November 29, 2020

Harry Potter Illuminated Village Collection | Bradford Exchange | Vlogmas Day 10

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Everyone welcome to vlogmas day 10 hi. How are you doing you look like you you getting tired. And you look so excited i cant believe its actually vlogmas day 10.
Cuz that means they only have like 14 more days to go okay right did you go till christmas eve correct. I dont remember whats on the agenda today not much. While she was napping earlier.
I did some more christmas shopping online. And i actually am looking for like stocking stuffers and cameras. Now focusing on me fees okay so im sorry if its crooked talk to me to do this with one hand she looks so grumpy right now okay my grumpy goose.
Its okay. My girl big goose um. So shopping for stocking stuffers for this one.
I get her face right. Now or lily. Jonathan and then the pets because i dont know why.
But i like it really excited over stockings. I think theyre really fun to like put little things in so i just like to get random like toiletries and stuff.

harry potter illuminated village collection-0
harry potter illuminated village collection-0

Its kind of what my family has always done for stocking stuffers so for her. Im just doing pasties and socks you guys saw she sucked on a pasta yesterday so my hopes are high that we can continue so i found two different kinds of pasties on amazon that im gonna try as well. Im to see which one she likes so im gonna put those in her stocking along with socks.
She has like two pair of socks that still fit her because everything else is just too tiny you have some bigger feet huh boobie and then for the dog. Im gonna do some greenies. They love greenies and then im gonna get chewy a toy.
Because he loves toys potter doesnt really play with toys and then for nala. Im gonna get her some cat toys and some greenies for cats they have like fish flavored ones with sean disgusting. But im gonna stuff those honest talking and then for jonathan i found some like random little things he like knees hand lotion.
All the time so i found some hand lotion. Its called working hands. Its like i got a friend before and its like four men that you know have working hands.
And until make their hands really soft and stuff so he really liked the last time i got him so im doing that and then theres these things called like dude wipes. Which are pretty much just like baby bought wipes. But theyre dude wipes.
I dont know its just the packaging is just like for a guy. So i thought thatd be a good thing is throwing a stocking and then theres like this respiratory mask that i found for when hes working in the garage.

harry potter illuminated village collection-1
harry potter illuminated village collection-1

Because he dug is really into woodworking and stuff so i found this like a little mask that i can probably just put in a stocking and then there was one other thing. I found i dont remember what it was but im thinking im just doing like stuff like that and then yeah. I dont know i keep going back and forth on like if im gonna get her any gifts or not because shes not like she can open them.
Shes not gonna remember she doesnt need anything but like clothes so i dont know i know like my familys getting her clothes cuz thats what i told them to get her so. Shes already gonna get a lot of that so im not sure if im actually gonna like wrap any gifts for her i dont know maybe i will just because itll be cute for into a tree. I dont know im not really sure what you what did you guys do for your babys first christmas.
With if they were like this small theyre like three months old cuz if theyre one then obviously they can like kind of enjoy that stuff. But shes so little shes not really gonna know whats happening you know its more for us. I guess okay you guys i have the most exciting thing to show you i told you guys earlier that jonathans grandparents were going to come over because they need and they wanted to bring us something so it was actually a gift for me not lily and you guys arent gonna believe what they bought me im literally like pooping myself this is amazing and you guys are gonna die over this okay are you ready are you ready are you ready they got me.
The whole like bradford exchange. Its kind of like the dickens village thing. But its all the hogsmeade places.
So this one has the hogshead pub on it and they all take batteries so im gonna try to set it up i dont have enough batteries for everything. But im gonna set up what i can this one is the little train station in hogsmeade and then we have the hogwarts express everythings still kind of packaged. But ill show you guys in a minute.
This is the three broomsticks and then it comes with like little characters and stuff. And then this one is honeydukes.

harry potter illuminated village collection-2
harry potter illuminated village collection-2

Which is my favorite oh my goodness i am so excited to set this up the hogwarts castle is absolutely gorgeous. I cant believe they got this for me i remember after i did the i did like a collab with brad for an exchange last year. And they gave me that snow globe that i showed you guys that was absolutely gorgeous.
But i saw that they had this little village and it like came like you get like a piece like every couple months or something. And i just didnt want to wait for it. Like i wish they would have just like sold it all in one.
And so i was just like im not gonna get it literally this is amazing so im thinking excuse me. Sir happy christmas. We dont smudge of you on vlogmas yeah.
Im thinking im gonna push this garlin back a little bit yeah. Im gonna set it up like right here somewhere. So im gonna try to figure that out and then ill show you guys also were watching cuz just the cranks and this is also one of the best christmas movies music okay.
So i set it up the best. I could with the space that i have and i also only had enough batteries for the hogwarts castle. So this ones lit up.
But these ones alright up i just need to get more batteries for those. But i am obsessed with how frickin cute.

harry potter illuminated village collection-3
harry potter illuminated village collection-3

This is i have always wanted a little village and for it to be come to me. And i added the like snow right here cuz. I have some of that so it looks like its and i love it this is all from the bradford exchange and im authority so that i think it did.
But its absolutely gorgeous and it comes with all characters so we have harry ron and then hermione and then over here. We have some carolers. The hogsmeade station and then some kiddos on a little carriage.
Its not focusing there we go. But the horse which i dont know if thats supposed to be like a fest role. Its supposed to be invisible or something.
But yeah absolutely stunning. I love this and i love this little spot right here. And it has the a hogwarts trunk with the lights.
Its so cute and beautiful the detail on this is amazing this i definitely think is worth the money from from bradford exchange. The snow globe that i got last year was really nice. But the only thing about it was they had like the actors on a picture of it for some reason.
Which was like the only kind of weird thing about it. But this is gorgeous. I love that is all for todays vlog myth.
So i was guys tomorrow music. .

harry potter illuminated village collection-4
harry potter illuminated village collection-4

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