its a rainy day. But me and tammy are gonna be going in in today claim to try a couple of new well whats new and one thinks been around for a while dipped ice cream cones. So im gonna get the camera set up in the thing and take you through draftee with us plunketts pest control parked outside dairy.
Thats what you offices thats what you want to say when youre going to dairy queen is a pest control vehicle right outside the back door. So they all have theyll have pest control. Let me turn you around.
Although. Wheres the camera on this where do you look thats right oh. Its right there okay.
Im used to im used to filming with my camera and kevin has a setup in his car for his phone. Because he does a lunchtime review once a week. He goes out to eat and he films in his car.
So im used to looking. I know exactly where to look for my camera. And so i never used my my phone to film with it all so its really awkward.
If i do have to film with my phone cuz. Im just not used to it. But anyway.
Im glad that were not coming for food food. Because i wouldnt want to eat here. I literally would have left.
But since this is all restaurants a pest control. I come in i know i just usually dont you dont see you think they normally go in the dead of night. So they really kevins dad is i was a pest control guy of course.
Hes 80 years old now yeah. But he was a pest control guy and so he went around to all kinds of our sir okay small cotton candy and small butterscotch dipped universe um yeah can i get a small butterscotch dipped cone and a small cotton candy dipped cone thats my butter structures powder that my aunt amy dip cones yeah thats it 5 28 thats not bad i called sweetie kevin loves being called sweet. But see his dad went around to all kinds of restaurants.
Now the big place like the hotels and stuff. They would do those at night. Like the campbell house.
Yeah. Restaurants yeah they were just go whatever see if i were a restaurant. I would owner i would i mean maybe they could pay extra to get that down.
I can honestly say i dont think that is the first time ever. And you know 40.

dairy queen butterscotch dipped cone-0
dairy queen butterscotch dipped cone-0

Some veneers that i have ever seen a pest control. They made in them they made them in the mornings earlier. We are and derek was never known for their speed.
No well and theyre making these fresh you know we order dip counting. So they actually do it right there well literally havent looked at their menu. Its not like they keep them in the freezer.
They do have a sweet and tangy sesame what is that thing they have mint shake and a mint oreo buzzer okay well well probably turn this off for a few minutes and well be waiting for ya. I think were gonna be waiting for a long time its 2 16. Right now so well let you know when we get up.
There kevin said. I look really small and his phone sitting here next time. But its because of the its because of that angle.
Yeah. Its closer to him than it is to me so it makes me look smaller than i am. But once we get to ice creams.
Im going to actually set up my vlogging camera. And itll be the normal picture that you usually say and it you will be able to get both of us better in the picture. And youll get to hear the difference in sound quality between the phone speakers microphones and the camera.
Its true. I dont know how much of a difference. Theres a big difference um.
It is 220 and were getting ready to pull up so i think i think im gonna pull up well he got something a drink i thought i was assumed that we were gonna get to pull up up there we go we got his bag. So its 2 20. And were pulling out do you think that people injured in there can see your camera.
When you are filming like burlington reviews. They can well right now. Its turning.
Im turning out dont gonna walk that im a door for him it. Even has the mole yeah. It smells like that thank you this ones orange.
It looks like an oompa loompa. I called sweetie again some people just do the sweetie thing. I dont know please to have a waitress that bob evans years ago.
He calls everybody honey and sugar and baby okay we have the cubs at which one should we now i know theres no telling how long that butterscotch has been out. But ive never had it as a kid you know you always get just either.

dairy queen butterscotch dipped cone-1
dairy queen butterscotch dipped cone-1

The regular ice cream or the chocolate always got just vanilla. I do have the cow banana splits. Oh i never go to verizon.
Okay. The the cotton candy. This is a small and its 330 calories for the the small so do you just want me to take a look good i could tell how long its been sad.
I did come you know been a long downside difficult. Its very thin mm hmm. Its a thin coating.
But im i basically got the whole top off of it so i got a lot of it i think. Its very good. I do think they could have made it better.
But like the ben jerrys has actual cotton candy pieces in the ice cream. I think if they had pieces of cotton candy cotton candy pieces in the ice cream. Know that if theyd use cotton getting ice cream.
It would have been better its good its like a last long because literally that coating is yelling where youre getting. But youre just getting the flavor from that coating. But it aiming.
It is really good oh my gosh she steals literally the entire thick part of the top think i what happened. I was always youre a homo to the my gosh scream. Oh.
My must have that taste that better start. Its incredibly rich very very very sweet its good but and it reminds me of those it reminds me of those others at brocks brand. The butterscotch of disks.
Its like its like youve eaten five butterscotch disks. At one time. Taking a bite of that i think so anyway mmm oh.
Thats wrong. But i think maybe mom wasnt stick on from the top as well im getting this very since i stalled the whole time did still hold up both oh. No its okay.
Im just kidding. Im giving our work down um. Besides our very.
I mean paper. Thin mm hmm on the sides.

dairy queen butterscotch dipped cone-2
dairy queen butterscotch dipped cone-2

So. You wrote. The flavor is good.
Its a good rich butterscotch flavor. But its not um. I dont know its not as strong they cant change the same way.
Though its not its all like great i mean. Its all as strong either yeah. Its the it is soft serve ice cream so melt quick it will melt quick.
But it is very very soft. Its very easy to eat this is something that its when you go out to eat. Its nice to take your kids today reclaim them because its something you can get them a little cup.
You dont have to get an account you can get it all cup and thats something that they can have yeah. So do you like the kind caning um. I do like me.
I do i do wish they had used cotton candy ice cream. They always use that although. I think that would have made it better.
But you know they make blizzards and they make cotton candy with make sense so if theyd use those mix ends with the vanilla. I just think it would have been better. But im out of the i like to call it mary matter yeah thats a better flavor yeah.
This is like you said a rich butterscotch flavor. So it is very real but in the cone. Were not down to the cone yet of course.
But its just the the classic sound yeah. Its a basic code. But for me.
The cone is as much fun to eat as the ice cream itself. Theres our salt more solid than some of the oceans you buy and the frozen. So yeah.
Theyve got like these support things around them that you so this is good if were trying yeah. I think you should give it a try if you like cotton candy. If you like the cotton candy blizzard and and maybe.
Its too heavy for you. But this would be a good option. Where you can have something a little bit lighter.
So i hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching music. .

dairy queen butterscotch dipped cone-3
dairy queen butterscotch dipped cone-3

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