April 19, 2021


how to fix drywall seams after painting This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you HOW TO REPAIR DRYWALL (PEAKED JOINTS). Following along are instructions in the video below:
And welcome to vancouver carpenter today. Im going to teach you how to fix fix a peak joint. So that is when you have a paper tape.
Joint and sheets have had some movement or theyve compressed or the joint is hollow and either way what its done is its created this little line right here so you probably cant see it from this angle. But here we are right there so how do we fix that well the first thing. We need to do is figure out why its doing that so what im gonna do is im gonna carve it open and see first off if it was a hollow joint or not so first things first im gonna carve it open and see what we have underneath okay.
Theres the joint okay so its not too hollow. Which is good. But i still want to carve it out so that i can fill it full of mud to make it nice and strong again so i dont need to go any further than that because my baseboards gonna cover.
But actually drawing that pencil line made it impossible for me to see where the actual joint was and i had a really hard time running my knife down so im just actually gonna keep carving it out so this may seem excessive. But im trying to make sure that this actually doesnt come back because i could have just covered it with mud and it would be fine. It might take a year or two before it shows up again.
But i really want to fuse these two joints together and make sure this doesnt come back again. Its possible that this was just a fastening issue so im gonna add some more screws just in case now that well fastened im gonna vacuum it out to make sure it gets a good bond to the new mud okay so now i want to pre fill this joint and im gonna pre fill it using quick set mixed with quite a bit of glue actually so this is my thinned down glue technique. So i dont need much just for pre fill.
So ive got just a little bit of water in here. Probably about 50 of my glue mix. So i wouldnt be surprised.
If this mix. Im making is about 25 glue only need about a handful and im gonna keep this mix pretty thick. I dont want it getting really wet the wetter.
It is the more extreme so now im gonna pre fill this really well really making sure i force that mud into the cracks so this right here is ninety minute mud. Im gonna leave this mud in here and im gonna let this drywall actually absorb some of the moisture. Im gonna come back in about 10 or 15 minutes.
And this mud in here should still be good enough to tape with so ive left it for about half an hour. Its had tons of time to shrink. So now im gonna tape it and im gonna use paper tape.
I always prefer paper tape on things like this the reason is if even paper tape can fail on a joint like this why would i use something like mesh tape thats even more likely to fail so again now that this has had little time to shrink my mud still good and im gonna tape this up get a nice even coat of mud on there im gonna lightly embed it and give it just a little time for the tape to soak in the moisture. And some of the glue and mud okay. So ive given this just about a minute to soak up the mud.
Now if you need a more in depth video about how to tape a butt joint. I have one of those too so you can check that out this is just dry well repair fixing a crab. Now because this was already on a butt joint.
Theres a good chance that this is gonna need to be built out a lot so instead of throwing away this ninety minute. I have im just gonna add a little bit more on together just to the outside edges waste. Not want not so im gonna let this set up now before i do any other codes.
Now its not important that you use quick set for anything other than the pre fill you could do the rest of this with all purpose mud or you could use quick set to pre fill taping to tape and then finish mud to cover or you could use all purpose for the whole thing. If you want to give it enough time to shrink and dry. Which is overnight for each coat.
But for the purposes of making videos. I like to use quick sets so that i can film the whole thing in one day so delightfully my mud has actually set up in less than 90 minutes. So im just gonna flatten.

how to fix drywall seams after painting-0
how to fix drywall seams after painting-0

It down a little bit the tiny little lift off stir up and now. Its time to coat it so im just gonna do another coat of ninety minute. This is the cinco pro set 90.
And i dont trust this product without glue in it i have had this stuff fall off the wall before too. But much less glue this time. This is maybe about a 1 to 10 ratio now quick little pro tip the less you clean your mixing water the faster your muds gonna keep setting which is probably why theyre set in under an hour instead of 90 minutes conversely if you want to keep your set time consistent make sure you clean everything and keep your water nice and clean so before i coat it im gonna see how it looks and actually amazingly.
Its not so i think i only need about one trowel width on each side of this if you want a more detailed video on how to coat butt joints. I have an incredibly long one thats worth watching about getting flat walls. But for the purpose of this you can just.
Watch little crumbs in the mud. But theyll work out okay. We are all smooth and now it is this time better my edge than my egg.
One final pass down the middle to flatten it right out now it doesnt look perfect yet. But this is just a loading code. So its now setup.
Lets take an up close look at it so as you can see i got some liftoff lines from my trowel work now im just gonna quickly polish off some of those high spots pretty good also what i like to do is im gonna check it to see how flat everythings looking because sometimes you might have like a big hump in there and not know about it. But everythings looking really good. Oh.
Whats that one little spot you can use your trowel. This way to kind of shave it off its a nice broad flat surface and itll help you shave down the high spots. So thats looking good.
Its ready for a coat of finish mud. Actually i almost forgot when working with kwikset. I sometimes like to burn my edges down a little bit so they dont show through on my second coat.
Only the very edge is dry enough to sand. But thats all i needed now its just coat it again this time thinner and smooth. I think it needs one more time over.
Im pretty happy with that lets take an up close look well actually. Theres not much to see. But there it is look it smoother ready for just one cent.
So that is obviously gonna take a few days to dry and like i said before you could do this with regular air drying mud and do it each stage one day at a time. But thats my method for fixing peat joints crack joints. Actually you can fix a lot of things like that ive even had good success with fixings major structural cracks that way that ive come back to three years later and still havent cracked.
Although fixing any structural crack is always going to be cross your fingers and hope it doesnt come back no matter. What you do so main principle behind this repair is you just want to clear out all the stuff. Thats not stuck together.
Anymore and you want to create a really nice fuse together joint thats why i add the extra glue thats why i like quick set because its strong thats why i like paper tape. Because well the face of drywall is paper to begin with so just seems to work so anyways thanks for watching. Vancouver carpenter.
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how to fix drywall seams after painting-1

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