April 19, 2021

Historical Context of Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms

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My name is emma chin and today im going to talk about a farewell farewell to arms by ernest hemingway sorry sorry so i just read this i know im really behind on the times. But i just read this the other night dakota was sleeping and i had to cover my mouth because my reaction was like i was flabbergasted. I dont think theres another word flabbergasted and with that thats without giving spoilers.
And ive just been kind of like obsessed with it its one of those books that i read it and i keep thinking back to it and mulling over it and thinking of like little different parts that i thought were interesting and how they all kind of connected together and i think its beautiful. I think its a really beautiful novel and if you havent read it i think you should um. But then after i read it i started doing a little bit of digging online about some of the historical context surrounding.
This novel and i found it to be almost as interesting as the novel itself um. It was very controversial for its time in a way that would be super different from how its controversial. Today.
So it was released in 1929. In the october scribners magazine. And i think scriveners magazine.
Had about 70 000. Subscribers. At.
That time. So you know like pretty substantial. You know magazine um.
But when they started releasing this novel. In like a serialized form. They started losing subscribers.
Um people were canceling their subscriptions. Because they felt that this was pornographic. Because it had pre marital sex.
Um hemingways publisher tried to like revise. It and censor. It a little bit or kind of like dull the edges um by wherever they were supposed to be a curse they put like a dash.
But many american readers at the time didnt feel like that was enough um. So like the city of boston like the police force actually banned the book.

based on a farewell to arms, how does hemingway create realistic dialogue for his characters?-0
based on a farewell to arms, how does hemingway create realistic dialogue for his characters?-0

But when all of this like censorship kind of started um in boston. And with like the losing of subscribers. You would think scribblers magazine might say like uh.
We should maybe cut the brakes on this and you know just kind of like try to shove it away. But they actually defended hemingways novel. And said you know as far as boston goes that thats a misuse of censorship.
Um. And you know i think people were calling it like anti war and the magazine basically said no its not anti war. Its just the realism of war.
This is you know how many americans felt when they came back from the war um. But the censorship. Didnt just end in the usa um.
It was also banned in italy for um apparently a couple of interesting reasons. So first of all it like very accurately depicted the italians retreat in the battle of caporetto and also apparently hemingway and mussolini had some bad blood um. He interviewed mussolini when he was working for let me read this the toronto daily star back in 1923.
And after his interview with mussolini hemingway called him the biggest bluff of europe. So it wasnt actually published in italy until 1948. So a bit behind on the times.
There um. It is super anti fascism also so yeah. It kind of like there are there are parts.
Where it talks about some of the soldiers that kind of succumb to fascism and it and it shows it in like a very negative light so despite the setbacks and the negative reviews that it got initially um. This novel was actually a huge success it sold 100 000. Copies.
In its first 12 months. So clearly the people that did read it loved it. And whats so funny to me is that this novel would be banned today for completely different reasons like there was one line that i thought was super racist and ernest hemingway would never be able to get away without a novel.
Today. And even the way that some of the female characters are written is um.

based on a farewell to arms, how does hemingway create realistic dialogue for his characters?-1
based on a farewell to arms, how does hemingway create realistic dialogue for his characters?-1

Not really up to societys todays standards of you know like a well rounded female character um. And i just made me wonder what you guys think about that do you think that we should be holding literature to the standards that we have for society today or do you think the historical context matters. Do you think we should be taking into consideration the time periods that the authors were living in and you know what ground they were trying to break and and what they were going through in their society.
Many people are aware that the main character of this story. Catherine um. That she is based on a love interest of ernest hemingways from his youth.
It was a nurse that took care of him while he was injured in italy and her name was agnes von kroski. I think im mispronouncing that probably she was a bit older quite a bit older than him he was 19. I think she was 26 or 27.
And they had some form of intimate relationship. Which later on she went on to say was not at all like what hemingway depicted in his novels. So i dont really want to go into you know agnes past.
Thats kind of been done before they even like brought up her diary and letters between them. And there was a whole movie with sandra bullock in it um. So i think thats been done before.
But i just wanted to bring up one point. That i thought was really interesting. So basically when ernest hemingway got home to america.
He received a letter from agnes. Breaking up with him. She basically said that she still viewed him as a kid and just couldnt really picture a future with him and hemingways sister marceline said that when hemingway received the letter.
He actually threw up he was totally devastated and his son later on went on to say that that was like one of the great tragedies of his life. And i found this quote. Um.
That hemingway wrote in a letter to his friend bill horn. He says. I forgot all about religion and everything else because i had ag to worship ag.
Meaning agnes. The woman hes basically saying like he was devastated that she broke up with him and he doesnt even know what to do with himself.

based on a farewell to arms, how does hemingway create realistic dialogue for his characters?-2
based on a farewell to arms, how does hemingway create realistic dialogue for his characters?-2

And that notion did bleed into the novel for sure. Theres a line where frederick henry says to catherine. Youre my religion.
Youre all ive got so its super clear like the connections between catherine and agnes are very clear. And i dont know where the line gets drawn you know as far as this nurses abilities to sleep with a guy whose like leg is totally jacked up like i dont know how they even could have had sex in those circumstances. But which i just like thinking about is really funny to me um.
But i just thought that that was really an interesting point and im sure theres a lot of other things if you know you go through all the letters that they had written to each. Other um like he kind of referred to her as his misses. Which you know he calls catherine his wife in the novel um.
But yeah. Its a really good book and i thought that this historical context was very cool. Its extremely apparent that this book was very close to hemingways heart you can feel it when youre reading it its just you feel just heartbroken you feel you really feel for this character.
And what hes going through um. But one one point that really made me think of how intimate this story is is the fact that hemingway had to rewrite the ending the last page in particular 47 times. He just couldnt figure out exactly how to say it and he even like you know had f.
Scott fitzgerald weigh in on the matter and you know he actually didnt go with f. Scott fitzgeralds ending. Which i thought was kind of funny um.
But you know he had all these different names for the different endings and i dont want to go into what the endings are about because that would ruin the ending for you if you havent read the novel um. But i just you can feel the the authors dedication. You can feel his love and his very strong desire to get the points just right and to be understood and to have his heartbreak.
Understood and i think that he does it very well because he made me cry. Like a hundred years later. So thanks.
Ernest because i ugly cried at your freaking book. So in conclusion. If you havent read a farewell to arms.
I highly recommend it i will include a link down in the comments for amazon. Im also going to link to an like a book that i think is really interesting about ernest hemingways life. And yeah.
So you can check out some of my other videos here and please like and subscribe thank you .

based on a farewell to arms, how does hemingway create realistic dialogue for his characters?-3
based on a farewell to arms, how does hemingway create realistic dialogue for his characters?-3

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