April 19, 2021

God’s Story: God Made People

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s story god made people so part of gods story. Its about how how he made people and it goes like this a very beginning of time god the world and he did it just by speaking he made the blue sky and planets with rings and galaxies exploding with stars. He made puffy clouds and dry land and sparkling water.
He covered the earth with deserts and mountains and planted forests and jungles. He sprinkled the world with flowers and bugs and birds and fish and animals of all kinds. It was a perfect home full of fun creatures god called all of it good wasnt done creating yet god said let us make man kind in our image in our likeness.
So that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky over the livestock and all the wild animals and over all the creatures that move along the ground this time. Though god didnt just speak first he took some dust from the ground then he breathed into the dust with his own breath by doing that he created the very first person. A man called adam god put adam in an amazing garden called eden.
But adam was different than the other living creatures god had made in fact god put adam in charge of everything else. But adam needed. A friend.
So the bible says that god caused him to fall into a deep music. While adam was sleeping god made a woman trips her name was eve. She and adam were free to live.
Happily in the garden. Where they could walk and talk with god. It was perfect once adam and eve were together caring for the garden.
God didnt just call the world good.

how to explain who god is to a child-0
how to explain who god is to a child-0

He called it very good see people are gods favorite remember we were made in his own image in his likeness. The bible says god created mankind in his own image in the image of god. He created them male and female he created them we dont know exactly what it means to be created in gods image.
Do know it means he made us like you so our eyes our skin our teeth our bones are perfectly crafted by god our personalities. Our sense of humor. Our sensitivities our hobbies our talents everything is made by god so that we can be like him.
And we have abilities that none of the animals have we can paint pictures and write poems we can solve math problems explain what were thinking for an event call new things whether we like to run teach build or anything else god understands us of course. We dont always perfectly thats another harvest. When god made adam and eve.
He crafted them in his image. He made them and us him. Thats the story of how god made people so in case.
You missed. It heres the quick version. God made the whole world.
It was a perfect home. He called it good he breathed into dust and made adam who took one of adams ribs and made eve then he called the world very good he made us like him in his image. He understands us and we are his favorite and thats a part of gods story music.

how to explain who god is to a child-1
how to explain who god is to a child-1

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