November 30, 2020

How to Make Ice Cream with the Chef’n Sweet Spot | Williams-Sonoma

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Isnt there just something special about homemade ice cream. Maybe. Its the fresh fresh ingredients or maybe.
It just tastes a little better because you made it yourself way. Its definitely a special treat today. I am here with my skilled culinary assistant also known as my son charlie right my favorite person to cook with and were making ice cream with the chef and sweet spot.
It is so much fun from start to finish is nothing and we love it its a great tool to use with your kids in the kitchen. So charlie do you remember what the first thing. We is that we have to do before we even make the ice cream right we put this in the freezer right so its nice and cold.
When were ready to make our ice cream. Okay charlie do you know what we get to do next yep. Were gonna mix the ingredients together and can you show me what were gonna use okay great so lets start.
Were gonna mix the milk and the sugar together first okay so why dont i pour for you and then your are gonna do the mixing. Do you want me to study the bowl for you honey. Since you are kind of working one handed right now so were just mixing.
It together. Until the milk and the sugar are totally dissolved right the sugar will dissolve into the milk yep youre good whispers. Keep going an important tip is to make sure that the chef and sweet spot is in your freezer for 24 hours before you use it we like to just keep it in the freezer.
All the time though right so its ready to go when we want to make ice cream. You just need to make sure. Its on a flat surface okay.
Lets see let me see with a spoon honey. If its dissolved all the way. Im just gonna taste it right one taste it to keep stirring.

chefn sweet spot instant ice cream maker-0
chefn sweet spot instant ice cream maker-0

Its almost dissolved. Ill hold this for you see you can whisk really well thats gonna be so good get your spoon. Okay lets taste and tell me if you think the sugar and the milk are dissolves the warts will add the other ingredients okay great job even with this arm perfect okay now im gonna pour on everything else.
And you can keep stirring okay coming around jack. This is the cream vanilla right smell it smells so good give it a really good stir use those muscles. I think thats good what do you think great now since we want to eat this as soon as possible do you remember what we have to do does it need to get colder or hotter cool exactly.
So im actually gonna put this in the freezer for like five to ten minutes and you dont want it to get icy or get crystals on it we just want it really children we pour it into the bowl. Okay so come with me. Why dont we go put it.
In the freezer. Okay got it all right okay. Charlie.
So we have our chilled ice cream mixture and our sweet spot base from the freezer. Charlie. Why dont you give our mixture a quick stir yep there you go perfect.
Now all i need you to do hon is take a half cup and pour it on to the base for me. You can add a little add a little bit extra okay just like one little bit okay. Now do you remember how long you have to wait until we can start messing it 15 seconds start counting and tell me when five six seven do you think its ready yeah great so now i remember how to do this great.
Im just gonna scrape and start moving it around yep push hard. Oh. My gosh isnt that crazy.
Its already freezing no this is the time where you can actually start to add anything you want to mix into your ice cream too right. So. What do you want to add to yours.

chefn sweet spot instant ice cream maker-1
chefn sweet spot instant ice cream maker-1

Today. Okay. Ill be your assistant.
Keep pushing okay marshmallows. Oh. My gosh sunflower.
Seeds. Chocalate covered. What do you think of that okay.
Anything else can i show you trick with this let me show you so you can get around the sides. See that head right so you can just keep scraping right can you scrape it all into the middle for me. This is so cool you can actually do this up to six times in 30 minutes.
So this makes a half cup. Serving charlie which i love cuz thats actually a really perfect portion for children and adults. But you can make five more batches before you need to put it back in the freezer right so.
Our whole family can do this this one my friend is just for you though so should we put it together in a bowl shh all right so im gonna show you how to use this scooper tool you can like just kind of make it look more like an actual scoop of ice cream huh right. Do you like that like pack. It together can you scrape some and push it in for me there we go look at that perfect scoop look at this charlie.
This is like better than anything we could get at an ice cream shop. So there goes our scoop and now should we put some more things on it do you want a caramel or chocolate to go with it to just kinda okay. Just say women.
This is a lot more fun anything else no you want to try it im having a bite. What do you think harvey okay. Good music.
This is so good so charlie when were done eating our eyes. Friend you remember how we clean this what are we doing yeah you dont put in the dishwasher okay are you gonna wash it for me you are hope i believe you but lets finish our ice cream first okay hon so good you .

chefn sweet spot instant ice cream maker-2
chefn sweet spot instant ice cream maker-2

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