November 29, 2020

Kid’s Hooded Towel Tutorial – DIY

hooded towels for big kids This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Kids Hooded Towel Tutorial – DIY. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Im katie with the telling stitch comm today im going to teach you you how to make a kids hooded towel my oldest daughter loves wearing them especially getting out of the pool or at the beach maybe even after bath time theyre super simple and id love to teach you how to make them lets get started for todays project. Youre going to need a cutting mat. A ruler scissors.
A rotary cutter a marking tool. I prefer a sharpie because it shows up better on the towel pins a regular size towel. You can use a bath towel of each towel whichever you prefer you need a coordinating hand towel to go with it as well were going to use our sewing machine.
And youll need matching thread. Im going to use cream threads. It just is easier for you to be able to see the stitches.
Im going to do the first thing that were going to do is form the hood of the towel. So grab your hand towel open it up long ways. Were going to lay it down on our mat.
Here and were going to cut out four inches. So we want to take off four inches from the long end here so im going to measure with my ruler. So theres our four inches measure and im going to take my sharpie.
This is where i wanted my sharpie that i could see pretty well where i marked. Im just going to start one end are all the way down finish marking down here. Okay.

hooded towels for big kids-0
hooded towels for big kids-0

So now that we have the towel mark where we need to cut it like this im going to cut it so if you have a rotary cutter. You can take your ruler. You can line it up and use your rotary cutter or if you have scissors.
You just marked it so you can just cut right down that line. So im going to cut. It real quick here.
Oh wait down rotary cutter trying to get the sharpie part on the little orange is that cutting off so that thats not a part of our new hood. Were down a little bit. Ill finish up a few places where my little blade is neck.
Were good so. The forum says you just cut off as your scrap will throw that away and now were going to form our hood so with the right sides of it together of your towel. So im going to put the raw edge that we just cut up at the top here.
So with the right side. This is the right side of the fabric. You want to line it up edge to edge and then were going to pin.
It so were going to start where the edges meet right here and were going to pin. All the way down this line because thats where were going to sew. This is actually the back of the hood.

hooded towels for big kids-1
hooded towels for big kids-1

So im going to do a few pins here. I always make my pins. So that when im sewing.
So im going to put it in through the machine. This way. I always put my pins.
So that i can just pull them out just like this it makes it super easy. Especially when youre sewing to not have to worry about pins having to get all messed up in your machine. So there we have it we have our hood.
Its all pinned up and ready to sell now were going to sell the hood of the towel. The best way to do this is use the zig zag stitch instead of using a serger we can use a zig zag stitch. And it will keep it from fraying too much im going to use a half inch seam allowance.
So ive got it in there. Im going to sew a couple of stitches. And sometimes you might have to help go through a little bit just because its a lot of fabric.
I did a few forward now im going to do a couple backwards to tack. It in place and were going to get going here make sure you take out your pins as you go cuz. You dont want your pins stuck under your needle keep stopping pulling out my pens time at the end.

hooded towels for big kids-2
hooded towels for big kids-2

Im gonna go all the way to the end and then im gonna attack back a couple of stitches and then my machine cuts for me if yours doesnt cut it just pull it out cut it off with your little scissors and youre done so at the end so weve stitched it all up. Were at the corner up here this is the point of your hood. You want to cut that off just a little bit dont cut through your stitches.
Just cut a little bit of the corner off. So that when we turn it inside out that corner will be easy to poke through here. So im going to turn the hood inside out.
And there we have it so this is the steam that we just did it this is the back of a hood and heres the front of your hood. So next. Were going to tack.
This part of the hood onto the big part of the towel. Were almost done now were going to attach our hit to our towel. So grab your towel.
Have it folded in half. The best way to do this is have it folded in half. And were going to find the center here we go on the find the center of my towel.
Im just going to put a pin there so i put a colored pin right in the center. There we go and now were going to open it back up here point. You know where the center of our hut.

hooded towels for big kids-3
hooded towels for big kids-3

Is so with the right sides of both towels together. So. This is the right side of the top of the big towel and then this is the right side of the hood.
Were going to match the centers so theres the center. Im going to put another pin right here in the center and im going to work my way in each direction. So im going to go this way first and out okay the other direction.
Than you are now that the hood is pinned to the larger towel. We can sew them together again im going to do this exact stitch. Though both of your edges are finished.
I figure just stick with the zig zag stitch. Gives it a cool little texture so were going to do the half inch seam allowance. Again and remember take your pins out.
Before your sewing needle hits them. Im going to go ahead and take that first needle out so my zig zag stitch. I gonna have to help it along just a little bit im gonna backstitch to get in there good here we go when you get to that center seam.
Make sure you take out that original pen that was marking the center take out your new pin. And then you can fold over the previous seam from your hood to one side just stitch right over that stitching. It down gonna be a little bit oh get to the end again.
Were going to stitch all the way up to the end and were going to back stitch to hold it in place cut our thread. I always like to trim up my little bread pieces to make it look nice and neat on the back the front ill trim top and there you have it your hooded towel. My dad is going to love this towel especially because its purple if you want more sewing tips you can always visit my blog at telling stitch.
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hooded towels for big kids-4
hooded towels for big kids-4

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