November 25, 2020

HOW To Remove Stretch Marks With DERMAROLLER

derma roller for stretch marks This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you HOW To Remove Stretch Marks With DERMAROLLER. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Guys how you doing speech. Number and welcome back to my video channel guys today. Today.
I have a demonstration of derma roller how to use on your body. But for your stretch marks. So if youre this person if you have a stretch marks and you want to know how to get rid of your stretch marks so please keep on watching okay guys now first of what you should be doing you should exfoliate your skin and i have this for exfoliating my skin.
This is dry brushing actually the brush that you can either stretch your back or black. You can take it off over here trying to you know this is amazing from amazon. Just not really expensive couple of bucks.
Basically what this dry brushing dusting. Removes dead skin layer from your skin. And i know virginity rejuvenates and improves blood circulation and everything.
Which is actually free step before starting doing thermal running so this is one of my favorite products to use for exfoliating. The skin and you can do this without in a derma rolling everything really good tool to prepare your skin for example. How do i do i dry brush.
Yesterday. And today. Im going to use the merola on my skin.
Another method. Maybe you dont mind this youd only have time or something like that its like a body scrub. I have this from first botany.
Our arabica coffee from this is from stretch mark spider veins wrinkle detox anti cellulite is really really good. Because he has coffee is caffeine. So you know caffeine rise makes your blood circulation flow.
Faster. Which is good because skin gets more oxygen more good nutrients with the blood. Its really really amazing.
If you have our stretch marks and survive this being using. I believe this is like third like jar already that im using and im already done and smells by the way i feel out of coffee. I dont drink coffee.
But i love coffee smell is. Oh. My god is so beautiful.
And now the next day. Which is today how im doing derma rolling basically if you guys not familiar with me and with my channel. I am jin amber.
Im the owner of jina hamburg ut derma rolling brand. I my own derma roller here i have five sizes today. Im gonna use different sizes just to show you in how to use in different parts of your body derma rolling.
Because we have stretch marks everywhere on the chest or the belly on the legs. Im gonna show everything for all of you guys this video is gonna be for beginners. Im gonna do one more video where im gonna show you how to do like advanced techniques and everything that youve been rolling for example for half year already im not gonna lie guys.
This is gonna be really really long process two three years maybe depends individually how long you have stretch marks. If its pressure is gonna take shorter if its deeper and longer like if youve got stretch marks five or ten years ago is going to take longer i can take up to three years so if youre ready heads down youre like okay jed. I will start im ready to do all ready to treat my body.
This is really really cheap way and effective way of proved in studies. I have their money playing book from dr. Lance satterfield.
He is the man that started derma rolling micro needling and it in his studies been proven that derma rolling actually helps with stretch marks. Which is amazing so im going to start with disinfecting. My rollers are all disinfected now i have four different sizes.
I have one point five millimeter derma roller i have. One millimeter derma roller and then i have 075 and 05. So i have alcohol.
Im applying on cotton alcohol to disinfect that place where im going to use their my roller. Because you want to have your spots where you going to work on your skin disinfectant because you dont get infection now. I see not going to see my head anymore.
Im just going up and i will show you my chest. Many many of my clients been asking what size do you use for the chest. How do you use it how often i use it and stuff like this always beginners start with the lowest size possible our chest.
Im gonna start from here and go down our chest is really really sensitive skin. Im going to roll on the chest and im gonna try of course guys.

derma roller for stretch marks-0
derma roller for stretch marks-0

I cannot show you my boobies and everything im gonna try to show as much as possible on my chest over here this now now. Im gonna tell you guys that i dont have a stretch marks on my body. I never did im lucky that doesnt mean that i cannot demonstrate for you guys.
I did on instagram video. How to use their marolla on the body and some people say well so what she doesnt have a stretch marks. You dont have stretch marks.
But i know how to do it i have my brand and i know how to derma roll skin for the stretch marks. So dont judge me that i dont have stretch marks. I know what im doing so im taking this cotton and just disinfecting that place where im going to use derma roller.
Just wiping really carefully over here this is infecting over here. Too. Because sometimes we have a stretch marks in this like i dont armpits place over here.
So im disinfecting so for starters you need to get small size because you dont know how youre going to react always start with a small. Size im starting my chest with 05 millimeter. Derma roller and the technique is basically the same like you will do on the face.
If you have done on the face. You probably know you will go diagonally five times. Vertically and then do excess then go next to then again.
Wherever you have a stretch marks. You go on these places do not be afraid. And then i go like that five times each direction now when i did like that like that i will try to kind of do access in different direction.
Hes getting the red which is completely normal all right now if you dont feel like anything you can go over one more time. Some people are very very sensitive so. If your skin is really sensitive one time is really enough just to start you know to see how your skin is going to react do not overdo with your.
Skin now with 05. You can do it once a week. Which is completely.
Fine but always remember you should increase your size after using for example. 05 on your chest for a half year. Unit you can increase for 075.
All right so i did twice on the same area five times each direction and see guys now its red already now how you do over here. I know many many women have stretch marks over here so basically do this the same way vertically diagonally and then excess. I dont have it but i want to show you guys how to do it okay.
This is getting like make it gina is getting naked. Its weird. But guys i have to show you how to do it you go one more time this place actually has a lot of fat so its not so much sensitive.
I forgot to mention guys one thing. If youre really really sensitive and your pain threshold is not so. Well you can use numbing cream.
Before doing everything apply a numbing. Cream. This is my favorite numbing cream.
A vinyl numb 5 20 from amazon. I believe its like eighteen dollars it lasts. A really really long time in numbs your skin really really well apply for half an hour remove it then disinfect with the alcohol and then roll it again now my chest is fine everything is good.
Im just letting sit like this now. What the belly is the same thing you apply a numbing cream. If you want if you okay with the pain.
You dont have to apply numbing cream. This is in fact like the place where im going to be using derma roller. This side affecting really really well imagine that i have a stretch marks.
I know i dont have it. But imagine that i do have this insects really really well by the way you always have to wait until alcohol going to. Dry.
Now i have two sizes guys i have. 075 which is this one and. 10.
Millimeter derma roller for the first time if you never use use 075. You can use this size of a roller every three weeks. This is enough for starting.
Im sorry my breast showing see how red this is. Good i see alright lets start over.

derma roller for stretch marks-1
derma roller for stretch marks-1

Rolling this is 075. Lets see. It is really really painful to me.
So. 2. 3.
4. 5. 1.
2. 3. 4.
5. 1. 2.
3. 4. 5.
1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 1.
2. 3. 4.
5. Nails to meet like really ticklish. One.
Two three four five one two three four five one two three four five one two three four five one two three four five. Let. Me.
Try. With the 1 1. 2.
3. 4. 5.
1. 2. 3.
4. 5. I feel it a little bit.
More. But not bad. 1 2.
3. 4. 5.
1. 2. 3.
4. Oh. My god its ticklish.
I can handle this one. But this ticklish so guys you can get completely you can get one millimeter. Derma roller.
You dont have to spend money additional on this size. If you ok with the pain.

derma roller for stretch marks-2
derma roller for stretch marks-2

Im ok with the. Pain if youre not ok with the pain. Get.
075. And now were lets do excess. Like.
1 2. 3. 4.
5. 1. 2.
3. 4. 5.
1. 2. 3.
4. 5. Getting.
Ready. 1. 2.
3. 4. 5.
1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 1.
2. 3. 4.
5. Oh. My god this place is really ticklish to me hi.
All right. Its a little bit red. You can go one more time one two three four five now people say if you dont bleed thats not good thats completely be as thats not normal.
I dont know why people do until they bleed their studies. Done that you dont have to believe in order to have results you just have to have a right roller. I will always recommend for the body real individual needle rollers because they are much more effective than the strollers.
Only real ended. Only the rollers okay going one more time x you always want to lift you dont want to drag like this you want to lift lift lift and lift again and lift and lift over here again lift lift lift. I kind of see a little bullet coming out not much bigger the size more.
Chances. You have the blood is going to come out all right two times over in one place. You see is red its cool.
Its good okay now guys i want to show you how i use for my legs again alcohol on your legs. And for example. I will be a rolling death spot over here waiting until is going to be dry.
My roller is already disinfected. I always pour above my sink and then im waiting until its going to be dry you have to wait until your roller is gonna be completely dry do not really if you have still western verona now okay. Its dry and im doing the same way again isnt that sexy guys alright.
So lets go one two three four five one two three four five music one two three four five one two three four five one two three four five. So going. Now.
Diagonally. Vertic diagonal.

derma roller for stretch marks-3
derma roller for stretch marks-3

In the nexus. Again. 3.
4. 5. 1.
2. 3. 4.
5. 1. 2.
3. 4. 5.
1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 1.
2. 3. 4.
5 now excess with 15. Its getting painful. But i can handle people asked how much pressure.
I should apply i do not press. Too much i do not just lift and like do it kind of slight like medium pressure not much not little over here diagonally. Its painful.
But i can handle ok going that way and you guys are going to see who is getting really painful anybody else like bein like me i dont know its just me. Its not normal. Im not normal okay and now guys what im going to do for my rest of the body that i was derma rolling i apply my gin amber.
My own vitamin c serum because vitamin c. Serum boost collagen production. There are other boost collagen production really really well but with the vitamin c.
Serum is even better so like this few pumps what a formula. Absorbs really really deeply into the skin. Im waiting until this is going to dry.
Im gonna go to my belly. Where oh look at this guys my belly. Who im applying serum on my baby to is my serum already yes monsieur.
Ive done all day okay so applying here on my belly i hope some perverts are not watching this video okay applying vitamin c serum over here and over here what is left see how just my my chest is red. Okay now im waiting a little bit. This is really nice wow so guys after serum actually after this serum.
I already apply this cream on my chest. I dont want to show my boobies so i just dont show how i apply on my chest. But this is from cherry or casel energy cream.
Which is regenerating anti aging firming cream. Which i really really love another cheaper option for the body is nia gold over here this firming oil is really really nice natural. Both of these have natural ingredients love it both of them are nice.
But i prefer this cream so and taking a little bit of this cream this cream is really thick. You dont need much so a little bit on my belly. The place where a devereaux is really really sensitive gentle massaging making.
Sure i dont see sun is very nice rich moisturizer and basically guys that said after that care always spf at all times. You guys can see what coming out a little bit. I dont know if youre going to see.
But so nowadays if youre going to have any questions about them enrolling your stretch marks. Please let me know comments below aftercare is really really easy serum you dont have to use serum and you completely dont have to use anything after the rolling your stretch marks. Vitamin c.
Serum is really really good to use after because it boosts collagen production. Which is going to help restore all the damaged skin that you have stretch marks is basically a huge scar the damaged skin then im using cherry orchid cell energy cream is really beautiful and this body oil firming. Body oil is really nice natural ingredients aloe.
Vera plant and stuff like this so these are after spf always at all times. All the time guys body face everything more exposure to the sun less chances you have that youre going to heal. And you might wanna get the hyperpigmentation and you dont want to get anything worse that you already have they said thats for now i love you so so much thank you so so much for watching i love you and i see my next video bye guys bye .

derma roller for stretch marks-4
derma roller for stretch marks-4

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