April 19, 2021

How to find the PERFECT DESIGNER DENIM for PETITES + Try On! 7 For All Mankind, Rag \u0026 Bone, DL1961

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Guys. My name is ashley and today. Were gonna be doing a designer denim denim haul music now except a log of my instagram ashleys daily style then guys will know that i did not buy designer denim.
I buy all my denim. Primarily from old lady a few things from gap and then have some stuff from urban outfitters. But really i am a cheap and cheerful denim sort of girl but ive always been interested in designer denims who have finally decided to take the plunge and look up some of my favorite brands on sax office.
Because thats the only place to shop. And just do an entire haul for you guys and try to figure out what kind of jeans fit me for a reference. Im 5 feet away.
I think like 110 pounds and so thats basically my thing. Im petite and im short. So i jill turd on sacks office for crop denim and hopefully some of those look at me lets see hey guys per usual here is the box so i bought a ton of denim.
Oh my god i mean a ton of beep denim. Anyway you got a pair a dragon phone over here actually two of them we have those one three six you know whatever 18 36. Something like that um.
So we have some seven for all mankind three pairs of these big seven mankind. I got three tumors repairs and everything because im not really sure if im a twenty three or two a twenty five. So i got some more pairs of where they call it seven brought me some more pairs of seven for all mankind love seven throbbing can hopefully ashley love seven from a guy another pair of seven for all mankind.
Ive been on last one. I think are some more raggin bones. Dont seven for all men so wearing it it out was i think a bunch of pairs of seven for all mankind jeans.
One two three four five five pairs of em for all mankind ians one pair of ragam bones at then i got those 1936. Ill figure out the name later so look. It is first bear dang it rhonda perfect.
Yeah. So how about you guys come down.

rag and bone cropped jeans-0
rag and bone cropped jeans-0

Here. I guess 1 million. Tries later.
And i think you can finally see all of me well here are the first pair of jeans so these are by rag and bone and i took a size 24. The 25 would have definitely been too big. The 23 would have probably been tight everywhere.
Except for the waist. Theres just like a theres not only a gap like when im not touching it its definitely fine. But i didnt feel that it said.
Somebody is just a touch bigger and honestly im not crazy about the highlighting colors. I like those high waisted but theyre not very comfy and also theyre too long so i even tested it what if i like roll them up or cut them because i love cutting denim. But then when i do that i just wasnt impressed they just werent like a very cute piece and definitely i dont think this pair is worth the money.
Which is a pity because the only pair of designer denim. Ive ever tried on a rag and bone and they just never seem to work for me hi. So my next pair are doing it i just tried to memorize the brand al 1961.
Im very bad at numbers because i dyslexic but its damn 1961 and have to tell you guys these are super duper comfy. But i also dont think theyre super. Flattering ill give you guys a look so theyre really stretchy down.
I do like the color. But again theyre just like not the right length and the bottoms arent as tapered as i would like and theyre also just a little bit baggy and long and i just dont think theyre anything. Super special definitely nothing to like write home about and then the bottom as you can see if i crop them theyre just not i still dont think there are anything special so another one is up high.
So now were getting into the 7 prom and hiding and my first pair is kind of a coated denim and im not a huge fan i cropped then for you guys you can see i think what theyre tended to be which i think is just kind of a straight with a just a touch of flair and i think theyre okay. But look at them completely long. I just like dont think that theyre worth krumping.
Theyre so long and just like not very. Flattering.

rag and bone cropped jeans-1
rag and bone cropped jeans-1

You know nothing to write home about so far so. Far. My consensus is stick to old maybe.
Old navy has amazing genes also gap well dating gasps. I have so another pair of seven from and cad genes and these ones are direct from saks. So theyre very fancy they only have a size 25 available.
So i got that 24 would have fit me a little bit better. But these are still imels if you guys a look. I thought was really cool because of the different bottom the butt is actually super.
Flattering. I think i have no button. I just thought this was like it looks pretty cute and i know what youre thinking youre probably thinking that they look okay right now.
But thats because i crapped them so i think even a cropped they have baggy knees. But then the saddest part is if they lose another lay off this detail. But then when i add the detail it looks super unflattering so another gene by the best.
Oh i got to be careful. When i leaned down because these are not that like comfy stretchy denim. These are blank nyc and i think that theyre the most flattering.
Ive tried on today. But still not flattering enough to buy do to like i think like the length and fit so give you guys a look theyre very distressed. I cant decide if i like the color or if the fading is like a little bit much.
But i think theyre very flattering here and i like that they become you know intentionally sort of a straight leg at the bottom. But i just dont think that theyre that flattering even when i crop them theyre just okay. I also think that theyre really on comfy because theyre not a super stretch denim.
These are size 23 altima size 24 and 25. But i definitely think this is the right size.

rag and bone cropped jeans-2
rag and bone cropped jeans-2

Its just not very comfy or like super. Have you guys had good luck with lincoln messy. If so let me know in the comments below let me know their style staying for seven for all my kinda ride a bone.
I know rag and bone supposed to work for petite. So let me know if i just need to try another style or something like that guys ah nanda leha. Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah.
I finally found a pair of denim that i like theyre from seventh from and tight and theyre a step hem skinny. Jean. I definitely think im going to cut off that step down because i liked it but i think its a little bit.
I dont know like last season. So five minutes ago so i want to just cut them so theyre a simple hem. I really like them theyre so comfy.
I did some sort of goldilocks thing so i first tried on the 23 in it like i could fit my body into it. But it was really trying not comfortable so then i was like nope nope. So then i tried out the 25 and then it just felt a bit baggy and the 24 was perfect as im doing up hallelujah hallelujah.
So yeah ill give you guys a look. I really like the color. I also like the fit it is a tight denim.
But you know um. It has stretch to it so its very comfy. I like the color.
I like the length of this the pan. I might cut it more who knows only the future will tell i think its really flattering. I think its flattering on the thumb.
And its super comfy and i think i will keep this pair ah. The last pair of g.

rag and bone cropped jeans-3
rag and bone cropped jeans-3

So these are also tough from la fleur fleur. So these are also seven for all mankind and i have to do a bit difficulty laughs. But kind of different this time so theyre also called the genevieve ankle.
So i figured they fit pretty similar to the last pair and ive have a really high chance of loving them well i tried on the 24. And its ginormous woah thats whats wrong. My abs are and so i tried on a 23 and its still like a little bit big.
But its okay. Its just not a super flattering jeans. Ill give you guys a quick look.
Todays cool hem detail that is way too long for me so i definitely have to cut it off. But overall its just not skinny enough. But not loose enough just nothing super great about it ill do my undertook craft trip.
And youll see that that doesnt really help a whole lot well thats everything thats me trying on a ton of jeans. So i have to say. I was a little bit disappointed designer denim.
I thought id be picking like three or four thumbs. So im disappointed that im only walking away with one. But i am really happy with the pair that i have and ill give them a go and give you guys an updated review on what i think about designer denim is it worth.
It etc. I did this recently with swimming suits. Which ill link down below.
I did find out that i totally loved designer sowing seeds and theyre definitely worth the splurge so well see what i end up feeling about jeans. But if you guys want to see how it styled isnt our style everything else i own make sure to follow my instagram. Its called ashleys daily style also make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to you like these sort of videos.
And thats everything thank you guys so much bye music. .

rag and bone cropped jeans-4
rag and bone cropped jeans-4

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