April 19, 2021

Hidden Meaning in Beauty and the Beast – Earthling Cinema

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And welcome to earthling cinema. I am your host garyx wormuloid this weeks artifact artifact is beauty and the beast. The first animated film to be nominated for best at the oscars and best interspecies kiss at the mtv movie awards.
It lost both the film tells the story of a prince who gets transformed into a buffalo for being jerky. Which is a bit of an overreaction since hes only 11 years old and seems to have no legal guardians. Even more unfair is that the curse punishes.
The princes employees who did nothing wrong. And only want everyone to be their guest in any event. The spell can only be broken if someone falls in love with the.
Beast before a magic flower arbitrarily wilts in ten. Years flash. Forward.
999. Years later to a nearby french town where everyone hates. A girl named belle because she likes to read.
Its not right for a woman to read. While belle is busy getting sexually harassed by a fuckboy named gaston belles father gets sexually harassed by a pack of wolves and stumbles upon a castle. Hes never seen before even though its within walking distance of the place.

beauty and the beast rose meaning-0
beauty and the beast rose meaning-0

Hes lived his entire life. The beast gets mad at mr. Belle for trespassing in the castle and makes him his prisoner effectively allowing him to continue trespassing forever.
Belle offers herself as tribute in her fathers place and the beast agrees forgetting that he has no idea how to talk to girls say something to her his game is so bad that belle tries to run away. But those wolves are still hanging around ready to help drive the plot forward in any way they can the beast saves belle. Which finally kicks her stockholm syndrome into gear.
They play dress up and throw snowballs for a while until eventually belle gets around to remembering that her father exists she looks in the magic mirror that the beast has for some unexplained reason and sees that her father lying down for a nap. Having spent all this time trying to get to the castle. Thats like a mile away.
Instead of offering to help the beast tells her to go to him so she does. But when gaston finds out about the beast he gets super jelly and recruits. The townspeople to go search for the castle.
And kill him kill the beast. Yeah. Kill.
The beast seriously. Its only been ten years since the spell was cast. Why does no one in town.

beauty and the beast rose meaning-1
beauty and the beast rose meaning-1

Know about this enormous castle and the prince who lived there what is he prince of if not them are they so arrogant as to think they can exist outside a traditional monarchy. The beast refuses to fight gaston. So gaston takes matters into his own hands by throwing himself into a ravine thwomp belle announces explicitly that she loves the beast.
I love you thus breaking the spell and turning him back into tarzan. All the household appliances become human again. But apparently have no desire to leave the place theyve been trapped in for a decade.
Belle and the nameless prince put on their signature outfits from earlier and dance like no one above the servant class is watching beauty and the beast can trace its lineage back to cupid and psyche a second century story by platonicus in which a beautiful girl falls in love with mysterious being who will not show his face. But it doesnt matter because hes rich earth had a vibrant literary tradition of conventionally attractive women falling for horrible creatures such as edward scissorhands king kong. The phantom of the opera and kevin james on the surface.
The film appears to argue that appearance shouldnt matter because its whats on the inside that counts ie whether or not your organs work belles father looks like a kook so the dumb townspeople dismiss him as such crazy old morris hes always good for a laugh gaston is jacked and has a bomb ass ponytail and therefore the dumb townspeople worship him hes gorgeous belle is the only one who doesnt judge a book by its cover since shes the only one in town who knows how to read. But the film abandons this message and ultimately concludes that while its great to be beautiful on the inside. Its even better if you are beautiful on the outside too.
But shes the most beautiful girl in town. I know. But that makes her the best the fact that belle finds true love in a sensitive caring.
6. Ought to be enough for her to live happily ever after but instead the film rewards her with a hot slice of 10 similarly. When the sorceress curses.

beauty and the beast rose meaning-2
beauty and the beast rose meaning-2

The beast during that really explain y intro. She is trying to teach him a lesson about not discounting a person for being ugly and wearing a weird cloak. However the beast never learns this lesson.
Because all the film asks of him is to fall in love with the incredibly nice intelligent smoking hot virgin who is gifted to him on his doorstep belle is often touted as a strong empowered female character particularly by human standards while other women in town do their chores and juggle their babies. Belle has her nose buried in a book. And not just any book.
A chapter book as she explains in her native french. She yearns for adventure. I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.
The films opening scene echoes that of the sound of music in which a nun named maria poppins also hopes to expand her horizons by hearing music for the first time. However. Unlike maria who crosses.
The swiss rockies and saves. Her family from the alt. Right belle settles pretty comfortably into the typical disney princess role.
She yearns for prince charming even though hes happily married to her friend snow white heres where she meets prince charming. She plays the damsel in distress. When she cant even handle a simple wolf attack and in the end she trades her dreams of exploring the great wide somewhere for a gilded cage and knowing these guys that cage probably used to be a butler or something for earthling cinema.
Im garyx wormuloid au revoir. .

beauty and the beast rose meaning-3
beauty and the beast rose meaning-3

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