November 25, 2020

Marula Facial Oil Review

marula pure marula facial oil This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Marula Facial Oil Review. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Guys welcome back its crystal. So today i have a review on a luxury luxury facial oil to share with you guys that you can find at sephora calm was sent to me. And this is the marula oil.
So this is what it looks like i was very thrilled and happy to be able to review this for you guys because i love facial oils so facial oils are just essential to my skincare routine. I use them whether my skin is oily whether its dry. I just use them year round.
But theyre especially essential for me when winter comes. Because my skin gets so dry in the winter months. And i just i have to use a facial oil so i tried several different oils over the years and i have my favorites of course so this one.
Ive been using for several weeks. And i really really like it so again you can find this at sephora calm. So the packaging on this is nice and luxurious.
So this is the big man with gemma. This is the biggest size you can purchase it in and this is one point six nine ounces and it retails for 78. But they also have two other sizes.
Im just looking on the sephora website. They have a one ounce for 58 and they have a point 23 ounces for 15.

marula pure marula facial oil-0
marula pure marula facial oil-0

So i would recommend if you want to try this oil out you obviously want to start maybe with the 15 one just to see if you like it or not before you buy the big one. But if youre in the market to try like a nice luxurious oil than this one. Ive really really been loving.
Theres just something about the texture of it its like i dont know the way that it feels going on the skin is very rich thats the only way i can think to describe it cuz. I tried several different oils and i like the ones that feel like a little bit thicker and richer in consistency if that makes sense. I tried some that are very like thin and runny and i just feel like they dont feel as hydrating on the skin as like the thicker ones do so this one.
Ive just been enjoying it it comes with the dropper which is the best dropper. Ive ever used not gonna lie i tried oils with droppers i i theres like a wasp flying around my window. You guys have no idea how terrified of wasp.
I am. Im like terrified a wasp indys and its crawling the window. And its freaking me out its probably trying to make a nest.
Although i tried many different oils and foundations that have these type of droppers on it and i feel like this is the best one by far it just works really well so so i have it turned all the way so its closed. But if you turn it slightly you can push the dropper and suck up some of the oil prior to opening it which i really like and so as you can see its already full of oil and it just works better than any other dropper. Ive tried so kudos to marula for this dropper.
Because it really works better than any other one so im just gonna read to you what it says. This is the box that comes in by the way so it is cruelty free just wanted to tell you guys that so.

marula pure marula facial oil-1
marula pure marula facial oil-1

It says all natural marula oil penetrates quickly to help hydrate firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for stop radiant skin clinically proven to have more antioxidants than argan oil marula works as a highly effective moisturizer or added to facial products to boost efficiency. This powerful oil is cold pressed from wild harvest. Hand selected marulan nuts for the highest quality purity.
And it says light powerful effective suitable suitable for all skin types. And the only ingredients in here are 99 marula oil and it has essential oil fragrance blend lenovo im gonna butcher the names of these essential oils ill put them in the description box for you guys. But yes so thats what it says about this so im reading the sephora website.
Now it says the deliciously. I cant say that so it says the deliciously fresh scent that stems from 1 essential oil blend and a total sensory experience upon application. It then dissipates.
So it wont fight your fragrance. Its paraben sulfate and phthalate free. So i like to apply this to my skin morning and evenings.
And i also like to apply this right before i put on foundation especially. If i use like a full. Coverage.
Matte foundation. Number.

marula pure marula facial oil-2
marula pure marula facial oil-2

One because it shares it out number. Two. Because it doesnt make it so mattifying.
It makes it a little bit it gives it a little bit of doing this and i used to love matte foundations. But i just find out theyve gotten older. I dont like them as much so.
Thats why i like to use like an oil prior to putting on my foundation or. I also like to mix the oil in with my foundation. So those are the ways that i use this oil and i just ive been loving it and i just love something about the consistency of it it just i feel like its very rich.
The way that it feels going on the skin. It just feels very rich so i dont know how else to describe. It besides describing it as a rich consistency.
Ive just tried several different oils i tried the josie maran i tried the tarte maracuja. I probably say that totally butchering that i have an argon oil that i really love and i tried like a no lay oil. Ive just tried several different oils so this particular oil definitely makes it up there on the top oils that i tried i just really love this oil because it instantly hydrates my skin.
If my skin is looking dull and drier. So this just makes all the difference in the world on the way that my skin looks and feels like it just feels so much better especially like if i use this at night and i wake up in the morning.

marula pure marula facial oil-3
marula pure marula facial oil-3

I just feel like my skin seems more firm and plump and just more hydrated and youthful and radiant. So i dont know ive just been loving this i think its a really nice oil. It is a luxury pricy oil.
So i dont think thats for everybody. But if you go to the sephora website and check out this product. It has four and a half stars.
It has 260 reviews and theyre all really good. So you know if youre thinking about maybe trying this out. Maybe you just want to go to support calm.
And read all. The reviews on this product to see what other people think. But for me.
Its a win. I really love it and thats it i hope you guys enjoyed this review. If you have tried this oil let me know your thoughts down below.
And i hope you guys have an amazing day. Thank you so much for watching you .

marula pure marula facial oil-4
marula pure marula facial oil-4

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