April 19, 2021


how to remove oxidation from rv fiberglass This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you HOW TO WAX/REMOVE OXIDATION FROM GELCOAT/FIBERGLASS RV. Following along are instructions in the video below:
s up everybody im. Andrew steele and today i want to talk to you you about oxidation removal and the best way to wax your gel coat or fiberglass this rig is a 2016. But as you can see its already lost its sheen.
It started to get oxidized and theres white chalking. This thats coming off of the front of it this coach is in a covered storage. So that definitely helps prolong the gelcoat life.
But even in a covered storage. Some parts arent covered and are exposed to the uvs. Which are going to cause the gel coat to oxidize did do detailing for this customer before and he consulted me before buying this coach and i told him that he should definitely get a full body paint and rig.
Because if not hes going to have to pay us to do circles around the coach like its a racetrack with the wax and the buffers. Its really tough to keep gel coat in good condition. Especially in the arizona sun.
And the decals will deteriorate over time no matter. What theyre not a permanent surface. They have at the max.
A 5 to 10 year lifespan and then no matter. What theyre going to start to deteriorate and the longer you leave those decals on the tougher.

how to remove oxidation from rv fiberglass-0
how to remove oxidation from rv fiberglass-0

Its going to be to bring those off and the more they may bond to that gel coat surface and leave shadowing and all kinds of stuff. So if you do want to take your decals off. I recommend you do it sooner than later the longer they stay on there the harder.
Theyre gonna be to come off people call. Me all the time and ask me how much is it gonna cost me to wash. And wax my 34 foot fifth wheel or class.
A and the first question. I asked them is is that gel coat with decals or is it full body paint the full body paint is going to be a lot easier to work with its going to hold up a lot longer than the gel coat and in my opinion. Its worth it to spend the extra money on a rig thats fully body painted because in five to ten years.
Its still gonna look good. Its not going to look like a gelcoat rig. Does after five to ten years.
If you did end up buying a gelcoat rig and are trying to bring it back to life. Im gonna share with you a few of the secrets and tricks that ive learned as a professional detailer and someone thats brought a lot of these back to life now. I usually try to stay away from these jobs because theyre so difficult and time consuming and they consume products they go through our pads our buffers.
They wear me out when you buffett gel coat your shoulders are just toast. When youre done so i try to stay away from buffing gel coats.

how to remove oxidation from rv fiberglass-1
how to remove oxidation from rv fiberglass-1

This rig. Im doing a favor for the client. Im just buffing just the front end as you can see the sidewalls still have a sheen.
Weve waxed this coach regularly three to four times a year since it was new its a 2016 and then its also in covered storage. As you can see up there. So thats definitely helped prolong the finish of this coach.
But the front end is starting to oxidize so im gonna show you a couple tricks at how im able to remove the oxidation so theres a few different types of products that you can use today. Im going to use a dual action polisher with a foam finishing pad. This isnt super aggressive and there are a lot of different ways to do this.
But this is the way that ive found to get the best results. The easiest way now. Im going to also use a cleaner wax theres several different types of cleaner waxes out there that you can use this is the one that im going to use today.
Its a carnauba cleaner wax for mothers and any cleaner wax on a foam pad with a dual action polisher and im going to take about six to ten passes doing a small area at a time and wiping. It as i go i want to make sure were getting a really good look and a really good before photo. So ive got some of the cleaner wax on my pad and im gonna stay at a low speed.
I dont want to go too high the gel coat is really malleable so if you spin the buffer. Too quickly it may leave swirl marks that are hard to get back out music.

how to remove oxidation from rv fiberglass-2
how to remove oxidation from rv fiberglass-2

Youll see that our making passes both ways up and down and side to side to make sure that im working it in all the way music. So its really bringing the shine back to life here. But as you can see this is really a time consuming process.
I spent a lot of time just on that one little 12 inch by 12 inch section and for us to bill. What were able to build per man hour on a wash and a wax on a large rig. We would have to charge a lot of money to do gel coat restoration and no matter what i do to this rig that is going to come back in six months.
So i can get it looking good right now. But is it really worth my time to spend all this time polishing out the front end of this coach just for it to look good for a few months. This client was willing to pay.
But its not a good investment in my opinion because im gonna have to keep coming out and youre gonna have to pay me for a few hours of work just to polish the front tab. And youd be better off spending that money getting a full body payment rig. Theyll save you a lot of money down the road.
And having your detailer. Buffers music. Big tony do you like doing gelcoat restoration.
We get it done what we have to get it done music. I hope you enjoyed todays video. If you want to see more rv related content.
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how to remove oxidation from rv fiberglass-3
how to remove oxidation from rv fiberglass-3

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