December 2, 2020

How to Force Tread Back into Dado Stringer – Basement Stair Repairs

how to fix stairs that are separating This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to Force Tread Back into Dado Stringer – Basement Stair Repairs. Following along are instructions in the video below:
This video. Im going to try and give you at least two different ways ways you can use to fix a stair tread that has slipped out of the or the slot in the stringer. Now the first method.
Im suggesting to use would be to use some type of a bracket and some screws and then move the bracket back the bracket is going to need to be moved back remember because the slot. The dado or the tread needs to slide back into the slot. If you have it at the edge.
If you have the bracket at the edge. Youre not going to be able to pull it very youre not going to be able to slide the tread into the slot. Now i would like to point out one more thing.
Theres a good chance that you are going to have something some nails or screws in the slot. If you cant remove them you cant remove them at all then you might need to actually just install a bracket. Im suggesting this if you cannot move the tread.
If you cant use this method or the second method. Im going to show you then you might actually need to just install some type of a metal bracket here or rebuild the stairway. So because its not uncommon to have nails or screws.
Where someone is either nailed the tread from this side or nailed. It from this side.

how to fix stairs that are separating-0
how to fix stairs that are separating-0

And if the stairway has pulled apart the tread has separated from the stringer. You might be able to slide it back in with the nails or screws in place or at least slide. It enough to where you can use some brackets here to make the treads a little safer to walk on to where you wouldnt have to worry about it again.
So this is one method here if you need to use a little more force. Then i would suggest using multiple brackets might need to even meet might need to even put more of the bracket on other steps. Because its its sometimes.
Its going to take a lot more force to put this thing back together than it will then it did to have it come apart. So you could install more brackets up as needed now one thing. I would like to suggest would be to install a bracket on the other side this might require a bracket on each thread or multiple brackets on the threads.
The reason for this is and this might be something that you know youre really not thinking. About is that you could actually set this up on this side and start to pull the treads. But the stringer is not going to move as much and youll actually pull the tread out of the other side.
Youll pull it out of the slot on the other side. So before you do something like this make sure that you firmly attached the treads on the other side or at least monitor them. As youre screwing or putting force on this at least monitor them to make sure that youre not pulling them out.
And that could be done by simply putting a pencil mark on the tread right up against the stringer. And as youre tightening this make sure that youre actually pulling it together instead of pulling it out so im sure thats not that hard to understand if it was me making this type of a repair.

how to fix stairs that are separating-1
how to fix stairs that are separating-1

I would just go ahead and put the brackets on the other side and then monitor the brackets to make sure that i wasnt bending anything or putting pressure on it to where the brackets would be loosening up or separating somehow from the stringer and the tread creating the same problem. What were looking at here is a heavy duty stair angle. Bracket and i believe you can find these they are called stair angle stair angles.
You can find them in your search. Engines or most home improvement centers again carry these now this would be the preferred method of use and the reason. Why im suggesting this and this is only if you need to apply more pressure.
If the other method. I showed earlier using the a 35s works. Then youre gonna be fine use those and put put it put and put it back together and make sure that you leave the a 35 s.
On after youve tightened everything up. Theres no need to take these things off. And the same thing would be with the brackets cuz.
Its gonna help hold everything together. Now. Heres a bracket here.
And this is how it would look underneath the stair step now with these youre gonna actually be able to use lag. Screws and a ratchet a socket and a ratchet.

how to fix stairs that are separating-2
how to fix stairs that are separating-2

I dont recommend drive using an impact wrench for something like this and i dont have a picture. But id like to see if i could explain this to you you could use the same method as i previously mentioned get the heavy duty stair angle bracket set it back move it back away from the edge of the tread about an inch. Lets say so that youll be able to pull it into the slot.
And you might need to put another angle bracket on the next tread up or the next two or three treads depending upon the type of damage youre dealing with and then firmly attach the bracket to the bottom of the tread and then of course. Its gonna be at least a half inch to an inch away from the stringer. Youre gonna use to pull back together.
Then you could use lag. Screws and you might think about pre drilling holes into the stair stringer. You know obviously the holes are going to need to be a little smaller than the lag.
Bolts and then using a ratchet. This way. Youre gonna be able to slowly pull the stairway back together.
And what i would suggest doing would be to tighten. This one a little bit and then move to this one tighten. It a little bit tighten.
This one a little bit and see if youre actually pulling the stairway together. But i dont recommend just tightening this one all the way you know make sure that and then not doing anything here make sure that you tighten them gradually.

how to fix stairs that are separating-3
how to fix stairs that are separating-3

While you are looking at the slot. The stringer and the stair tread to make sure that youre actually pulling it together. I mean.
Its not gonna be there are going to be times. Where youre not going to be able to make this type of repair youre not going to be able to pull it back together. The stairway will need to be rebuilt or you will need to install brackets like these you will need to install a bracket like this underneath your stair step and depending upon the thickness of the tread.
You might actually need to run bolts and use a carriage bolt to where you have the rounded part on the top run it through here and put a bolt or lag screws depending on the thickness of the stair thread. So if you cannot pull it back together you can always use a bracket like this thats what these brackets are designed for to provide you with additional support depending upon how far of a gap. You have you know if you have a gap.
Where the tread is a half inch away from the stair stringer. This might not work the stairway might need to be rebuilt. If thats the case.
But if you have a tread where its just pulled out of the dado and its right at the edge here and you cant get it back together. If something like this would work just fine simply just bolt it back together. And you should have a safe set of stairs.
So anyway. I hope that helps and i think i am going to make a few more videos on some of the problems you have with basement stairs at least. Im gonna make one more on showing you how to attach the bottom stringers to the concrete.

how to fix stairs that are separating-4
how to fix stairs that are separating-4

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