December 3, 2020

Hello Kitty Pinot Noir Review | Re:Wine w/bschwitty | Wine Reviews

hello kitty sweet pink wine This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Hello Kitty Pinot Noir Review | Re:Wine w/bschwitty | Wine Reviews. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Nt know how much this is fact and how much this is assumption music applause applause welcome actor you wanna be woody because insert hello kitty reference here today we gonna be doing something requested by a viewer sky. My friends guy and she was wondering how the hello kitty wine tasted. I told her i wasnt going to buy an entire collection made by sanrio for wine consumption.
But they did have this nice little valentines day pack. That was super cheap aftercon tines day. So i picked up the pinot noir and the sweet pink and im pretty sure.
This is a bubbly because theres a cork on it so without further ado for those of you that dont know. Hello kitty is some sort of japanese caricature thats on just about everything from stationery to backpacks animated television to weekly cartoons personally i never got into hello kitty mostly not to be sexist. But because im a male.
I enjoyed super sentai and im pump man my my cousins once sent me the third installment of teenage mutant. Ninja turtles. The live action movie from the 90s in japanese and i didnt have it in english.
I watched it in japanese like multiple times. How was the worst of the three but over the years. Id never received anything hello kitty themed.
We used to go to lodge amayas and i used to get dragon ball z action figures i saved up my money for the son goku that had all three super saiyan heads that you could pop off and pop on for his transformation. That was the coolest regardless. Hello kitty beloved by millions maybe even billions worldwide.
They have a pinot they have an entire wine line. And the nice thing about this is i dont even need to use my full cutter. Im gonna start with the pinot and move on to the sweet pink just because ive been drinking dry red wine tonight.
So well see how the pinot is and then move on from there composite looking cork. No branding on it. Which is fascinating now this is a 2014 pinot noir from provincia di pavia.
Im pretty sure these are italian hello kittys japanese. Though right right you can see theres a little italian flag under. There i am genuinely fascinated by this is 125.

hello kitty sweet pink wine-0
hello kitty sweet pink wine-0

Percent. Alcohol by volume. Lets see what they have to say about their drew let slowly taste it first cheers mm hm so this tastes like a slightly sweet pinot and not realizing that this was from italy.
I have it in a new world peanut less so it doesnt i dont know the nose. Doesnt really capture much maybe it needs to be decanted. I just it smells hot.
Which is weird cuz. Its not that hot yeah. Theres a sweetness to it like it hasnt its not bone dry you get red fruits.
Its im not familiar with italian pinot noir to be honest. I dont know if this is their style. Lets read what they have on the back.
Our pinot noir is harvested by hand selected from vineyards in our hill bourgogne. That captures the best of the ultra popa vases. Unique toa.
The body of this wine is fresh elegant. The senses will be captured for delicate perfumes of black cherry strawberry flavors and raspberry that lightly danced upon the palate. Suggested serving temperature is 16 to 18 degrees.
Centigrade beautifully balanced with vibrant acidity its the ideal complement for early earthy mushrooms grilled salmon game dishes lamb cheese and poultry. I dont know how to feel about this wine to be honest i can see the pairings. Its kind of opening up now.
Its just i dont know i guess i expected more snow real wood characteristics to it which is i guess. Its fine for a pinot. Its light.
But that little bit of residual sugar is a little bit cloying. Im sure the average wine drinker would appreciate this bottle. Maybe possibly you know if youre drinking supermarket stuff.

hello kitty sweet pink wine-1
hello kitty sweet pink wine-1

This probably is better than what youre drinking to some degree of wines dominus that i may admit to having this isnt for me. So lets move on to the hello kitty sweet pink. This is a vino spumante.
I call it a quality sparkling wine rose a its a demi sec and its a non vintage. So at least this is just viably sweet and i think thats sweet its its like maybe a step above brut and maybe one two three four five six thats the works now if youve forgotten how to open sparkling wine. Im going to put a title card right above my head so that you know how to do it because weve gone over that in wine basics this is actually perfect i in the last month since i had that sparkling rose a from italy for one of the pairings.
I think was the girl it was the girl scout cookie pairing tagalongs ive been wanting ive been ive been enjoying sparkling pink rose a although drier than demi sec if im being honest but well f of essence it smells like sugar on the nose. Im being honest it almost smells like music well it smells sweet. But its supposed to smell like that but it almost smells like like a bad yeast strain.
I dont know how they make this i dont know how they do their sparkling fermentation. No thats just disappointing it kind of it smells moldy again it is a demi sec. I like a little bit drier what wines even in my sparkling rose eyes.
I prefer something closer to a brute sweet pink is a fine sparkling rose a wine with a with delicate pink color. Pearl edge fine and persistent a litigant smell flowers. Smoothes with almond reminiscence.
Was it smells like i i dont know if youve ever had a sparkling almond wine. I used to really like it when i first started out but then you cant have work on the glass. And its its kind of around a demi sec and it just its it gets a bit sweet mmm.
Thats just unfortunate all right so i tried out two of my wine skyy. I not gonna try out the rest because based on these two i would recommend passing unless you really really really love hello kitty. Please comment share like and subscribe.
And you can find me on the social. Most active on instagram. But also do some twitter and you could follow the facebook page.
Where occasionally youll see some exclusive content come out. There are there any other brand sponsored wines that youre interested in me in trying game of thrones has been thrown out there im gonna wait until i finish. The series and you know first watch the series and other than that any other brand sponsored wines that youd be interested in seeing me try.
And that arent harming the leg. Let me know in the comments below this has been rewind thank you for watching my name is beach woody and i will catch you next time you .

hello kitty sweet pink wine-2
hello kitty sweet pink wine-2

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