April 19, 2021

How to Secure a Kayak to a Vehicle with NO RACKS!

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Today. Were gonna be taking this kayak and putting it on top of this this rav4. But wait a minute.
There arent any rocks on top of the well who needs them were going to do it anyway. And were gonna do it all in a dress. So all you need are a couple of pull noodles.
Some scissors 210 foot ratchet straps and some rope just throw a pool noodle up there and roundabouts line up the far end of the pool noodle to the edge of the car. It doesnt have to be perfect you just want to make sure. It lays flat across the top.
So if its too long then its gonna bunch up when you tie the rope. Then you cut it off with your scissors and then i just use that one to measure. The second pool noodle.
No big deal and then you celebrate the fact that youre going kayaking tomorrow. Theres a couple of ways you can do this you can just let the rope.

how to tie down a kayak without a roof rack-0
how to tie down a kayak without a roof rack-0

Dangle and close the door you can tie the rope loosely around the seat belt to hold it as you walk it around or you can go ahead and tie the knot securely to what i like to call the oh bar a little handle up by the window that you grab on to when youre feeling forces or when things get a little too bumpy youre gonna pull the strings so you feel that theyre nice and tight. I like to tie three knots. Because i dont want it going anywhere.
I dont even want it to loosen and the cool thing is you have this handle pull down and you tie it just as snug as you can whenever youll push that handle back up seems like it makes it just a little more snug perfect. Then you do the same thing to the back pull noodle now. Some people have a lot more upper body strength than i do and dont need to use a quilt.
But i like to use a quilt to help me glide this thing on up on top of the car. But if you dont need to use a quilt and you got them muscles you just grab hold of your kayak fling. It up over your head and put it right on top of that car more power to you just make sure that the seat of the kayak is facing down.
And the bottom of the kayak is facing up. If you do use a quilt make sure you put it in between the pool noodles. Dont have your quilt on top of your pool noodles.
Even a little bit because that will make it harder to pull the quilt out. Were not gonna ride around with that thing flapping.

how to tie down a kayak without a roof rack-1
how to tie down a kayak without a roof rack-1

So i like to drag the kayak to where one end is centered between the pool noodles. But maybe a foot and a half to two feet away from the car and then i simply walk the kayak on it and if the winds blowing at all its a little challenging to balance. But just take it nice and slow and shouldnt give you much trouble so just gently lay it on there make sure your seat push down grab hold up the bottom and push it on up to the top now.
I have an antenna that prevents me from keeping the kayak straight. So its going to sit kind of diagonally. Which is just fine.
But i kind of go from one side to the other and ease it on there till. Its in the position that im most comfortable with now you can easily take that quilt and toss it out of your way. This is a ratchet strap.
This will never be anything that you mess with other than to hook. This on to the other end. Which is also a hook.
So im just gonna let it dangle so this part right here. Its threaded through and when the two pieces that my fingers are on are straight you can easily move it so we just want that hook.

how to tie down a kayak without a roof rack-2
how to tie down a kayak without a roof rack-2

Which is this piece here to be as long as possible to start off with what were gonna do is were going to put this short end and this piece inside the car. Were just gonna let it rest on a car seat and then were going to take the long piece and walk it around the outside of the car just like we did the rope with the equal noodle and were going to lay this piece over the kayak both in the front and the back about the same place that we put the pull new then pull this side to tighten until they link together. Because we want to have a little tension and then well use the ratchet part to tighten it even more music.
Its always new class that way you can get it as tight as possible music completely ratchet this baby. Its snug as we can say it looks flat to me okay here we go music so then i walk around and make sure that it is indeed secure. But not too tight because you dont want any dents.
Im a little overly cautious. So i take one more extra measure by securing it in the front in the back. So ive got that one hooked up and im just going to pull this wire and tilt that one straight.
Its around the kayak. Which you cant even see in the reflection. There and now im going to stick this down into.
Theres just some little holes here and it is metal you make sure its metal and not plastic. And i want to make sure that when i bring this back up im putting it underneath this because i dont want to create any tension around that so its wrapped around the metal and not around that and then im just going to tie a knot make it snug and well be good to go. And there you have it folks now were going to do the same thing for the back so were going to through there i nest my cars dirty.
Im not ashamed voil around the kayak two knots here and now im ready for tomorrow music. .

how to tie down a kayak without a roof rack-3
how to tie down a kayak without a roof rack-3

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