April 19, 2021

FFXIV Shadowbringers: Fast \u0026 Easy Grand Company Seals

ffxiv how to get company seals fast This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you FFXIV Shadowbringers: Fast & Easy Grand Company Seals. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Everyone and welcome back to the channel. Today. I have a quick video on a a fast and easy method to get.
Grande. Company. Seals so brand company seals have around since 20.
At least maybe one point. Out i dont know because i didnt play in 10. But theres an assortment of things you can purchase most of which are gonna be pretty much useless.
But there are a few key items you can get you see there dark matter you know to repair your gear or craft other items of value you can see theres an assortment of food that you can use for leveling jobs ventures. Which like i said in one of my previous videos. You should always be sending your retainers out on ventures and then cordials for trash gathering.
If you dont want to use your good core tools you can use these ones. And then just other you know knickknacks different things. That you you can actually use these seals for useful items um.
So theres many different ways to get seals. But honestly probably the easiest easiest method is going to be using the duty roulettes and their specific rillettes you want to look for 50 60 70 is decent alliance raid. Alliance raids are consistently good and then leveling is hit or miss.
But if youre already doing these roulettes use this method anyway the most surefire roulette.

ffxiv how to get company seals fast-0
ffxiv how to get company seals fast-0

Obviously expert roulette because the gear and there is going to give the most seals. So basically queue up for your expert roulette. You know whatever job you want of course sometimes you just got to mix it up.
But what youre gonna do when you get in there a lot of people will pass on loot that they dont need just greed on everything no matter. What the loot is greed on it and then you know theres a good chance you might get it and out of these out of the new expert dungeons. Theres also a lot of side chests as well so theres quite a bit of loot in here that no one really needs.
But you can use for 4 grand company. Seals and then here. Yeah.
I just wanted to add there so i greeted on something that i could have needed on. But its kind of old mmo etiquette to only need when you actually need it not when im just gonna be turning it in for seals. But yeah i agreed on everything in the dungeon youll get you know between you know maybe four to seven pieces of gear.
And then what you want to do is once you get all that gear. Youre gonna go to the city state home town of where your grand company is mine just so happens to be twin adders and then youre gonna go to your grand company and you want to talk to the personnel officer. So mine says serpent personnel officer.
But no matter what grand company is itll have the grand company mascot first and then personnel officer go to undertake supply provisioning. So the first two tabs are supply and provisioning. If you dont know what these tabs are for words for crafting and gathering and the yields are pretty good so we want to go to expert delivery.
Its very important to hide your gear sets so that you dont accidentally deliver a piece of gear that you need for one of your jobs.

ffxiv how to get company seals fast-1
ffxiv how to get company seals fast-1

But if you hide your gear sets then its only gonna show gear thats not assigned to one of your class are you jobs. And then yeah you can see there boom. Theres a piece sixteen.
Hundred seals. A piece out of expert right now so yeah. Thats pretty good if you get four to seven.
Its a pretty big chunk. If you do all your rillettes and you do this at all your lets youre talking tens of thousands just from doing your rillettes. But yeah depending on how much time you spend in the game you want to spend you can check market boards for some of the items you can purchase from the quartermaster and thats just one way to go about it.
So i just wanted to make this quick video while were in between. Patches were at the end of patch. 50 really because were getting ready for a phat.
Patch 51. At the end of october. So players a lot of players arent that active right.
Now im hoping to get one more video out before 51. And then well dive into some of that content after that releases as always please like subscribe share. If you can and i hope to provide more content in the future.

ffxiv how to get company seals fast-2
ffxiv how to get company seals fast-2

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