April 19, 2021

HOW TO CUT CUTICLES AT HOME | How I Use Cuticle Nippers!

how to use cuticle remover This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you HOW TO CUT CUTICLES AT HOME | How I Use Cuticle Nippers!. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Guys so in the midst of all of my pedicure videos. Ive gotten a a few questions on how to actually remove your cuticle and although i have a on how to remove your cuticles without bleeding. I dont actually have a video on how to cut them now.
I know that cutting can be pretty controversial and that most people would just like to go see a professional. But as you guys know i like to diy everything. Which is exactly why i subscribe to skillshare because with any good diy.
You need a solid foundation and actually know what youre doing so in case. You guys dont know basically skillshare is an online platform. Where you can go to learn new skills kind of like how you guys are watching this video and how to do something well you can go to skill share.
And learn how to do anything. Its a resource that i use and i do personally pay for myself because i like to educate myself and pick up skills that i wasnt necessarily taught in school but still need to advance it so its a great resource for whether you just want to do it for personal use or if you are running a business and are trying to wear a couple of different hats. Lately.
Ive been taking a lot of classes on just learning like digital stuff because im always trying to produce better videos for you guys because it keeps it fun for me and hopefully makes it enjoyable for you and if you guys do want to try it yourself then i have a two month free trial. Which will be linked in the description box and after that the monthly subscription is pretty affordable at less than ten bucks a month. Its a pretty good bill for unlimited classes so in case you guys havent seen any of my other videos which im hope that you have at this point.
But in case. You have it you guys know that my holy grail cuticle softener. That is and actually a cuticle softener is the o.
Rg mineral. Peel. And this is actually like a liquid exfoliant.
So. What you do is just spray this on and then and you rub it into the skin and it starts to break down or loosen that the glue that makes your dead skin cells stick. Together.
So. As you can imagine that makes it perfect for cuticles because the cuticle does exactly that they act as kind of a double sided tape between your proximal nail fold and your natural nail plate now.

how to use cuticle remover-0
how to use cuticle remover-0

Im gonna stop you guys here because in case. Anything that im saying right now doesnt make any sense to you you really should watch my previous video. Which is how to remove the cuticles without bleeding because it talks about the anatomy of the nail.
Its really gonna help you understand the structure of your now. Which is needless to say really important if you plan on sticking a blade in the area. So please go do that and then come back here you can get to the video by checking it in the description box or it is also on the playlist.
If you click on the i and the right hand corner of this screen. I dont always do this step sometimes i just go straight in for a dry manicure. But as you can imagine it makes the cutting part a lot faster because you obviously have less skin to remove.
But you dont have it water works just fine. So if you dont have this product or anything similar to it just soak your hands in water for like three to five minutes after i use the mineral peel as a cuticle softener. Ive gotten rid of a lot of skin.
But as you can still see i do have some left over and the skin over in this area right here is the true definition of cuticle. Because you will be tempted to remove skin that is not actually cuticle. Which is okay.
But its just important that you know what it actually is the cuticle is only the skin that comes from underneath of the proximal nail fold and attaches itself to your natural nail and so when that skin gets dry and dehydrated it detaches from the nail and just kind of hangs. There. But it doesnt stop there because people usually also have dead skin surrounding their nail on the lateral nail folds or somewhere on their finger.
That causes hang nails. So unlike. The name implies that theyre actually just dry skin.
So the basic rule of thumb. When using cuticle nippers is that you want to hold the blade parallel to your skin. So most of your movements are really gonna be in your wrist.
Because that is how youre going to correct the angle of the blade. So that youre holding it level with the surface of your skin.

how to use cuticle remover-1
how to use cuticle remover-1

And this will be the most effective way for you to get those little hang nails and little pieces of skin without actually cutting into the skin. More than is necessary and causing a jagged edge that also peels after you remove this one now another thing that youll notice about your cuticle. Nippers.
Is that they are perfectly engineered to sit into that space where your cuticle lives. So if you were to close the numbers. And then sit them into the groove underneath.
The proximal nail fold. You would see that it really glides. Very easily around that curve and i do recommend that you kind of play with this motion.
Because then its gonna make gliding around the cuticle line. While your scissors are actually opening closing a lot more comfortable and also dwindle the probability that you cut yourself. Because your hand and wrist will start to develop a muscle memory.
The first thing youll notice that i do is that i take my free finger. And i pull the skin tight just so that i can really reveal whats going on in that little crevice underneath the proximal nail fold. Because the more visible.
The skin is the easier. Its going to be to cut away then once i expose the skin fully with my numbers slightly open. I line it with the skin that i need to cut i very gently close them dont go in and immediately pinch.
Really hard that way once they make contact with the skin. If you feel any pain. You can kind of back off before you commit to fully cutting.
It and possibly cutting living skin. Now when it comes to actually knowing what skin is appropriate for you to cut. This is the closest thing that i can pretty much relate it to if youve ever want to pour a drink into a glass.
Without looking at the room. You could probably tell just by looking through it.

how to use cuticle remover-2
how to use cuticle remover-2

How thick the glass actually was that is how i know how much skin. I can actually cut because i can see a little bit of a shadow through the translucent skin. That is ready to come off so as i mentioned people do often use their cuticle nippers.
Not just to remove the cuticle. But also to remove a dead it keratinized or dry callous skin around the nail or on the finger. And if youve seen any of my pedicures.
Which hopefully you have then you know that soaking your feet. And or soaking your hands. Would be really helpful and identifying what skin is dead.
And what skin is living because when dead skin is full of water it does often become very translucent or it turns white. So you can use that same rule or principle. When it comes to doing your manicure as well so then when im done just to kind of check my work.
I will either use a water soaked gauze or cotton. Just a kind of a wipe down the area. I mentioned before if you guys are still not feeling very skilled at this and just want to make sure that you have a smooth surface.
Maybe you feel like you have some jagged edges from cutting with the scissors. What i recommend doing is taking a file or two files more specifically and kind of just running that along the skin and this will literally event you from getting hang nails in the future and you may not be able to see them now. But you will see them later especially if you dont keep your skin moisturized.
So you can take a 180 grit file. Just very gently go around your finger. And then take a finer grits like a 240 and then go over it again so this is actually all of the dead skin that i took off just my thumb and i want to say that this is probably like a month or maybe five weeks of growth and then always always always rehydrate your skin.
So after this i would go and wash my hands leave them slightly damp and then make sure that i put on an oil or a lotion. So thats it guys i hope you like this video. If you did please do give it a thumbs up leave me a comment on what you guys would like to see next.
And ill see you in the next video bye. .

how to use cuticle remover-3
how to use cuticle remover-3

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