January 24, 2021

Lifeproof Nuud For IPhone 6/6s Unboxing/Review/Water Test

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s up guys. Im i can go with another video and today we are are going to unbox the lifeproof nuud for the iphone 6 6s. I think eyes i just picked up i just picked up some this case that is waterproof shockproof.
Well. Its its lifeproof. So shockproof snow proof dirt proof and waterproof.
And yeah guys so i picked. This case up from best buy for 90 bucks plus. Tax.
Almost 100. And yes. So yeah.
So this lets just not waste any time. Lets get right into the video. Okay lets get back to the topic.
Alright alright. Let me just put up here hi guys. So now lets just start opening this box hisle says new 6 and this is the lifeproof nuud.
Which means it doesnt have no screen protector thing. And its still waterproof isnt that cool yeah. I know it is cool right.
And theres a picture of me and all those things bike you know that yeah semantics. I guys opened it open this up there guys. God is the case which looks absolutely amazing.
Theres some stuff. Its compatible with i think and yes and yes opening all right so opening that up there you guys go.

lifeproof iphone 6 nuud teal-0
lifeproof iphone 6 nuud teal-0

Theres nothing in there. So lets put that to the side and in here there this lifeproof nuud for the iphone 6 i add loose take this off alright guys. There it is as you can see no strip detector.
Well get that in a bit. Well get there in a bit. Actually and then you got this fake iphone.
That came with it. Oh yeah. And it has instructions to how to put the case on which will be there in a bad way and then you got your water test unit.
So before you put your before you put your phone in there. Put. This first put it for 30 minutes.
In a cup. Oh yeah. After that you get a nice white lifeproof mic pro.
Rather than i dont know guys to wipe your spring. Before you put it and right there its a program such id per. Manufacturer instructions before you install the case and of course your backplate will get that the well get there in a bit and you get a optional scratch protective.
You should i dont know why i said scratches to just said screen protector. But you know whatever its there so if you if you guys dont want your cases to be like just a screen just put a scrim sector in case you dont scratches on it. But in my case.
Im not putting that and then right there the owners manual manual manual so thats not it you also get this thing weird too just like that and thats all there is in the box. Do that all right. So lets put all this back this side.
Lets put all this stuff aside guys and on the case itself all right sorry guys all right so. Heres the case itself.

lifeproof iphone 6 nuud teal-1
lifeproof iphone 6 nuud teal-1

Nice. See as you can see no screen protector nothing at all nada neddy all right so lets put the phone here i got iphone 6. I spoke so lets put the iphone 6s in here up that in place or before you do that they actually recommend you to get the microfiber cloth thingy and swipe your screen.
But im not gonna do that because you know so im just gonna wipe. It like this and make sure. Theres nothing on your screen.
No dust nothing. Once you have done that put it in like this like that so pop that in there. Nice and good make sure this nice and tight make sure not to drop it get your other plate put it on top tighten.
It up together just like that sorry guys if im taking wrong here. And you close this thing to flat and the thing. That was there i dont know what happened to that ill be right back alright guys.
Im back i found it alright. So so you see there this i so now that you slept everything back in then you are done basically yeah. I got so there it is theres how it looks like the lifeproof nuud.
Youre touching youre touching your bare screen. Which is awesome. Thats what i love about that guys and yeah now i gotta say this looks nice this looks nice guys this definitely looks nice the back it looks nice guys that looks nice to be honest for a waterproof case that looks nice that definitely looks nice right hi guys.
So there is the white case with the black home not bad alright guys. So there it is the volume buttons. There principle theyre not hard at all and volume switch.
Yeah not bad guys not bad. And and these are a little recessed of these. But the earphones wont work the your pots will work.
But if you have headphones like beads or some like that they wont work thats why they give you this so when you open the charge support thing this open this you open it and then you put this in there. And you twist.

lifeproof iphone 6 nuud teal-2
lifeproof iphone 6 nuud teal-2

It and once its hard and its all twisted pull your headphone jack here. Were good to go. And yeah.
If you get a waterproof earphones plug it in here youre good to go you could go inside the pool listen to music because this is waterproof s. Also as well alright guys so now. It is time to do a water test because without it what it says why would the video even like you know like theres no purpose of this video without a water test.
So this is doing a blood test right now hi guys so there it is so i got myself a bucket of water there. And yeah so just this is good right then lets get the phone itself alright guys. The phone whoops make sure everything is nice and tight here alright leashes.
Every person tight. Yeah. Lets just put it in the water.
Just like that get a cup put it down. There i got you guys some seat put up i think eyes can see its in the water. See you guys on believe me look see its in the water just put.
It lets go down here. Its in there alright. Oh there it is guys so im gonna leave this here for 30 minutes and see if any water leak hi guys so its been 30 minutes.
Its time to take out the thing from the water alright guys. So heres the phone take it out of the water put the water down. There is the phone and im playing guys there alright so i see your giant list.
So this is out with my shirt. Why not right alright so licious right here and there it is so lets take off the case and see how it did if you guys see some water. Like some water drops in the phone on the phone.
Well dont worry thats thats norm. Okay cuz.

lifeproof iphone 6 nuud teal-3
lifeproof iphone 6 nuud teal-3

Like when you take off the case. Some water gets in alright. But thats normal so lets just take this out youre gonna need a corn to take this out.
But okay alright so you get off the case you see water right there but thats normal because i opened the case and it did that and pop the phone out clean it clean the screen and absolutely no water on the phone nice alright guys. So that was a water test of the iphone of the lifeproof nuud for iphone 6 also made for the success. I know a lot of you guys say its its not it doesnt fit.
But i just gave you guys proof guys. So yeah guys that is my unboxing and review and water.d says please subscribe like and comment for more videos.
Tell me down in the comment section below. And if you choose to get it or not why or why not and yeah guys so so far. I give this case and a pass.
I give this case a 10 out of 10 guys. This is one of the best cases drones. I believe on sale for forty eight ninety.
Nine forty nine dollars plus x. 15. 50.
Something who knows but regular price is 100. But yeah i got it for 100. But you know sucks for me.
But you know whatever i guys so. Please subscribe like and comment. Hope you guys enjoy this video.
And ill see you again in my next video. I think eyes piece .

lifeproof iphone 6 nuud teal-4
lifeproof iphone 6 nuud teal-4

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