December 3, 2020

Dr Brown’s Bottle Brush – Bottle cleaning brush review

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Up everybody. This is chris and this is yin. We are first time parents learned learned a lot about new products and bring our experiences to you this is the brown bottle brush.
This is how it comes in it comes in a variety of colors and we usually do have purchase. From amazon it ranges from on. 350 if youre lucky to 550.
On the higher end right. And i think its a very expensive bottle brush. I mean it is but you know what you could go to the 99 cent store.
And think youre gonna get away with it those things they break thats why i buy multiple.

dr brown bottle cleaning brush-0
dr brown bottle cleaning brush-0

When its on sale. We literally have a stockpile right now so hey this brush here is how old right now about a month so. Its about to be thrown away your gonna have to expect throw them out after a while youll start to see that the bristles on the brush start to get a little bit worn out and everything changes to color of the sponge.
It gets a little gunky so you dont want that stuff in your bottle. Right so. What.
Comes with this brush is um it.s just a sponge the. Britsle .
The stand the bristle haha bristles whatever and this part here you could actually clean the nipple with it right.

dr brown bottle cleaning brush-1
dr brown bottle cleaning brush-1

And then it comes out with a stand that you could put on the on this near the sink side. So the sponge is kept away from all your other sponges and dirty dishes. Yeah.
Its kind of like a suction cup too which is great we havent tried any of the other bottles except 099. Store bottle bottle brushes so we dont know what how the other ones really compare. But i dont think were gonna change because we really like it yeah i like it so one thing that i dont like about this brush is that after you finish cleaning the brush you rinse off the soap and everything and when you put it back in the stand and the suction cup here water and soap tends to drip and gather inside the suction cup.
So its not very sanitary. Yeah considering this part is also where you clean the nipple with right and you want the nipple to be as clean as possible. This is why you want to replace it after a.
While you know oh.

dr brown bottle cleaning brush-2
dr brown bottle cleaning brush-2

My oh no i didnt even know that was in there. Oh. My god see thats the point so so yin.
Here is gonna give you a little demo. Another good feature about this brush is that it has an anti slip so when you hold it and you brush and you clean. It doesnt slide around even with soapy hands and soapy gloves.
And its very good you just keep on cleaning. So basically you can put your soap your water it goes inside. Very easily you dont have to really push hard and you can just twist and turn with the ring.
You could use this to just like put the soap inside and rinse it.

dr brown bottle cleaning brush-3
dr brown bottle cleaning brush-3

But usually i just kind of do it by hand without the bottle brush and then the cap of course here. I use a sponge and you put the soap in and you just twirl and soap. It and rinse.
It now the well nipple with this you could use the end of the brush put your soap. You go inside nipple and you clean out any kind of gunk residue from the milk. And you can use the and the brush in than just a twirl out inside and twirl about the outside and clean.
It and very simple there you go thats the dr. Brown brush babe. I feel teeth.
No you dont. I do im serious. What do you feel no you dont i feel teeth get out of here well do this later after after what oh im telling shes teething.
I feel teeth. .

dr brown bottle cleaning brush-4
dr brown bottle cleaning brush-4

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