January 24, 2021

How to Make Animal Cookies

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Everyone sam here from sugar spun run and today. Im showing you how to to make frosted animal cookies. These iced animal cookies are so much better than anything can buy at the store.
I actually found this recipe a couple weeks ago when i was raiding my grandmothers old cookbooks and i had to try it out this one actually came clipped from a super old magazine. I made a few adjustments to make the flavor and the texture of the cookie just right. I think youre going to love it now to get started the first thing you want to do is get your oven preheated to 350 degrees fahrenheit next you are going to need 12 tablespoons or one and a half sticks of unsalted butter and you want this to be softened.
Were gonna add this to a large bowl. Were also going to add one and a half cups of granulated sugar and now use an electric mixer. Just to beat the butter and sugar together until theyre nicely combined now were going to add two large eggs a teaspoon of salt a teaspoon of vanilla extract and finally i recommend adding a 1 2 teaspoon of princess emulsion.
Now what this is is its a flavor its like an almond lemon citrusy flavor and it really really reminds me of the taste of traditional animal cookies and in fact. I know i didnt figure this out on my own. The lady who works at my local cake shop.
Actually told me about it. And it really makes a huge difference in these animal cookies now if you cant get your hands on it dont panic. These cookies are still gonna be great with the vanilla extract you can even use a little bit of almond extract for flavor.
But this really adds a great flavor. I found this at my local cake shop.

pink and white animal crackers-0
pink and white animal crackers-0

But also my local walmart has it so look around you might find it easier than you think were gonna add a half teaspoon of this use your electric mixer. Just to beat everything together now until everything is nicely combined the next thing you need is four and a half cups of all purpose flour you can also use unbleached flour. Ive tried both of these flours in this recipe and either works great were going to gradually stir this into our butter mixture now this is a pretty dry cookie dough thats fine.
Its supposed to be like that and thanks to this were not going to have to chill our dough. But once youve mixed everything together and your dough starts to get a little crumbly and most of the flours been absorbed. I usually switch over just using a spatula and just stirring the dough together that way making sure all of the flour gets completely absorbed and just stirring.
Until the dough is really starting to be cohesive and clinging together. The reason. I dont like to go too far.
With my electric mixer is because you run the risk of warming up your butter too much and ending up with a sticky cookie dough that you would actually have to chill in order to get it to work when we go to cut out our cookies once you have your dough nicely combined. Were gonna go ahead and roll it out onto a clean lightly floured surface so im just gonna dust my surface with a little bit of flour and because this recipe makes so much dough. I usually only like to work with about half of it at a time so its still a little crumbly thats fine.
Well work it together in a second didnt mean to send it flying everywhere. Im just gonna use my hands to kind of work it together and once you have a pretty smooth ball or a disc like i have right here. Youre gonna want to roll this out so that its a quarter of an inch thick.
Once you have your dough rolled out youre going to want to grab your animal cookie cutters now i got these off of amazon you can really use any cookie cutter. Youll just have to adjust the baking time if you use larger or smaller ones.

pink and white animal crackers-1
pink and white animal crackers-1

But ill leave a link for these exact ones in the description below. So youre just going to cut out your cookies and drop them on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Now.
These cookies should not spread. Very much at all. So you only want to give them about an inch of space between cookies that way you can cook as many as possible at one time this recipe makes a lot of cookies so youre gonna want to take advantage of the space on your cookie sheet now if you find that your cookie dough is sticking to your cookie cutters.
Youre having trouble getting it out you can always just dust. These with a little bit of flour. Generally i like them to stick a little bit.
Because it makes it easier for me to transfer them over to the baking sheet. But if theyre sticking too much youre not able to get them out definitely flour your cookie cutters. Once youve loaded up your cookie sheet youre gonna want to transfer this to your 350 degree fahrenheit oven.
Where the cookies will need to bake for about eight to 10 minutes or until they are just beginning to turn a light golden brown. So while the cookies are cooling. We can go ahead and make our animal cookie frosting now this is a really simple frosting to make youre going to need two cups of powdered sugar to start and were going to add a tablespoon of meringue powder.
Basically what were making here is of royal icing its going to firm up really nicely and really hard on our cookies now some royal icing can be made with egg whites. But since im pregnant.

pink and white animal crackers-2
pink and white animal crackers-2

I really prefer using the meringue powder. And ive also found this way to be even easier than using egg whites. So were just going to whisk together our sugar and our meringue powder.
And well also add three tablespoons of water and 1 4 teaspoon of vanilla extract were going to switch over to our electric mixer in just a minute but because i dont want to send powdered sugar flying everywhere. Im going to start by just working these ingredients together with my whisk. Until the powdered sugar is nice and wet and its not gonna go flying when i use my mixer now at this point you are going to want to grab your electric mixer and youre just going to want to beat this until it comes to soft peaks.
Ill show you what that looks like in just a second this could take a few minutes. So here you can see that we have soft peaks. When i lift the beaters out of the icing.
What happens is that peaks that form just fold over themselves pretty much right away. They hold their shape. A little bit theyre not completely falling back into a puddle.
But theyre not stiff peaks. Theyre not holding their shape. So this is as far as we want to go we dont want this icing to get too thick otherwise.
Its going to be hard to dip our cookies now at this point. I like to add some food coloring.

pink and white animal crackers-3
pink and white animal crackers-3

This is totally optional my personal preference for these animal cookies is gel food coloring. I like to use americolor and this is electric pink. Im just gonna stir a little bit in once your cookies have cooled lets go about decorating.
Them. Now my favorite way to do this is just to take the cookie hold it firmly by the base and just gently dip it into the surface of my icing. This icing is going to start getting hard really fast so if you want to decorate your cookies with nonpareils or sprinkles or anything like that youre going to want to do it pretty quickly after dipping them.
Now one thing. I love about using this kind of stiff royal icing is that it helps preserve the outline of our cookie cutters. So you can see every detail of your animal cookies and that is how you make these adorable.
A homemade animal cookies. I hope you guys enjoy todays sweet simple and from scratch recipe and if you try this one out. Please let me know what you think thank you so much for watching.
And ill see you next time its almost too cute to eat adorable and delicious hey. If you guys enjoyed todays animal cookie recipe. I would really appreciate it if you would give me a thumbs up make sure to subscribe and hit that notification.
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pink and white animal crackers-4
pink and white animal crackers-4

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