December 3, 2020

Lumee iPhone 6splus Light Up Case Unboxing+Review|Light Up Your Life

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Hey welcome back back to my channel for those of you who dont know me. I ams you are new to my channel make sure that you subscribe and join the brit family because we would enjoy you and its free and i am very entertaining. And did i mention that its free so you should probably check me out hit that subscribe button.
So i come and see you guys later at night. I was about to go to sleep wet hair. It all come on here really quickly and show you guys my review on my brand new loony iphone case so for those of you who dont know i have been awaiting this case for forever.
I ordered it november 4th. I kid you not ive been waiting for forever. And i just forgot it last week january 5th.
On a tuesday. Oh sternum zone. I did record my unbox and now make sure i keep that like in the corner.
So you guys can see what it looks like all packaged up and all that stuff in the other. But i wanted to you know give it a good week before i did the review. So i would have time to like test it out and show you guys how much i liked it so thats the reason.
Why im doing it a week later uh huh. So for those of you who dont know what room. He is lumi is the newest trend when it comes to phone cases.
And the reason for this is because it lights up. Ill do a closer for it before you guys in a little bit. But so this is what my case looks like this is it right here.
And i did get it in the color rose gold. So this is one of the main reasons. Why it took so long to get here because when i ordered it i know in the fourth.
It was actually ordered for pre order like it wasnt even available yet in rose bold and i believe there was like another color.

lumee case iphone 6s plus-0
lumee case iphone 6s plus-0

It was like rose well done in another color that were for the 6s plus. That werent available quite. Yet so you could pre order it so i preorder it november 4th.
And they said that i was supposed to get it shipped december 5th. But then the summer fifth comes around and i get an email thing that they were backordered at that point. I am quite understand it but they were like is backordered so its gonna be shipped december 20th.
Which is my birthday so i was excited so then december 20th came around and they were like were sorry. Its still like backward. So youre not gonna get it until the first week of january which at this point.
I was fine completely fine with it because you know i had waited that long already so why not another week. So anyways. It was definitely worth the wait ill tell you that much im not disappointed.
I absolutely love this case. So now they do have it available and like hot pink blue green white. The rose gold so theres an infinite amount of colors for you guys.
I believe i do have it available for pretty much all the iphones and i do know they have for like the samsung phones. So if you are interested make sure you check it out because they have plenty of them i dont even think that at this point. It would take you a long time to get yours now.
Because you know because the holidays are over. And i think they have a really good stock now so i think you would probably get it pretty quickly compared to what i did so this is what it looks like on the actual phone and i love it because i love the way that it makes the phone like thicker. I know that probably wont be for everybody.
But i love having like bigger phones because its so much easier for me to find in my purse. And all that good stuff. Pardon.
Me i just got a message. But so i absolutely love that perfect cuz. It says it right here its awesome is available for iphone 5 and 5s iphone 6 and 6 plus the iphone 6s and 6s plus.
Which thats what i have and then the galaxy s5 and s6 phone case.

lumee case iphone 6s plus-1
lumee case iphone 6s plus-1

So this is a little pamphlet that it comes with yeah. Its gonna see that right there. And this pretty much just tells you all the directions in there so assembly unwrap.
The lumi case and set it down on flat surface to put it any like obviously we all know how to put a phone case on our phones. This is using the light this is whats important and so in order to use the light you have to turn the phone case over and look for a small button on the back of the case. So this is what the button looks like right here.
And it says push once quickly to turn light on or off. If you hold the button down. The light will dim or brighten keeping it held down will cycle.
The light through full power again take your finger out of the button. When you decide when your desired illumination. Is established and then it says for charging the batteries a microusb charging cord comes included with the case.
And this is the cord right. Here. This is what it looks like its just like a normal usb cord.
You know the normal usb cords. And this is what the tip looks like right here at the end. So.
This is the standard usb pretty much and it says simply plug the mini usb part of the court into the jack over the bottom of the case. So this is what the bottom looks like right here for the charge. Its recommended to fully charge battery before first use which i did so i made sure i did that the blue indicator light will go out when the charge is complete so you cant yeah obviously because im not charging it right now but a little blue lights in the corner when you charge up the case and when it goes off thats how you know its ready to be done charging some charge lasts.
Approximately two hours at full brightness. Which is very true i havent even had to charge this up. Yet.
I havent also used it that much im not that the south observed where im taking selfies 24 hours in the dark. But for how long its been on my case. Without charging.
Its great so unit is set at a full brightness.

lumee case iphone 6s plus-2
lumee case iphone 6s plus-2

One turned on for the first time and then it says removing your phone from the case. Everybody knows how to remove their phone from the case. So heres the little pictures right here showing you pretty much again like all the phone cases.
And what it looks like when its lit. So for those of you who are wondering i did hear about this from the kardashians. I saw a kris jenner with one on her phone on one of the episodes.
And then after that i saw courtney even went on instagram and then i thought kimber. 1. And i thought chloe and the whole family has learned stuff like you have to have it so this is how i found out about you me i would definitely give this phone case a 10 out of 10.
Im not sponsored in any way by them like i said i did pay my own money for this if i havent mentioned yet case is altogether like 65. Its not even the case itself. What really hits is the shipping price.
The phone case itself is like 45. But once you get done depending like the 12 like crazy shipping price youre not walking out unless youre sitting like 65 on it so if you follow them on instagram make sure youre checking out and just seeing if they have like you sales or discounts going on if you cut them on a day. If they ever have free shipping that would be key.
Because thats really what hurts the most is that shipping thing so i absolutely love this case. Like i said i would give it a 10 out of 10. I love how it makes the phone a little bit bulkier and bigger because i like i said love being able to find my phone when im searching for it in my purse.
Really quickly i love the color. I think the color is absolutely gorgeous and i love what it does for your pictures. So towards the end of the video.
Im going to just insert some pictures for you all im gonna take every single picture in the dark. Because i know a lot of you are wondering like so. What is the point of this case.
If you have a bottom front light. Im just your phone itself because that was definitely one of my holdups at first. But then i saw like some reviews on from youtube.
Not too many because there wasnt too many out yet quite yet.

lumee case iphone 6s plus-3
lumee case iphone 6s plus-3

But um. The ones. I did see like the pictures were a huge difference so im gonna make sure like i said towards the end im gonna insert pictures in the dark of picture just me using my friend camera light just from my phone.
And then im going to do one. In the same darkness. With the brightest setting on the actual case itself and then im gonna do another one in the dark with the lowest setting on a case itself.
So you guys can see the differences. So yeah. I absolutely love this phone case like i said and i did enjoy my experience believe me even though it took forever to get here.
But i can say that i blame it on probably it being holidays and it being a fresh new color. That was just coming out it was one of the first cases coming out for the 6s plus. Because they didnt have that so im gonna give all those reasons.
The reason why it took forever. But they did they were great with communication like the email that i first got they were right the second email right on it like i said. Its worth the wait so and now i dont think it would take you guys at all as long as it did for me to get mine cuz.
The holidays are over and they have them in stock. And everything now so that should be an issue anymore anyways. I hope you guys enjoyed this review.
So much for the lumia iphone 6s plus case make sure you guys do check it out for the other phones because they do have like a whole bunch of different models like you just saw on the pamphlet for it so if youre concerned or wanna. Know if they have it for your phone just turned out the website and you know they have a nice section or even on their instagram page. They always take requests for what ones they should make next for what phones that are popular.
So that shouldnt be an issue alright. I love you guys so much make sure you thumbs. This video up if you enjoyed it and subscribe like always and im welcoming you again.
If youre just now discovering who i am. So i hope you guys enjoyed and welcome to the frat family. So i love you guys so much i will talk to you again on thursday.
My breath mmm love you guys. I was fortunate enough to be contacted by influenster and they told me that i was gonna be getting the covergirl box this month. And so i got it and it is so nice .

lumee case iphone 6s plus-4
lumee case iphone 6s plus-4

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