November 30, 2020

Dressing Like A High Elf Part 1 | Fashion Show

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My givaudan melanin welcome to my elephant closet. I decided to show you how you you can look like a modern day elf and you dont always have to in medieval outfits that the lord of the rings kind of depicted with the elves but looking like an elf. I think comes very naturally to those that really resonate with nature and love nature.
So much that they almost want to blend in with nature. So im gonna go through some of my elvish outfits and how you can look like an elf. Very easily on a budget because in no way are these expensive and in fact.
I have some really great deals. So i will put the links to the outfits and the things that i show you that i remember and that are not too old and lets get started okay. So i wanted to start with first the type of shirts that you can wear as an elf here.
You see that if you wear something thats very long and tunic like with a lot of beatings. This was from express and the minute. I saw it i was like oh.
My goodness. This is this is definitely very elvish so fine tunics that are very beaded decorative. Even plain solid tunics that you can enhance yourself with jewelry thats a really wonderful way of looking like an elf.
I think theres two different kind of styles of elves you can look like a wood elf. Where you have like the leggings and youre kind of like a warrior looking elf where you know you have the high boots. And you have the leggings and you have the corsets and the tunics and and you know its that particular look and then you have the high elven look.
Which is a little bit more glamorous and so this is more of what l like. But this is another example of a tunic that i like to wear and this is really beautiful. This is actually called the la florian shirt.
It actually looks like a la florian seemed in lord of the rings. It hasnt a little bit of a shimmer to it. But its very very long and its asymmetrical every shirt that i own covers my rear end and that is so that you get that length that really elongates your body especially if youre not very tall.
And you just kind of want to create a nice flow to your look to get that elven look the difference between a fela like a fairy look is everything will be more kind of ratted and rugged edges and elven looks tend to be a little bit more elongated more flowy and and that is something that was depicted in lord of the rings in the movies of peter jackson. And i believe that when tolkien was writing his books at least. When i read the books thats how i do see the elves as well that they are very almost regal.
Looking and their clothes are always going to give very smooth profiles and that probably is a reflection of who elves are as far as being you know like the healers and are there to calm things and smooth out arguments in a way ok so then i wanted to show you a different type of style shirt so i found this on etsy.

how to dress like an elf-0
how to dress like an elf-0

This is actually vintage so what i have found is that you can look very elven. When you have something very ornate and detailed leaf patterns are great the sheer the better and then if you wear a little camisole underneath and thats no problem. But it creates kind of the the look of an elf like its just very flowy and has this kind of dreamlike quality.
When you have something sheer and you are able to put something underneath it so its just a very simple way of looking like an alpha and you just wear those with leggings. I hardly wear any jeans anymore. Im ready to just give all my jeans away because i love wearing leggings so much theyre very comfortable i can move very easily in them and they go with all of my shirts.
Another great way of looking like an elf is by having long tunics that use a lot of lace. Detail lace. Detail is something that i think that looks very ornate and this is very very long and it definitely covers my backside and it has a little bit of an asymmetrical look.
I would say that it asymmetrical looks kind of gives the body a more flow to it and it looks you know it looks fancy like how a wedding dress train would look so it gives that elegant look to your style. When you have a longer back than a front so look for those asymmetrical tops that will give you that look and wear them with high boots. Where im with sandals.
Its just a really easy way of giving that expression of being an elf and of course. The waterfall cardigan. This is so perfect just to put on top of everything i have these in many colors.
It really gives the the look of a flowy type of style and you can put this over any cami any shirt with leggings and it will give you that look that you are looking for if you want to look more elfin like and of course. I need to get more. But im on my way.
I started with this one first this is my little cape shawl. So there are there are sleeves. It kind of pokes out right here you could put your hands through and if i kind of pop.
It over right now ill show you this is actually from the beauty and the beast collection. Which is i dont think its sold out i think its still going on on a hot topic. Im also a great fan of being in the beasts and i just love the way that this cape looked and how it it it just looked a very elegant once again.
Its longer in the back boots and leggings. And you have that elongated look it does look elvish. But my goal is to get more capes really a beautiful dress that i found at urban outfitters.
Once again the detail with the beading is.

how to dress like an elf-1
how to dress like an elf-1

Perfect its. Velvet these are 699. At on amazon and ill give you the link theyre amazing they have them in so many different colors.
I got a green navy blue one a purple one and a pink one yeah. This is something that you can easily drape over your outfits and it looks like you are part of the natural environment. Im going to show you the dresses next something i have found is its very difficult to find dresses that dont look like you are from the medieval times or wearing a costume.
An easy way to do it is by doing the goddess look of the the roman or god of the the romans and this is something that i bought this is a great company called coco their style is actually very elvish like i wore this in one of my videos. The half sleeves and kind of the bell sleeves. Really remind me of elven looks this dress is really great too because it does have that bell sleeve.
It also has this really nice cut in the arm here that drapes. This is another little great dress that i found on amazon. What i found is that when you wear when you wear things that have these kind of straps to them they do give kind of a wood elf kind of appearance and that is something that reminds me of the elves.
So this dress is reversible. And its very very cool on it just has this kind of flowy. Its more fey.
But it has this kind of flow to it and its not ragged edges on the bottom. It is flowy and its longer in the back. So it can work as a tunic or you can wear it as a dress.
So this kind of neckline is very elegant it really elongates the body and gives you kind of this flow to your look. If you are trying to look more elvish like and so that is it for the clues. So this is one of my favorite purses.
This is from a store on etsy. Beautiful craftsmanship and they actually what i like about the company is they say that they use the pieces of recycled leather. So there is no harm and animals like the native americans.
They are using the all of the parts of the animals that are going to be eaten anyway. You know thats the thing is is is its best to make sure that your your supporting companies that do not aid in the killing of animals for their fur for their skin. But actually do use recycled and byproducts of meat.
And then this is my other purses a little bit more fancier.

how to dress like an elf-2
how to dress like an elf-2

But having the bird. I just feel like when i was starting to really be called by my elven soul. I started to feel you know i really need to find things and accessories that had birds on them had flowers on them you know something to remind me of nature always when im carrying it around so i always carry smaller purses because theyre like more like pouches rather than big giant bags.
And i think that that aids to you know be more elf like as you want to be quick on your feet. You want to have just your your necessary valuables close to you if you go to etsy. Em.
You look up some of the elvish belts and purses. Theyre always kind of small and they kind of hang on the hip. Because thats a very kind of wood elf kind of look im gonna show you my three favorite scents.
Im always looking for fresh nature smells so nest is what i wear and this is a wonderful smell looks like a kind of a an how to describe it like a singer mixed with some really beautiful jasmine and its just a very nice warm kind of sensual smell. This is one of my favorites from urban outfitters rose quartz. Its hard to see its rose quartz love and theres like a little rose quartz crystal inside this is wonderful this is rose water lotus and musk so i really love this and this is one of my favorites is wood.
I never can know how to say this one at talir cologne and this is very very limited stop. Here this is very very fresh. It almost smells like freshly cut grass.
So those are really my sons. So i just wanted to show thats how you can easily look like an elf have the boots. I would recommend so i need to get brown ones because im really not wearing black as much more.
But i do wear these at night. Theyre great these actually go over the knee and they flip down so they give that elvish warrior. Look that if youre going for you can wear sandals you can wear boots make sure that your boots look natural look to them rather than more modern clunkier boots with ties.
But more of kind of a lace up look is very elvish like its very easy to look like an elf when you pair. It with some kind of riding boots with your outfit with riding boots. So thats pretty much it for my first elven haul.
I hope you enjoyed it i have some more pieces that i invested in and are coming soon. Im very excited to show them so stay tuned. For part.
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how to dress like an elf-3
how to dress like an elf-3

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