December 3, 2020

Essential Hair Care Tips for Men

it really works vitamins review This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Essential Hair Care Tips for Men. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Everyone and welcome back to my channel in this video. Im going to be be discussing the essential hair care tips for men as backed up by science. My is fortuna and im the founder of it really works vitamins in this video.
Im going to be sharing. 10 of the best science backed hair care tips for men so follow. This advice and youll reduce hair loss and maintain healthy normal hair growth.
As well as reduce your sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone unbeknown to most guys your hair care routine needs to extend beyond a normal shampoo and conditioner treatment. Its especially important for guys to start incorporating these tips into their everyday grooming regime. Particularly because men are more susceptible to hair loss than women around 66 percent of men worldwide will start losing their hair by their early 30s.
According to the american hair loss association and the best way to avoid hair loss is to start really looking after your hair and scalp before hair loss starts to take place there are lots of ways that you can keep your locks. Looking glossy. Thick and full so lets take a closer look at the proven techniques that you can start incorporating into your grooming regime.
To keep your hair. Looking. Healthy.
And strong number. One make time for massage scalp. Massage.
Shouldnt be restricted just to spa days. Bringing massage therapy into your home and concentrating on your scalp. Has been proven to encourage healthy hair growth.
Just four minutes of scalp massage. Every day over a prolonged period of time can work wonders on your hair growth as this study found out standardized scat massage is a way to transmit mechanical stress to the human dermal papilla in the subcutaneous tissue scalp massage provides a stimulating treatment that unlocks lots of benefits for your hair. In addition to promoting hair growth.
It reduces muscle tension decreases stress levels and slows. The heart rate for more zen you frequent and gentle massage of the scalp is also thought to be a natural remedy for headaches and migraines. Many migraine sufferers use massage to relieve tension and to release the mood boosting happy hormone serotonin to provide a boost for your hair and mind now im going to walk you through a number of ways to do scalp massage all of which help to boost circulation healthy circulation means that all of the nutrients from the fruit and vegetables that youre eating every day are making their way through your blood and up towards the scalp.
So first up is the check mark method now with scalp massage. You can perform. It with wet or dry hair.
As long as your hair is clean and free from any product and also remember if your hair is wet please do remember to comb it through or comb it through with your fingers so to massage. Using the check mark method spread your fingers. Then place your fingertips on the scalp.
Avoid using your fingernails as this could scratch the scalp keeping fingertips on the scalp at all times. Extend and contract the fingers two to three times similar to the shape of a check mark you can also massage in simple circular motions across the entire scalp. Im doing about one circle per second.
And its a good idea to concentrate on areas that you think may be thinning or have unhealthy hair. And guys dont forget it really works vitamins are here for you our ingredients are packed with 22 essential nutrients that keep your hair healthy and strong and many of the ingredients for example zinc help to inhibit the enzyme five alpha reductase. Which is the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.
Weve had thousands of customers worldwide and were so confident that youll love your results. That we offer a full money back guarantee with no questions asked so check us out at itreallyworksvitaminscom. Have been voted the best nutrition innovation.
2019 and 18 by forbes which im so happy about and were the best hair regrowth product for men as voted by shortlist readers. But we are actually suitable for women. Were not just women so check us out and dont forget to get 15 of your first order with coupon code youtube 15 next up is the hot towel method run a small towel under hot water placing it on the scalp and massaging around the hairline remember to move your fingertips around the scalp.

it really works vitamins review-0
it really works vitamins review-0

Covering all areas next. Up is palm massage. So place your palms against the side of your head.
And gently massaging them up and down gently and slowly to the count of ten then move over to the back of the head massaging up and down. And its important to remember to apply gentle. But firm pressure another effective way to help to stimulate hair growth is the tapping method of massage.
So well start off at the temples place your fingertips here and start. Tapping gently. But in a relatively fast rhythm again to the count of ten then we move to the back of the head tapping to the count of ten then on the crown to the count of ten and to the top of the head to the count of ten and to the forehead again to the count of ten massage helps to boost circulation encouraging blood flow to the scalp.
Which is bringing all the lovely nutrients and minerals and vitamins from your food and supplements straight to your scalp. A healthy nourished scalp is the best environment for healthy hair. Growth last up warm up your hands and bring them together for around 10 seconds.
Then interlacing your fingers place them across the back of your head and rub across your scalp up and down. For 10 seconds. Repeat on the crown for 10 seconds.
Then move to the top of your head for 10 seconds. Then again on your forehead. Youll really start to notice the benefits of scalp massage within around one month of performing the scalp massage.
Once or twice per day linked into massage are essential oils. According to the university of maryland medical center essential oils help to boost circulation and theyre commonly used on the scalps of people with alopecia areata. There are a couple of ways to use oil massage for hair growth.
You can mix the oils together to make a massage oil for your scalp or you can add the oils to your shampoo or conditioner. As well as nourishing. The scalp softening the hair cuticle and encouraging shinier softer hair.
Essential oils are extremely useful for hair. Growth. Rosemary oil in this study.
It was found that rosemary oil performed just as well as minoxidil. But with less scalp itching as a side effect. Rosemary oil helps to improve both hair.
Thickness and hair growth. As it contains powerful cellular generation properties peppermint oil. This study found that peppermint oil.
When used on mice increase. The number of follicle depth. Peppermint oil increases circulation to the area.
Its applied to so. This is demonstrated by the cool tingling sensation that you feel when peppermint oil is applied directly to your skin. This can help to promote hair growth.
During the anagen or the growing phase next up lavender oil lavender oil is rich in antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Which can improve scalp health. This study found that lavender oil can help to improve hair growth.
In mice. Researchers in this study. Found that lavender oil helped to generate faster hair cell growth.

it really works vitamins review-1
it really works vitamins review-1

So you might like to mix. Lavender oil into three tablespoons of a carrier oil for example. Coconut oil or olive.
Oil and you can apply. It directly onto your scalp leave it in for 10 minutes or you could leave it overnight. Dandruff can also be a common ailment and you might like to fight.
It naturally using lemongrass essential oil. Lemongrass is an effective anti dandruff treatment. And it was found in this 2015.
Study that it dramatically reduced dandruff after just one week. My third essential hair care tip is to get the right nutrition pack your diet with the best food drinks and snacks that help to encourage normal healthy hair growth. Ive done an entire video on this so im going to put the card in and please do check out our dht blocking playlist.
It is amazing i share lots of exfoliant scrubs that you can use to help to actually get rid of dht on the scalp and the best food snacks drinks essential oils that help to block dht. So its all in the playlist. A high protein diet may not completely prevent hair loss.
But it will ensure that lost hairs are replaced much faster to make hair loss seem much less obvious. Whole. Grains seeds nuts and beans should also be incorporated into meals to inhibit the enzyme.
5. Alpha. Reductase.
Which as you know is the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and make sure youre also eating fatty fish salmon tuna herring mackerel are really high in omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids as well as antioxidants that can help to fight hair loss whilst increasing hair density and dont forget that it really works vitamins are here for you guys as you know weve been featured in forbes. For two years running as the best nutrition innovation. 2019 and 18.
And weve been in shorts. List magazine as the best hair regrowth product for men. But we are suitable for women.
As long as youre not pregnant or. Breastfeeding so check us out at itreallyworksvitaminscom. And see what we can do for you the best thing about my brand.
I set up the brand myself and the best thing about us is that if you dont love your results. Then we refund you with no questions asked its as simple as that so check us out and see what we can do for you we offer global shipping and the vast majority of our customers are actually based in the us. We sometimes get questions of how do we send things so everything is sent via royal mail tracked service.
But there are some other shipping um couriers that we use especially if your order is going to india or mexico. Because things take a little bit. Longer q8 is another one and sometimes the philippines.
So we use couriers as well as the royal mail tracked and signed for service. So just wanted to let you know guys totally forgot to mention that we are doing a giveaway right now if you would like to win your very own 28 day supply of it really works vitamins. All youve got to do is subscribe to our channel and just let us know why youd like to win.
Its as simple as that we have 20 to give away so come on guys enter the contest. See what we can do for you keep your hair trim. Paying your barber.
A regular visit is a great way to keep your hair healthier and looking stronger whilst. It might seem counter intuitive trimming your hair. Really does work.

it really works vitamins review-2
it really works vitamins review-2

Its not the trimming itself that promotes hair growth. The ends of the hair. Follicle can often split and break split ends can work their way up the hair shaft.
Often causing breakage to otherwise healthy hair. Having your hair trimmed helps to get rid of split ends and helps to keep your hair in the best possible condition as always guys if you have your own questions or comments about your own hair. Just comment below or feel free to dm us.
Were at it really works vitamins on instagram. We reply to so many questions every day people also like to send in pictures of their hair. Just feel free.
I love to create this forum. A community of people talking about their hair care next up use the right shampoo ingredients in shampoos might not be something that you tend to notice. But its really important to use a shampoo and conditioner thats free of parabens sulfates mineral oil gluten dyes phytolates all of these can damage and dry out hair caffeine shampoos also do have labels on them mentioning that they can strip the hair of moisture.
So thats something to remember as well next up beware of shampooing too much using shampoo and conditioner is a vital part of everyones hair care routine. But according to new research you may want to rethink how often youre shampooing and conditioning your hair overuse of shampoo can cause damage. Leaving your hair.
Drier and weaker as a result using shampoo too often strips away the oil or sebum that is produced by the glands in your scalp. And integral to the maintenance of healthy hair. The overproduction of sebum has a strong correlation with many scalp issues.
Including dermatitis and dandruff. But its presence provides vital protection to the hair shaft. The protection that this hydrophobic substance.
Delivers ensures the shiny and healthy looking hair. Everyone wants to have these findings have sparked a no poo craze. A trend that many celebrities are embracing to guarantee.
Healthy soft and shiny hair. And many people are even saying. Goodbye to shampooing all together limiting shampooing to no more than once or twice a week is what wed recommend conditioner can be used as often as you like with conditioning products proven to help repair and strengthen hair guys please dont forget to subscribe to our channel.
If you do you stand a chance of winning one of 20 28 day supplies of it really works vitamins. All youve got to do is subscribe to our channel and let us know why youd like to win. It really is as simple as that and i always have a really good time.
I like dressing up in my sequins and having doing like a kind of glamorous game show where i just announced all the winners at the end so please do enter our giveaway because you could be one of our lucky winners avoid roughly towel. Drying your hair hair is three times weaker when wet this is because our hair follicles are covered with a layer of protective cuticles. Which expand when wet when they expand the cuticles covering the hair are vulnerable to breakage if you vigorously towel dry your hair when the cuticles have expanded this damages them leaving the hair fibre unprotected causing.
It to become brittle and eventually break next up avoid certain hairstyles like the man bun. Wearing your long hair in a bun. Too often can cause damage over time.
Contrary to popular belief. Man buns dont actually promote baldness. But skin tight buns will cause breakages as weve learned breakages arent great for the condition of your hair hair is made thinner weaker and more fragile with every broken strand.
So its a good idea to avoid the man bun and opt for a looser style for example. A top knot on your long hair and dont forget the same damage can be caused by brushing your hair. Too vigorously or drying.
It too roughly with a towel next up remove dht by exfoliating your scalp. As you might already know dht is the hormone that kicks off the process of male pattern baldness. Ive created a handy playlist all about blocking dht where you can check out everything that we know about blocking dht from the best food to eat the drinks.

it really works vitamins review-3
it really works vitamins review-3

The snacks. How to exfoliate your scalp using homemade scalp scrubs. Its all in there.
And its actually fantastic. There are so many things that can increase sebaceous dht that you wouldnt even think of for example creatine whey protein oily greasy foods alcohol. Its all in there so please do check out our playlist.
So just to recap dht stands for dihydrotestosterone. Its 10 times more powerful than testosterone and its responsible for giving males male characteristics the vast majority of men have a sensitivity to this hormone in genetically predisposed men. An enzyme called.
5 alpha. Reductase converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone this hormone attaches itself to hair. Follicles and shrinks them causing a process.
Called miniaturization chemical hair growth products for example. Finasteride and propecia help to inhibit dht. But the problem with that is because dht is a sex hormone.
Its required to perform certain functions. This is why a percentage of men taking finasteride or propecia start to experience certain side effects including impotence loss of interest in sex trouble having an orgasm and abnormal ejaculation. But the good news is that dht can be blocked by eating certain foods and drinks and using an exfoliant dht scrub and in our dht blocking playlist.
I have a full video all about how to create your very own exfoliant scrub to remove dht from your scalp. So please do check it out its in the dht blocking playlist and guys dont forget to hit the subscribe button. So you never miss out on any of our videos also please do remember to hit the bell because youtube has changed how it shows you videos from the people that youve subscribed to so you might miss out on some of our videos about blocking dht.
Just because you dont have the bell on it its so funny. But anyway. Thats whats happened so please do subscribe and hit the bell next up using a hair mask.
So i grant you an egg hair mask might not be for everyone. But it can work wonders on your hair the use of eggs on your hair might sound pretty gruesome but it harnesses a number of follicle strengthening advantages eggs are particularly moisture rich with a simple egg hair mask providing vital protection for dry or thinning hair. Both the yolk and the white of the egg can be used to make a great at home hair mask.
The fat in the yolk for instance actively enriches the hair. Theres been very little research into the use of egg yolk for the purposes of hair growth. But the specific fat in the yolk.
Which is called lecithin is recommended by many health experts as a root to bringing dry and brittle hair back to a healthy shiny condition egg whites contain complete proteins and essential amino. Acids and theyre used in the body to protect boost and replace tissues. The same benefits can be embraced.
When using egg whites on your hair with the medulla cortex and cuticle of the hair made stronger lastly. I wanted to add in a few extra pointers about maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. So these hair care tips wont be effective unless youre maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Which includes getting seven to nine hours of sleep per night sleep helps your body to maintain and repair cells including those at the scalp and hair follicles also make sure youre getting regular exercise this helps to maintain healthy circulation. Which is needed for healthy hair growth relaxing helps to reduce cortisol which is the stress hormone and research shows that cortisol can cause hair to prematurely shift into the shedding phase and finally. It also goes without saying.
Its important to cut out smoking drinking illegal drugs and unhealthy fatty foods from your diet. All of these especially alcohol and drugs can stop nutrients from your healthy food being absorbed properly into your body so guys i really hope you found this video useful please let us know in the comments below if you think im missing anything out or you have any questions just let us know feel free to reach out to us on instagram as well were at it really works vitamins and also dont forget to enter our giveaway. We have 20 28 day supplies of its really works vitamins to give away to the world.
If you would like to win. All youve got to do is subscribe and comment on any of our videos. Why youd like to win.
Its as simple as that so guys im gonna love you and leave you please do reach out to us on instagram or here and feel free to check us out at were itreallyworksvitaminscom. Confident that youll love your hair. That will refund you if you dont its as simple as that so just check us out it really works vitamins and dont forget to get 15 of your very first order with coupon code youtube15.
Im gonna love you and leave you guys bye for now you .

it really works vitamins review-4
it really works vitamins review-4

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