January 24, 2021

Killing Floor 2 | PLAY WHAT YOU CRAFT! – Is Crafting Better Than Buying Keys? (For Me… no)

killing floor 2 how to get keys This is a topic that many people are looking for. voteyesons.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, voteyesons.org would like to introduce to you Killing Floor 2 | PLAY WHAT YOU CRAFT! – Is Crafting Better Than Buying Keys? (For Me… no). Following along are instructions in the video below:
Right whatever one crafty finder here into there playing smore. I killing a flora flora 2. And were going to be doing something very similar to play wash unbox.
Were going to be doing play what you craft. So hopefully. The luck is going to be a little bit better you know in crafting than unboxing stuff.
Okay. Some of you might remember it just before i actually went on vacation. I did post on the community tab that this could be like a coolest video.
When i come back and i did say you guys can be like a part of this if you want to contribute any you know businesses skins and and some of you were generous enough to actually do that so here are the names of all the people that contributed anything and the first one the dead was beta banded for some usbs then we have alien for two rare skins. We have is greasy for a bunch of weapon skins. We have met ram for an uncommon material.
So we have sleepyhead for a whole bunch of aaa 12s in a scar skin. We have the lenny face dude for a bunch of material. Miss maggie is for an ar 15 skin.
We have 0 for a usb and a skin. We have pg format c. For skins and cosmetics.
We have im up for some skins. Masteries and for a dollar skin out of all things next up. We have infernal rs45.
Exceptional materials and a scar and he did say i you know have to use it i cant craft it down. So thats exactly what im gonna do then we also have weird crate for some materials and headbands. We have jelly a1 for a whole lot of crates and usbs and skins.
And like that and finally we have alex goes newb for double x. The skins and a bunch of other random stuff so today. Were going to be crafting these things down and see what were going to get ok.
And i must give a huge shout out to hyper his link is going to be in the description. I know i didnt put them in the community tab. But i dont know why the idiot made the whole witty about it i mean what the hell couldnt you just wait for the video jesus christ.
So this is going to be a one time series. I think im not going to be doing this i mean i could if you guys really want to watch this. But im probably going to do this once every month.
Maybe two months dependent to watch this link in the description to hyper channel. He has a thing called crafting to glory. He just wants to like a cooler skin.
So be sure to check that out and im probably not going to be you know sitting here and you know individually clicking anything and recording yet. Im just going to be destroying everything down and after that lets see what im actually going to get ok. So i crafted everything down and here we go i got 50 of these.
8 of these. 10 of these and 17 of these for the weapon skins. And im also going to be doing some cosmetics.
I mean i can just do like three of these and one of these probably and thats going to be it so lets start this okay first uncommon to to some weapon. Lets see what were gonna get okay k12. I can probably just like recycle this because its like a useless as skin okay second one please give me id noticed anything because im college is going to recycle it because the of course battle scarred.
Why the hell not and another one please at least be min come on i just want some luck battle scarred as per usual. I mean i should rename this channel to the battle. Scarred freaking king.
I mean this doesnt even make sense for anything. Oh mint too bad im just going to have to recycle it but okay last uncommon weapons skin lets see what were going to get probably because you can get like anything good out of you know uncommon material anyway so rest in pieces okay. Now lets move on to this let it be something is this like the door skins.
I know its going to be the rare one and its going to be a battle scarred predator nice.

killing floor 2 how to get keys-0
killing floor 2 how to get keys-0

Im just going to go to this one and please give me something this and come on mint. I shouldnt even like gamble in this game. Its just pointless to be completely honest.
But i can please game. This is going to be the best one i mean this skin if it was in mint. It would actually look kind of cool you know the vertebrae jesus christ of course.
Its going to be field tested. So i guess were going to be playing with the hx and were going to be playing with the sg 500 to the cosmetics and whatever i get i have to wear please dont give me of course. Its going to be a headband.
Why would you not give me a headband. Okay lets craft more cosmetics can i get a body cap default thing okay lets craft one more of these and then were going to one rare one and of course. This is going to be a schemas glue would you know it okay.
This is going to be the cosmetic. Im going to be wearing please dont let it be ill when headphones white this ive never had this before i dont even know what the hell this looked like just the second kench truster. Even have him oh.
He can okay you know what doesnt look that have bad that mean shame. I dont have like a hat on but kind of cool. Okay.
You know what im actually going to test. My luck again with the hx. Im going to recycle it and then im going to craft another master crafted weapon.
Okay. Lets see what other master crafted are we going to get pleasement. Why did i craft down just why did i think its going to be like more awesome like im so done with this so change of plans.
Were going to be playing at this. Support and then were going to be the commando nice and here. We freakin go lets just go and start to the support and then which is going to be moving on to the commando and im probably going to use the ak.
12. Fully upgraded for the boss and for the upgrade of the bullpup for mid waves. And yeah.
This is the hg 500 skin the predator and it doesnt look like jack because its freaking battle scott which you know it my god i mean i dont have luck in this game like at all i mean i dont have luck. Im not going to argue with that i just dont have luck in unboxing things have a grenade stupid stealth man oh yeah this skin its just like overall just boring. I mean just look at it its just so bad.
Okay. Sg 500. Sell you and lets just go and check out the command this freaking weaponry.
Okay should i upgrade the bullpup once for all going to do that reload that and skip. The trader. Okay you know what for a battle.
Scarred. Ski. And this doesnt actually look all that half bad.
Lets just see if its going to like perform a bit better than i remember it okay spoiler is go away no one likes you stupid ass widgets fenders in core fasts. Okay. I just like want to reload cancel.
There. I totally forgot that was out of commission. And thats a lot of stealth man right behind.
So a free grenade for your isis and fetch it spinner and other stealth man because reasons okay what do we care we got a spider more spiders more stalkers chopper dude tell for students and his really probably trapped me. And he failed good job man good braking job and im going to have to suddenly put you down. If youre going to cooperate.
And hes dead.

killing floor 2 how to get keys-1
killing floor 2 how to get keys-1

I always did like the commander perk. Its just such a satisfying verdict to play just once you get like those headshots going. Its pretty cool.
The last dude alive is the figure. Oh. And shes dead.
My god. This was something else okay let me just upgrade. This thing once more and i reload everything and we should be fine.
Okay. Lets see what the times to upgrade a bullpup is actually going to do i mean. Its going to be like a one shot for the pecos and clones as per usual.
But i just want to test it out on something like a flash phone maybe like a streak or something. Oh god dont shoot there trapper can you off. We did he just like trap.
Something else i mean fed all of these things are like easily avoidable. But theyre just like so annoying to make sure they just take like so much bullets. I can get killed.
I just want to go and kill the either because hes right there doesnt even care for the world. But hes here anyway and i need to reload. Because i dont have the high capacity magazine.
I dont have tactical reload just because you know reload cancelling is out. And i am going to be making the perky guide boorish into because a lot of things have changed for the products. So stay tuned for that okay we finally get like a scrape somewhere so i can test this out okay of course.
More robots. Thats why we should not want these things on your agenda. Okay.
70. Left. A whole bunch of freaking random shenanigans such as spiders in clowns and pickles.
And other random. Things okay. Lets just kill the remaining dudes and i do believe theres like two strikes left you know double the affection so lets see what we can possibly do and im probably going to like run out of ammunition while killing ones.
Thats going to be sad probably need to go and snatch. A box and here we have this dude. Okay it kind of near enough kill them.
But now i need to just go and find an ammo box. Okay we have one piece of ammunition. Lets just go.
And reload. This thing and kill him if hes even going to cooperate. Well.
Hes dead okay. There is like the other scratch letters going shoot them a little bit. And the recoil is very freakin bad.
So lets just keep on going okay we get some more ammunition. It was kind of easy to find so lets just go and kill the scrape. Okay then hes dead.
I mean. Its got a powerful and keep in mind. Im only like a level 12 commando okay lets go sell the winchester for the upgrade.
The bullpup and lets just go oh.

killing floor 2 how to get keys-2
killing floor 2 how to get keys-2

I cant even buy it whoops when the resting places for that lets just skip the trader and keep on go the ak 12. Im probably just going to fully upgrade for the boss wave. Which is going to be kind of nice so lets see what we can do on way for with the bullpup.
I can definitely feel the damage increase by a lot. Which is kinda nice. I can we get like some quarter pounds.
I do believe a husband because you can never have enough of these things running around okay. I do hear those e doors. Theyre going to be annoying as hell.
And the fidgets panelist of course. And there is already a quarter pound right behind can you just roll off and go. And there he goes.
What im just going to throw one grenade at this dude. They ensure the move kind of works. A little bit better than just like shooting him with the pool pop back is still trying more stilt man.
Because the reasons okay these guys just like everywhere. I get what a poor that why are you everywhere like i need to just let go backwards otherwise. Im going to get my ass handed to me.
Oh yeah. Hes just like right here. He doesnt even care.
Okay just like one grenade two grenades just like if hes held down a little bit then shoot them for the head and of course are going to punch me in the process. Appreciate okay. Thats like a whole freaking world boom can you just all just go.
And the dead well fully upgraded. Bullpup with a little help of the grenades. Its actually quite a decent.
Okay. I am going to have to go for a lot of ammo boxes. Because theres a lot of scrapes and other random shenanigans they have to kill.
Ok. Adar is im going to have to sadly kill you with this because updates are a check for some reason. Now alright man.
I dont have ammunition anymore so im just going to chuck a grenade at your eyes. Didnt do anything start is going to kill you with my 9 millimeter. No you are i mean im killing strikes with a freaking ultimately thats how bads craigs actually are cant even do anything emanation what the hell are you doing greg died.
And there he goes not sure if there is like more of them hopefully not but i just like shoot the dudes weapon. I do believe with it and of course. Its going to be another freaking scrape.
You can never have enough of these i mean. I ran out of freaking ammunition. For my 9 millimeter.
Titan. Slash your ass. Okay bottom line.
Everything fully upgraded. Its pretty much like a powerhouse. Not sure why the upgrade system is even in here.
But apparently this is what it is okay lets sell this that and buy myself in a que freaking. Twelve and fully upgrade. This thing okay.
I guess i can just buy this and just like updated once i guess just to have it okay you know what it actually doesnt look like all that have bad.

killing floor 2 how to get keys-3
killing floor 2 how to get keys-3

You know that i dot is still a little bit cool. Oh i get the page you know rick nice finally a different boss. Then became flesh bone and i kept a chair.
Let me just shoot your ass. Oh god this is not doing like jack for damage. Like a paycheck.
I just have to like it on backwards and shoot you in the head or in your other weak spot. That is on the left of you even though i love this weapon for the bosses. I really dont like it opted oh just hit me through the tank thanks man.
I can shoot in you because i have nothing better to do and i need to reload. Because i dont have the high capacity max time for some good nights. Where can i kill him before hes gonna go and hell apparently not okay patriarchy can you just come here faster.
I should probably use the three round bursts on them. Because it shoots a little bit faster. I guess oh not today like if a charge is going heal.
I need to heal myself. And kill the other random things or just leveled up the commando. Its kind of cool.
Okay. Where is the dude at i cant even see him. But hes apparently coming from that direction here.
He is oh god hes just so annoying. I mean. Whats he even doing.
Yeah. Yeah. Good job man.
Who that. Oh patriarch. I mean this game.
Should be named the running simulator. Because thats pretty much what you have to do when the boss wave comes like i still have the once upgraded bullpup and its probably not going to do check to a meter. Which is the do just like following me here like i dont even know what the patriarch is doing.
But apparently hes doing random things oh god i mean 1. Theyre just annoying in most waves. But for the boss wave.
Yeah theyre even more annoying would you know it okay paid shark is right behind me. He is fully healed and i just need some ammunition and then were going to be fine. Which is still behind well of course is freaking paige here.
I collect me just shoot you and run away because thats what you do against this dude. I mean thats pretty much what you do against every boss. But you get the point patriarchy.
I dont like your face can you just die like apparently he doesnt want to die. I mean that would be my choice. If i had the choice boy oh.
Hes doing his machine gun. But do i care. I dont think i do oh we have more more useless.
Tacks good good on you man good on you and now. Hes going to punch the air and hes probably going to die through okay. Im just gonna die.
Him just for the sake are we apparently the knife just freakin destroy them. But yeah. This was pretty much hey if you guys enjoyed live like subscribe and see you guys next episode adios.

killing floor 2 how to get keys-4
killing floor 2 how to get keys-4

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