April 19, 2021

Individual Traits and Organizations

which kind of organization is more likely to feature employees who suffer from role ambiguity? This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you Individual Traits and Organizations. Following along are instructions in the video below:
m danny walker welcome to my channel. Im a virtual stylist and a pageant pageant coach so today were going to talk about what miss usa should have to miss universe. I also have a similar episode about what the 2020.
Miss usa contestants should wear to miss usa. So check that one out if you love fashion and also subscribe to this channel and hit the notifications bell. If you love watching content like this because i come out with new episodes every single week and sometimes i release bonus episodes.
So thats why you want to hit those notifications. So you know when those ones come out too. And also follow me on social media.
At danny walker. If you want lots more weekly encouragement business or beauty tips. This episode was requested by subscribers.
So if you have any requests for new episodes make sure to leave those suggestions in the comments below or just dm me on instagram. I want to start this off by saying that this episode is just for fun. I know from experience that being a part of the usa organization.
You have limited options for your evening gowns. Especially because sherry hill is the sponsor. So really you can only choose from sherry hill gowns.
Most of the time for miss universe or you have to have at least one cherry hill gown and i know that that changes things also that your evening gown. Its personal to you so. If you have a certain vision.
And thats what you go for then that is what ends up on that stage and i just want to say totally recognize that but i just thought that this would be a cool episode to play stylist. So lets start with miss usa. 2015.
Olivia jordan. Olivia was the most recent. Miss usa to get the closest to the miss universe crown well aside from nia.
But nias not in this episode. Because im only doing the past five title holders. So sorry nia love you just want to recognize you were also first runner up for miss universe.
But olivia jordan was second runner up for miss universe and absolutely love her and what i wish to have seen on her is to highlight some of her awesome features and for me thats her legs. If you think olivia has killer legs comment legs down below. I want to see how many comments we can get on this because i think that shes just fabulous take a look at this this is exhibit a look at exhibit a okay fabulous okay.
Amazing all right exhibit b once again beautiful legs. So especially because shes got all that height. I would love to have seen her in a slit the gown that she wore for miss universe was a burtle brida gown that was her final gown.
She wore sherry hill for the preliminaries and i think that the sherry hill prelim dress was a lot more fitting for what we had seen of olivia at miss usa. So it made sense to see her in that bright color that big silhouette and i was like okay. Okay makes sense a little bit safe.
But you know we thought that she was gonna do pretty well anyways. So she can get away with her safe dress for prelims. But for finals.
I was like i wanted to see something like bam like wow. And because shes got these killer legs. That weve seen.
This is the style that i would love to have seen her in something a little bit more like this like boom check it out i like the bold color of this because she looks so great in these bright tones and we would see her dressed in these all the time so like why not love the slit. I love were keeping with that theme of that big skirt that did so well at her national competition. I didnt do any low drop neck for this one i really didnt think it needs it because.
Olivia is sexy enough on her own and i think with such a high slit like whoa. Theres a lot. Its a lot going on i would have liked to have seen just an emphasis on her blue eyes keep her lip shade nice neutral type of pink just like this in this image and then have just a softer curl.
I feel like when olivia competes. We see a lot of those really tighter or more voluminous pageant curls on her and i actually like this relaxed look a little bit more because theres a lot going on with this dress. And i would have paired it with some nice kind of like over the top stud earrings like really rhinestone encrusted.
I think that those would have been super fun to see yay. I feel like were walking through my dream closet right now like welcome to dannys dream closet that should be an episode that should be something i dont know what thats for. But i like it next.
We have deshawna. Miss usa 2016. So deshawna once again she has got so much height so much legs.
Oh. My gosh she shows up to miss universe in two red gowns. So one for prelims one for finals.
I felt a little bit underwhelmed by those styles. I thought the prelim style that the color of it was it was popping on her skin. And i loved that and then for the finals.
I just feel like it didnt sparkle so much and i dont i frankly. I dont even know why that is not even sure. But i did really like the idea of red on her so if i was dressing to shauna.
This is something that i would have loved to put her in this style to me. Its its so fun. And what i like about deshaun is she talked a lot about women in the military during her reign.
But she talked about women being able to do both things like we are strong and we are beautiful and so i would have really capitalized actually on that softer side. But if yall. Notice look at this major change look at her hair.
So. I saw pictures of dashanna with this short hairstyle on her instagram you know like this past year. I dont know within the last year.
And i loved it i think its so hard to rock a short hairstyle and if you can youre just so stunning. So when i saw this hair. I was like oh.
My gosh could you have imagined it because deshawna just i feel like you know she broke so many barriers. I loved it for her farewell. She wore her afro on stage.
You know she talked about that her mom wanted to see her in that and she did it and i was like could you imagine if deshawna would have showed up at miss universe with this short hair showing off that face and then still with the red like i really did actually like that red on her like i said. But also this extremely embellished and encrusted bodice that was just killer. And then once again with that height show off that slitch off those legs.
A little bit and have this like beautiful massive flowing chiffon on stage. Oh my gosh like this look. And if you notice some of the stones that are kind of set in gold.
So i just would have done a nice like gold little earring to complement that i would have loved to have seen her walk out on stage with this short hairstyle because i just think its so fabulous like its getting me really excited right now yes just comment like yes. If you think so too because im im obsessed with it cairo. Wore two different gowns and she wore yellow for prelims which i was first i was excited i was like oh my gosh yellow.
But i dont know i just didnt love that yellow maybe just like the shade of yellow. And i really really wanted to see her hair down so then when i saw her for finals. When she had her hair up didnt hate the hair up so much because that mandarin collar.
Its so much higher and then all of a sudden. We see this like sexy low open bodice and i was like whoa okay kyras stepping out so i actually really liked where they were going with this. But i didnt like that it was that we had like a high neck.
All of the boobs out and then like such a slit and so much likes for me. It was a little bit much so i actually wanted to go a different way and cover her up a little bit more. But keep that low drop neck.
And it kind of reminded me of brittany mcgowans gown that she wore to miss usa. So heres a little look that i put together for kyra once again keeping with that extremely stoned bodice keeping that low neck. But im kind of covering everything else so no slit long sleeves.
Honestly just to add more bling to it and then i would have loved some sort of soft little chiffon cape. Not the kind that comes all the way around the waist. But the kind that just sits on your back.
If you all know what im talking about so just to bring be seen as being more reliable than their less stable counterparts extraversion refers to a persons comfort level. With relationships. Extroverts are sociable talkative.
Assertive and open to establishing new relationships. Introverts are less sociable talkative and sensitive and reluctant to begin new relationships for this particular trait. The opposite version is given named introversion.
An introvert tends to be less comfortable in social situations. Finally openness reflects a persons ability or beliefs in range of interests. People with high levels of openness are willing to listen to new ideas and to change their own ideas beliefs and attitudes in response to new information on the other hand people with low levels of openness tend to be less receptive to new ideas and less willing to change their minds.
The big5 framework continues to attract the attention of both researchers and managers the potential value of this framework is that it encompasses an integrated set of traits that appear to be a valid predictor of certain behaviors in certain situations thus managers who can both understand the framework and assess these traits and their employees are in a good position to understand how and why they behave as they do a limitation of the big5 framework is that its primarily based on research conducted in the united states thus generalizing it to other cultures. Presents unanswered questions even within the united states a variety of other factors and traits are also likely to affect behavior in organizations. Many people know of this framework through a widely used questionnaire called the myers briggs type indicator or mbti more than two million people worldwide take the self assessment inventory every year its based on carl jungs work in psychological types psychologist.
Carl jung was a contemporary of sigmund freud and leading exponent of the gestalt personality theory. The mbti was first developed by isabel briggs myers and her mother caroline cooks briggs to help people better understand themselves and to understand each other so that they could find work that matches their personality. They put jungs concepts into everyday language.
Isabel myers. 1980. Book gifts differing and her philosophy of celebrating individual differences encourage the workplace diversity movement.
The mbti uses four scales with opposite poles to assess four sets of preferences. The four scales. Include the following.
The first is extraversion and introversion extroverts are energized by things and people they are interactors and on the i think errs whose motto is ready fire aim interferes find energy in ideas concepts and abstractions they can be social. But also need quiet time to recharge their batteries they are reflective thinkers. Whose motto is ready aim aim sensing an intuition is the next continuum sensing people are more detail oriented.
They want to trust the facts intuitive people seek out patterns and relationships among the facts that theyve learned they trust their intuition and look at the big picture. The next continuum is the thinking feeling continuum thinkers value fairness and decide things in partially based on objective criteria. And logic feelers value harmony and focus on human values and needs as they make decisions or judgments.
The fourth and final continuum is the judging perceiving continuum. Judging. People are decisive and tend to plan they focus on completing tasks take action quickly and want to know the essentials they develop plans and follow them adhering to deadlines.
Perceptive people are adaptable. Spontaneous and curious they start. Many tasks and often find it difficult to complete them deadlines are meant to be stretched the possible combinations of these preferences.
Result in sixteen personality types. Which are identified by the four letters that represents ones tendencies on all the four scales. Although the framework and the myers briggs instrument were not developed or intended to be used to identify personality traits and label people too often this is done with the results this is problematic as it can lead to discrimination in poor career counseling employers should not hire fire or assign employees on personality types because the mbti is not a reliable source of identifying a persons type.
When retested even after intervals as short as five weeks as many as 50 of people are classified into a different type. There is little support for the claim that the mbti can justify job discrimination or be a reliable aid to someone seeking career advice. The mbti is become so popular that its likely that everyone will encounter it during their career.
It can be a fun team building tool for illustrating some of the ways that people differ. But it should not be used for making organizational decisions. Including hiring and promotions among the most important our locus of control self efficacy self esteem authoritiesm makaveli ism tolerance for risk and ambiguity type a and type b traits and tendencies to bully the role of the situation is very important in these traits locus of control is the extent to which people believe that their behavior has a real effect on what happens to them self efficacy is our confidence in our ability to cope perform and be successful on a specific task self efficacy is a key factor influencing motivation and engagement in an activity self efficacy has been found to reduce the negative effect of low job.
Autonomy on psychological and physical stress. General self efficacy reflects. A generalized belief that we will be successful at whatever challenges or tasks that we might face because self efficacy and general self efficacy are related to setting higher goals persisting in the face of obstacles and performing better.
Its important for you to maintain a positive sense of self efficacy self efficacy is even related to developing your skills setting more challenging goals seeking social. Support and persisting longer in the face of challenges that can help you build self efficacy self esteem refers to the feelings of self worth or liking or disliking ourselves. Research suggests that self esteem is strongly related to motivational processes.
Such as specific self efficacy self set goals and effort as well as emotional processes. Such as anxiety and regulating emotions. Self esteem is positively related to job performance and to learning.
Another important personality. Characteristic is authoritiesm the extent to which a person believes that power and status differences are appropriate within hierarchical social systems. Such as organizations.
The term makaveli ism is used to describe behavior directed at gaining power and controlling the behavior of others more machiavelli anil emotional may be willing to lie to attain personal goals. And put little emphasis on loyalty and friendship and enjoy manipulating others behaviors. Les machiavelli and individuals are more emotional.
Less. Willing to lie to succeed value loyalty and friendship. Highly and get little personal pleasure from manipulating others to other closely related traits our tolerance for risk.
And tolerance for ambiguity tolerance for risk. Also called risk. Propensity is the degree to which a person is comfortable accepting risk willing to take chances and to make risky decisions tolerance for ambiguity reflects the tendency to view ambiguous situations as either threatening or desirable in tolerance for ambiguity reflects a tendency to perceive or interpret vague incomplete or fragmented.
Information or information with multiple inconsistent or contradictory meanings. As an actual. Put or potential source of psychological discomfort or threat.
Youve probably heard of a different pair of personality types called type. A and type b. The type a personality type is impatient competitive.
Ambitious and uptight the type b personality is more relaxed and easygoing and less overly competitive than type a type b are not without stress. But they confront challenges with external threats with less frequency. Few people have extreme type a or type b.
Personality types instead people tend to lean towards one or another. This is reflected by the overlap between the profiles that you can see between type. A and type b personalities understanding these personality types of your co.
Workers and your boss can help you to better understand and manage this potential source of work conflicts. Recognizing your personality type can help you to identify work situations that are good fits for you there are many types of intelligence or mental abilities. Including general mental ability information processing capacity verbal ability and emotional intelligence general mental ability is the capacity to rapidly and fluently acquire process and apply information it involves a reasoning remembering understanding and problem solving associated with an increased ability to acquire process and synthesize information.
And has been defined simply as the ability to learn the strong association between measures of general mental. Ability and performance in a wide variety of tasks domains is one of the most consistent findings in the field of organizational behavior information processing capacity involves the manner in which individuals process and organize information information processing capacity also helps explain differences between experts and novices on task learning and performance as experts. Possess and organize information more effectively and accurately the novices mental ability tests typically use computerized or paper and pencil test formats to assess general mental abilities including verbal or mathematical reasoning logic and perceptual abilities because scores on these tests can predict a persons ability to learn in training or on the job be adaptable and solve problems and tolerate routine their predictive value may increase given the trend towards jobs.
Requiring innovation. Continual training and non routine problem solving despite being easy to use and one of the most valid selection methods for all jobs mental ability tests produce differences larger than other methods that are also valid predictors of job performance such as structured interviews. Although the reasons for the different results are not fully understood.
Its thought that factors including culture access to preparation programs and different tests. Motivation levels could be important factors. Because hiring discrimination can be legally problematic when using mental ability tests its best to evaluate the effect of mental ability tests on protected groups before using them on job candidates expert.
Daniel goleman defines emotional intelligence as the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others for motivating ourselves. And for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships. He describes five dimensions of ai.
That include three personal competencies self awareness self regulation and motivation. And two social competencies. Empathy and social skills.
Lets define these. Five dimensions comprising emotional. Intelligence.
Self awareness is being aware of what youre feeling. Self motivation. Is persisting in the face of obstacles setbacks and failures.
Self management. Means. Managing your own emotions and impulses.
While empathy is sensing. How others are feeling and social skills are effectively handling the emotions of others emotional intelligence involves using emotional regulatory processes to control anxiety and other negative emotional reactions and to generate positive emotional reactions. There is some controversy associated with emotional intelligence.
Some have argued that its theoretical conceptualization is unclear because its overly inclusive lack specificity and encompasses both static trait components and malleable state components. Its not clear. If its simply a learned skill or an innate capacity.
Several researchers have also argued that he i is simply a surrogate for general intelligence and well established personality traits. However. A number of recent studies.
Have supported the usefulness of emotional intelligence. Ai. Has been found to be related to and yet distinct from personality dimensions and various measures of ai.
Provided incremental predictive power regarding life satisfaction and job performance even after controlling for the big five personality dimensions. Emotional intelligence relates to job performance adjustment to stressful situations and pro social behaviors. Learning styles refer to individual differences and preferences in how we process.
Information. When problem. Solving learning or engaging in similar activities.
One approach addresses. Our preference for sensory modality. A sensory modality is a system that interacts with the environment through one of the basic senses.
The most important sensory modalities are visual. Which is learning by seeing auditory. Which is learning by hearing tactile.
Which is learning by touching and kinesthetic. Which is learning by doing. According to researchers about twenty to thirty percent of american students are auditory about 40 are visual and the remaining 30 to 40 are either tactile kinesthetic visual.
Tactile or some combination of the above major senses. A second approach to understanding learning styles. The clob learning inventory is one of the more dominant approaches to categorizing cognitive styles.
According to david clob. The four basic learning modes are active experimentation reflective observation concrete experience in abstract conceptualization clob. Suggests that there are four basic learning styles converge depend primarily on active experimentation in abstract conceptualization to learn divert jers depend primarily on concrete experience and reflective observation assimilators depend on abstract conceptualization and reflective observation and accommodators rely.
Mainly on active experimentation and concrete experience and focus on risk taking opportunity seeking in action. Although. Much has been written about cognitive learning styles.
There are still wide gaps in our current understanding. There are many differences in how styles are conceptualized. And there have been numerous criticisms of clubs measures and the underlying theory.
Despite these limitations evidence suggests that cognitive and learning styles may be important for understanding human behavior and performance in a variety of contexts finally a learning style orientation measure to address some of the limitations of clubs inventory. Identified five key factors discovery learning is an inclination for exploration during learning experiential learning is a desire for hands on approaches to instruction. Observational learning is a preference for external stimuli.
Such as demonstrations and diagrams that help to facilitate. Learning. Structured.
Learning is a preference for processing strategies. Such as taking notes writing down. Task steps.
And so forth and finally. Group. Learning is a preference to work with others while learning learning styles or individual differences in preferences.
And how we process information. When problem solving learning or engaging in similar activities are also important individual differences in preference and there are numerous type ologies measures and models that capture them you music. .

which kind of organization is more likely to feature employees who suffer from role ambiguity?-0
which kind of organization is more likely to feature employees who suffer from role ambiguity?-0

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