November 25, 2020

Malibu Rum Review

how many carbs in malibu coconut rum This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Malibu Rum Review. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Welcome to kentucky brew review. Im radar special k. And tonight.
Were going going to be drinking malibu coconut rum is 21 percent alcohol by volume malibu rum. Really really popular its kind of like coconut flavored. Its its not particularly a high quality.
I dont know how many they had on tv. But they were they were running a crazy number of ads last year on during the summer on youtube heres the thing with malibu. Its a great this is a great mixer prices 15 bucks or under yeah goes really well with any kind of pineapple people eyes stuff like that really drinks.
I dont think ive ever actually had this ive had another flavor of malibu rum. But it was like heavily heavily flavored. Were not going to take the so shot.
Were going to pour this in a drink after that just smells straight up. Doesnt smell like rum at all it smells like a little bit of coconut and then thats about it theres not a lot else yeah. Theres some coconut and theres some coconut.
Very coconutty in the artificial sense at almost almost is like coconut candy. Its good eye candy is what it is all that really tell you it is incredibly sweet. Thats about thats just about too sweet like evan for me well keep in mind.
It should be this is mainly a mixer out no too many people who drink malibu straight. Thats ghost. Remember what we did was we got this juice here it looks crazy.
I know. But it says fresh pineapple juice. It is actually actually juice a pineapple for this specific drink.
Because some people have juicers and pineapples and those people are not me that leaves one other person and you to the side who that person is how about to do the same thing just go ahead and give that a mix mmm all right so straight now. But its not bad. It is really sweet all right try to give it a.
Im with you have a six and six and a half straight not bad. But its also i dont think its very good straight. Either you have a summary oh on the other side on the side that im there you go there you pine apple imitating the pineapple eyes we were juicing it yeah uh its i dont think its really good straight either.
Im gonna i i mean it doesnt taste terrible. But its so sweet. Im gonna give it a five its kind of average.
But i dont know if i would buy malibu to drink straight. I just dont feel that how i dont know anybody that bad mouthed. I dont think thats gonna happen someone a few boos isnt made here in kentucky.
Either by the way so. All right lets have us a taste of coconut and pineapple freshly made coconut. Its janice with the slight green into it its nice.
Thats actually not bad oh. By the way coconut skin also which i said you shouldnt juice. But even a pineapple skin.
Yes yes if you jack cant see juicy and coconut wouldnt destroy your juicer. Oh yeah. No uh uh pineapple skin uh.
What you think is where the green came from its gone. Its good for you i mean it tastes. Like pineapple a straight up like pine.
It tastes like pineapple and now with just a touch of not pine nuts. I cant tell theres rum in there i get a little bit of coconut in there yeah. But its super good its a very good mixer um.
I need to be fair you really cant tell that theres coconut theres rum in the drink it just it just tastes really really coconutty straight well clear um. Does not a lot of flavor. So thats very good actually.
Its really good is um. I mean coconut and pineapple go together. Really well well this particular run.
I cant tell her whos in this at all and we put two shots with double shots in here. So thats good. I think its its not something i would normally go for.
But its still pretty good. I think im give it like a seven thats pretty good as a mix. Im gonna give it a seven and a half as a mixer uh you know its if i had to choose i had to drink malibu it had to be with the mixer.
I dont know if id go to the links that we did with this we just happen to have it we happen to have pineapple. We just cut up and reliables. Were on sale for a dollar.
Yeah. We were like fuck it lets do it. But uh yeah.
I mean its its good for this is a mixer. I dont recommend it straight. Because it straight it kind of reminds me of like some hammer.
It its just oh god now im gonna think about that but um. But yeah i mean mix its great so uh malibu good mixer straight not so much yeah i recommend it as that mixer as well go ahead and get it and put it on your shelf as a mixer. Its just not bad all right well thats our episode.
Theres something you like seeing our channel. You can leave a comment down below dont get a like comment and subscribe. Im so scared im radar and thank you for watching.

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how many carbs in malibu coconut rum-0

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