January 18, 2021

HotHands Heated Fleece Balaclava – Great for Extreme Cold Weather Camping, Backpacking, and Hiking

best balaclava for extreme cold This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you HotHands Heated Fleece Balaclava – Great for Extreme Cold Weather Camping, Backpacking, and Hiking. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Hows it goin. Everybody lea with the iras omni nation here and today i i want to show you an item. This is gonna be a quick review on item that i picked up from a truck stop last winter near the end of winter.
I was able to use it a couple times. It looked like a kind of a gimmicky idea. But also a good idea at the same time.
And i used it last night. It got down to about 28 degrees. And i think the feel like temperature was close to 20 19.
Something like that so pretty cold. But i stayed nice and warm with this item right here. This is a hot hands fleece balaclava.
Now when i say hot hands. This is its a fleece balaclava. Its the standard fleece balaclava.
But what i liked about this one.

best balaclava for extreme cold-0
best balaclava for extreme cold-0

When i saw it at the truck stop is the large opening for the face. So normally you know with most of all acabas. Youve got just an area for your eyes you kind of stretch it down over the nose.
If you want but for this one i can stretch it down. So my whole face is open. But the rest of my head is covered so its kind of like a hood and what its cool about this one is it has these little pockets right here to put hand warmers in so they stay right up against your ears.
Keeps you nice and warm. And it did that for me last night. So im gonna put this on real quick and show you what it looks like so like i said with that large face opening.
Its got extra material that comes down you can see how it kind of goes. This direction right here goes down over the neck. Well lets just put this on and show you alright so you can wear it like a normal balaclava.
If you want you can have it up here. But its real loose. I mean thats kind of nice.
I dont really like them up tight anyway it does have good coverage down around the neck.

best balaclava for extreme cold-1
best balaclava for extreme cold-1

But you can see it kind of drops below your nose pretty easily it doesnt take a lot of effort moving around its kind of drop below your nose. But what i like to do is stretch it down over my chin. So i just have my chin out like this and then youve got these two little pockets you can see one here and one right here.
Where you can put some hand warmers. I happen to have a few of those in my vest underneath this jacket. Here.
So these are your hot hands. Hand warmers. The little ones.
It does when you buy this it does come with a pair. So you can use it right off the bat. But you just take those stick them right down in the little pocket there flatten them out and there you go im not gonna bother putting the other one in im gonna leave it my pocket.
But you get the idea you put one on each side and i can already feel it its up against your ears your ears get cold you put these right in here. Youre gonna be good for the night. Most of these hand warmers you know they last eight hours something like that and these lasted me i put them in when i went to bed last night.
I slept for ten hours when i woke up they werent working anymore so id say eight hours is about right.

best balaclava for extreme cold-2
best balaclava for extreme cold-2

But this is a nice little hood. I am really glad that i bought it got good coverage down around the neck. You could easily get your jacket.
You know up over this thing tuck this in i mean youre gonna be covered for the night. So like i said guys. This is a quick review.
I found this at a truck stop i was lucky and i found it i think i paid like 15 bucks or something for it. But i i looked on amazon before i started doing this video. And i saw you can pick these up for about 13.
I think 1250 something like that on amazon so ill put a link in the description box below. If you want to pick one of these up. I definitely suggest you do i like having this open face like this so i can still you know have a meal or do whatever my sides of my head are staying warm this is just a great product and for you know twelve fifty thirteen bucks cant go wrong so link in the description box below.
If you want to pick one up please like share and subscribe. If you arent already a subscriber be on the lookout for more videos comment down below. If you got anything you want to say or any questions you want to ask thanks for joining me for this quick review.
And until next time ill see you around the fire you .

best balaclava for extreme cold-3
best balaclava for extreme cold-3

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